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Sunrise brief: Visualizing the remarkable progress of solar energy 

Also on the rise: PEG racking system survives near-direct 120 mph hurricane hit in Cuba. EIA study finds high solar penetration states showed resiliency to major power outages. And more.

Sunrise brief: Solar-plus-storage SEIA code proposals for risk designation receive preliminary ICC approval 

Also on the rise: Post-election, four states now poised to speed renewables deployment. Due to forced labor concerns, U.S. ports have blocked over 1,000 shipments of solar components. And more.

Sunrise brief: California’s NEM 3.0 decision is in

Also on the rise: Are sheep eligible for the ITC? U.S.-made mobile lithium-ion batteries for utility-scale market. And more.

Sunrise brief: U.S. solar capacity to double in three years 

Also on the rise: Solar tracker provider Array Technologies reports Q3 earnings surprise, chosen for 750 MW project. FTC Solar reveals updated Voyager clamping system, posts Q3 results. And more.

People on the Move: Cypress Creek, Urban Grid, Sol Systems, and more.

Job moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities, and energy transition finance.

Sunrise brief: Preventing cyberattacks on distributed energy resources

Also on the rise: SunPower adds 23k new customers and doubles earnings in record Q3. College students compete in simulated cyber attack on a solar installation. And more.

Sunrise brief: Idaho utility plans to slash rooftop solar net metering 60%

Also on the rise: Canada introduces major investment tax credits for clean energy. A majority of new solar panels will retain 80% production after 30 years. And more.

Sunrise brief: California set to release anti-rooftop solar net metering plan

Also on the rise: Duke Energy puts $4 billion price tag on renewable energy unit. Hover Energy’s 36 kW rooftop-mounted microgrid combines wind, solar and energy storage. And more.


Sunrise brief: U.S. to deploy massive amount of renewables by 2030, thanks to the IRA

Also on the rise: Solar microgrid community launched in California. Wisconsin groups find 100% clean energy + electrification to be ambitious but feasible. And more.

Sunrise brief: Erthos rackless, earth-mounted solar steps ahead with 107 MW MOU

Also on the rise: Ford adds 4 MW Convergent energy storage system to Ontario engine assembly operations. ESS sees flow battery demand curve turning upward. And more.

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