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8 former FERC members come out against coal, nuclear bailout

The former commissioners say the plan is contrary to years of progress in fostering competitive markets, as critics of the proposal line up.
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Are solar panels worth it?

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Solar Reviews CEO Andrew Sendy looks at return on investment for residential solar in various cities with very different levels of electricity costs.


FPL is halfway to installing 2.5 million solar modules

The Sunshine State’s largest utility has installed 1.25 million panels so far on eight utility-scale solar plants it currently has under construction and expects to meet its goal by early 2018


Hemlock Semiconductor to lay off 100 workers

The Michigan-based polysilicon maker has been in trouble since the imposition of Chinese trade duties on imported polysilicon in 2013.

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Jacksonville utility dismantles net metering while pursuing utility-scale solar

Florida’s largest electric utility has sprung an overhaul of its net metering policy on consumers while launching a program to procure an additional 250 MW of utility-scale solar and provide subsidies for customers to install batteries.

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AEP requests 400 MW of Ohio solar amid attempts to gut RPS

One of the state’s largest utilities has called for proposals for 400 MW of solar projects, on the same day the Ohio Senate heard testimony on turning the state’s miniscule renewable portofolio standard into a voluntary program.


Iowa lights way to a solar future as largest solar garden comes online

Known more for its wind than its solar resources, Alliant Energy Iowa has brought a 6.2 MW solar project online.

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‘Return on visibility’: Spotlight Solar on bringing solar into the public view

In this interview with Spotlight Solar CEO Craig Merrigan, pv magazine delves into the business and the business model of making solar visible.

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Press Releases

CleanChoice Energy Launches New York City Office

CleanChoice Energy, a renewable energy company providing 100% clean electricity to customers across the country, announced it has opened a Manhattan office to develop new solar software and clean technological innovations. The new office, located in New York City’s “Silicon Alley” and based out of Grand Central Tech’s Hub, will focus on the deliverables of […]

BYD to Supply Batteries to Energy Storage Leader Green Charge

Green Charge, an ENGIE Company, today announced that BYD is now supplying batteries to Green Charge. Green Charge’s first installation of BYD batteries will be for the recently announced six-megawatt-hour system adjacent to ENGIE’s Mt.

Ecolibrium Solar Named Preferred Supplier by Amicus Solar Cooperative

Ecolibrium Solar, maker of industry-preferred solar racking solutions, signed an agreement with Amicus Solar Cooperative as a preferred solar racking vendor for member companies. Ecolibrium Solar was selected based on its successful relationships with Amicus members who use and prefer EcoFoot modular racking and for its strength as a company.

NABCEP PV Associate Exam to Be Administered Outside of North America for the First Time

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) announces that NABCEP’s Photovoltaic (PV) Associate exam will be administered outside of North America for the first time. The international exam will be the same as the one offered in the United States and Canada, using a computerized format.



Utilities step up attempts to increase fixed charges, minimum bills

The latest report by North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center shows that utilities are trying the same tactics to gain more revenue from and/or stop their customers from going solar. But their success rate has not changed.

Zillow expands its solar evaluation listings to 84 million homes

Expanding on its decision last year to include the value of solar systems in its online home-sales listings, the online clearinghouse has more than doubled the number of houses which it will evaluate for solar potential.

Dominion Virginia adds solar tariff rider to 300 MW project solicitation

The utility is looking for new solar and onshore wind projects 10 to 150 MW in size located in Virginia.

Coal plant retirements create opportunity for solar in Texas

Coal is dying, and even the president of the United States can’t change that.

SUNation Solar Systems acquires Level Solar accounts

Almost exactly one month after Level Solar slipped the surly bonds of business and left the solar industry for good, SUNation Solar Systems has been approved by the former company’s board of directors to take over servicing those accounts.

Bridging the gap in Illinois community solar project and program development

Solar developers face the challenges of different degrees of uncertainty in project construction, financing and subscriber acquisition.



Sean Hannity weighs in on the Section 201 case

The Fox News host has come out against trade action on solar modules, echoing lines that will sound familiar to anyone familiar with the trade case.

The challenge of uncertainty: Strata Solar on the Section 201 case

In this interview, Strata Solar Senior VP Brian O’Hara talks about the challenges that the Section 201 trade case is bringing to his company, and how Strata is meeting these challenges.

Thin film PV maker Stion to discontinue operations

The Mississippi-based CIGS manufacturer cites “intense” competition from imports.

PV system prices have already increased due to Section 201 (w/ charts)

The latest report by GTM Research puts numbers on the increase in H2 2017 system prices and analyzes the potential damage from a range of scenarios.

Labor Deparment finds SolarWorld employees eligible for benefits

The U.S. Department of Labor has found that the troubled module manufacturer’s laid-off employees should receive additional benefits because their terminations were the result of the company’s difficulty competing with imports.

SunPower: Any trade action should apply to everyone but us

The high-efficiency solar maker asks for Section 201 action to include First Solar’s thin film products, but to exclude its back contact crystalline silicon solar as a unique product.

Markets & Policy


Brookfield closes on TerraForm acquisition

The Canadian asset manager has officially taken over one of SunEdison’s yieldcos, as TerraForm Global sets a date for a shareholder vote on its acquisition.

New Arizona commissioner called “transparent” by ACC critics

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s appointment of Justin Olson, a former member of the Arizona House of Representatives, is being hailed as a good choice to join the Arizona Corporation Commission when it convenes its next open meeting.

Suniva secures an additional $3 million in financing

A bankruptcy court has approved the additional loan, which should allow the main creditors of the bankrupt cell and module maker to continue their pursuit the Section 201 case.

Utilities’ latest tactic? Fixed charge increases – and PUCs are listening

An EQ Research study indicates regulators are approving utilities’ requests for increased fixed charges and diminishing distributed solar’s value proposition in the process.

sonnenCommunity comes to the United States

A 2,900 home planned development in Arizona will feature electricity trading between a network of PV and battery systems, as a grid-tied microgrid that will also absorb excess power at strategic times for the local grid.

California gets “quacking” on ending Duck Curve problem

Senate Bill 338, which mandates that utilities come up with non-gas generation options to meet peak demand, was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.



Energy Department limits scope of coal, nuclear bailout

Under fire from a broad range of forces including the oil and gas industry, the Energy Department has limited its order for a coal and nuclear bailout to regional grid operators with energy and capacity markets.

MIT researchers develop ‘air breathing’ sulfur flow battery

A team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a type of battery which it says could store energy for long durations at a fraction of the cost of current storage technologies.

Sunnova steps up: CEO, Puerto Rican governor discuss rebuilding island’s grid

The Texas-based residential solar company is in discussions with the governor of the hurricane-ravaged island to help rebuild its grid.

SolarWorld testifies on Chinese IP theft

The Section 301 case being considered could up the penalties on Chinese PV makers seeking to export to the U.S. market.

California greenhouse gas emissions fall as renewables boom (w/ charts)

Data from California’s grid operator shows an ongoing decline in gas generation and imports as solar and other forms of renewable energy boom.

Can energy storage replace peakers in NYC?

A new study looks at the ability of energy storage systems to replacing aging, polluting fossil fuel peak power plants in New York City and thereby make use of the future growth of local solar power

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