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Who’s on top of the residential solar-plus-storage market?

Wood Mackenzie’s new leaderboard ranks battery manufacturers and solar-plus-storage installers. Recent findings show that three companies have held 80% of the market since 2018, but that tide is turning as new providers enter the growing market.

ABB invests in smart technology provider, Lumin

ABB plans to help Lumin accelerate its accessible home energy management solutions, which complement ABB’s residential portfolio.

Project finance management software for the energy transition

Critical to the growth in renewable energy development, spurred by the passage of the IRA, is seamless documentation and data management while managing complexity, mitigating risk and maximizing returns at scale. 

Aurora Solar leveraging AI to boost sales

The rooftop solar design and proposal platform provider said artificial intelligence unlocks improved customer experience and value proposition.

Mainstreaming grid flexibility to make room for renewables

A strategic and coordinated approach to integrate various clean energy solutions into the grid is vital to making space for the surge of renewables and electrification across the country, which is where “grid flexibility” enters the scene.

Monitoring software may increase New York State’s grid capacity 

Sustainable energy company Avangrid Inc. announced a pilot project with LineVision Inc. that explores increasing New York’s current transmission capacity through monitoring software.  

Energy Toolbase introduces solar monitoring software

The provider of software for solar and energy storage analysis, proposal generation, and energy management systems added a production monitoring software to its product suite.

Sonnen unveils “NEM proof” function for solar batteries

The company released an optimized time-of-use solution to unlock value under California’s net energy metering 3.0 electric rate environment.


New website provides automated engineering stamps for residential solar was launched to provide professional engineer stamps, structural letters, and post installation letters.

FTC Solar unveils Sunops software to enhance solar plant performance

By leveraging tracker analytics, Sunops software is designed to identify and diagnose issues across a solar site, providing actionable insights to help quickly resolve problems. 

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