Disaster Recovery

Avoiding blackouts all together with behind-the-meter storage

Commercial storage company Stem had 100 MW on tap during California’s rolling blackouts, but could only provide 50 MW due to limits on how much power its standalone installations can export.

Software could have prevented California’s rolling blackouts

Load flexibility software does what utilities and grid operators have been begging and pleading for homeowners to do manually.


New reports detail cause of APS battery explosion that left 8 injured

Two reports released this week outline the series of failures that led to the McMicken battery thermal runaway and explosion and what needs to be done to prevent similar disasters in the future.


Record shipments push global solar PV inverter market past $9 billion in 2019

The PV inverter market achieved record shipments in 2019, writes IHS Markit’s Miguel de Jesus, driven by booming shipments in key markets such as the United States, Spain, Latin America, Ukraine and Vietnam. Revenue rose rapidly, surpassing the $9 billion mark in 2019 for the first time.

Morning Brief: Navajo Transitional Energy proposes 200 MW of solar, Lyft joins EV 100

Also in the brief, SunPower provides a Maxeon update, Solar Support, DEPCOM Power and Power Factor partner on disaster recovery, KB home is the first builder to offer OneRoof and more.

People in quarantine are searching for solar power

New data from The Harris Poll and LG show that LG’s solar web traffic, as well as quote requests for residential systems are both trending high since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, the issue becomes turning this interest into concrete sales.

A renewable path to Hawaii’s recovery

Given Hawaii’s audacious renewable energy goals it seems logical that industries such as solar can help be a big part of that recovery.


Pandemic-related uncertainty in the US solar industry — and the case for an ITC extension

Renewable energy industry officials are hopeful that a post-pandemic comeback is possible in 2021 but, “Supply chain issues haven’t played out yet,” said George Strobel of Monarch Capital.

New Michael Moore film charges enviro leaders have ‘lost their way’ and ‘sold out to corporate interests’

“As we suffer through one health and environmental crisis after another, it is clear we can no longer simply solar-panel-and-windmill our way out of this emergency,” say producer Michael Moore and author Jeff Gibbs.


What can solar learn from the 2008 financial crisis in the age of Covid-19?

Even as global PV forecasts fall, tax equity dries up and unemployment rises, Jim Spano, co-founder of RadiantREIT, believes that the right type of government stimulus could not only help the solar industry recover — but drive it to new heights.

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