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Disaster Recovery

Grid failures cut electric power to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Ida

All transmission lines to the city were affected, and officials scrambled to provide power for the city’s water and sewer systems.


Brighten Haiti aims to install solar PV on 109 schools in 2022

The group takes donations of discarded but still useful solar modules and offers solar apprenticeships to provide both training and reduced-cost PV systems to schools.

‘Take Back TVA’ rally follows Board meeting

Dozens took to the streets to call on greater transparency between TVA and those it serves, voice support for an accelerated decarbonization effort, and to admonish TVA’s handling of coal ash cleanup work.

Energy jobs were lost in 2020, but they’re coming back

Roughly 840,000 jobs were lost across the energy sector in 2020, and solar was hit especially hard. A rebound is underway, according to a new report from the Energy Department.


Wildfires could lead to millions in solar losses, insurer warns

A GCube report says that the solar industry must institute widespread wildfire mitigation and monitoring practices, or else it stands to suffer major financial losses in the coming years.

Solar PV fires: Cost estimates and the road to better data

The solar industry’s struggle with fire safety is ongoing. Dr. John R. Balfour and Lawrence Shaw have developed a means to begin to estimate the future costs and impacts from reported PV system-sourced fires.

Biden signs Executive Order addressing cyber vulnerabilities in energy and other sectors

The White House said that recent incidents share commonalities, including “insufficient cybersecurity defenses that leave public and private sector entities more vulnerable to incidents.”

Citing increased threat, DOE launches a 100-day cyber security initiative

DOE reinstated EO 13920, and Energy Secretary Granholm said the U.S. faces a “well-documented and increasing cyber threat” from malicious actors.


Polar Racking chosen by Branson group for St. Thomas solar rebuild

The 6.4 MW Donoe Solar Farm in St. Thomas, damaged in 2017, will use Polar’s PRU fixed-tilt racking system.

Winterizing Texas power plants makes economic sense, Dallas Fed says

The bank said that the most reasonable solutions to prevent winter storm blackouts are within the bounds of being economically justified.


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