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New Hampshire

Sunrise brief: Senate votes to resume solar tariffs, threatening clean energy supply

Also on the rise: Average silver price expected to drop 2% to $21.30 per ounce this year. Solar Earnings Recap–SunPower, Sunrun and SolarEdge. And more.

New Hampshire utility offers dynamic rates for distributed storage exports

An owner of an 8.6 kW PV system and eligible battery system could earn up to $1700 per year in credits under a New Hampshire utility’s dynamic rate program. Certain standalone storage systems, electric vehicles, and EV chargers are also eligible.


Sunrise brief: Silicon Valley Bank reportedly financed 62% of community solar

Also on the rise: Tesla on ramping up its Megapack business. Agrivoltaics market valued at $9.3 billion. And more.

Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire announces electricity rates

Electric customers in 10 towns to save at least 22% on electricity supply rates. Through aggregation, the towns have greater purchasing power than individuals buying power on their own.


Volatile electricity markets should give solar financial modelers pause

While electricity pricing continues to rise due to natural gas pricing in 2022, some locations are starting to see pricing fall, implying that base electricity pricing and escalators in financial models may be out of touch with reality.


Luminia acquires New Hampshire community solar developer

Through the deal, Luminia picks up a solar portfolio totaling more than 218 MW, as well as 140 MW of solar development assets in Puerto Rico.

Sunrise brief: The U.S. Postal Service to deploy over 66,000 electric vehicles by 2028 

Also on the rise: Industry reponds to California cutting rooftop solar net metering. Growatt releases new battery for rooftop solar applications. And more.

Christmas tree farm in Bethlehem, NH goes solar

The Rocks tree farm will be 100% powered by an 86.4 kW solar array.

Endurans Solar expands production of Made-in-America solar backsheets

The IRA includes over $60 billion for domestic manufacturing across the clean energy supply chain, incentivizing companies like Endurans Solar to increase domestic production.

Real-time pricing that balances renewables could save $33 billion per year, study finds

A Pacific Northwest National Laboratory study found that allowing customers to opt for real-time power rates, and shift some consumption to lower-priced periods, would lower customer bills 10% to 17%. A pilot study has shown that real-time pricing works, and more pilots are underway.


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