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People on the move: National Grid, Catalyze, Summit Ridge Energy, and more

Job moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities, and energy transition finance.

Sunrise brief: Clean energy companies call on ICC to reject FEMA proposal

Also on the rise: The world’s largest single-phase battery is now online. RFP Alert: Pennsylvania utilities to procure up to 20 MW of solar. And more.

Sunrise brief: U.S. DOE invests $14 million to enhance environmental and wildlife benefits of solar

Also on the rise: World has technical potential to host 47.6 PWh of photovoltaic-thermal panels. Artificial intelligence could speed interconnection, says Amazon executive. And more.

Sunrise brief: U.S. solar electricity for $0 per kWh?

Also on the rise: A user guide to the Inflation Reduction Act. Rooftop wind energy innovation claims 50% more energy than solar at same cost. And more.

Sunrise brief: Global polysilicon capacities may nearly double by end of 2023 to 536 GW

Also on the rise: California school district saves $70 million with 8.1 MW solar installation. Rooftop solar adoption rises sharply as system value to homeowners increases. And more.

Sunrise brief: Sunrun completes successful residential virtual power plant in New England

Also on the rise: Estimate your home solar potential with the Solar Calculator. Solar racking products and trends at RE+. And more.

People on the move: SEPA, Invenergy, Noria Energy, and more

Job moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities, and energy transition finance.

Sunrise brief: GM aims to compete with Tesla as it moves into energy storage

Also on the rise: EnerVenue offers 20-year/20-cycle warranty for its nickel-hydrogen batteries. Electric buses to be deployed at community centers as emergency backup power. And more.


Sunrise brief: Secret solar stories revealed in new solar podcast

Also on the rise: Recent advances in fast EV charging. DC rooftop PV providing domestic hot water to residential building at 140 F.

Sunrise brief: Proposed FEMA building code may hamper solar deployment

Also on the rise: Using AI to optimize and unlock the value of co-located solar and energy storage. Treasury seeks public input on the implementation of tax incentives in Inflation Reduction Act. And more.

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