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PV system prices have already increased due to Section 201 (w/ charts)

The latest report by GTM Research puts numbers on the increase in H2 2017 system prices and analyzes the potential damage from a range of scenarios.

Dominion Virginia adds solar tariff rider to 300 MW project solicitation

The utility is looking for new solar and onshore wind projects 10 to 150 MW in size located in Virginia.

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Coal plant retirements create opportunity for solar in Texas

Coal is dying, and even the president of the United States can’t change that.

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SUNation Solar Systems acquires Level Solar accounts

Almost exactly one month after Level Solar slipped the surly bonds of business and left the solar industry for good, SUNation Solar Systems has been approved by the former company’s board of directors to take over servicing those accounts.

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Suniva secures an additional $3 million in financing

A bankruptcy court has approved the additional loan, which should allow the main creditors of the bankrupt cell and module maker to continue their pursuit the Section 201 case.


Labor Deparment finds SolarWorld employees eligible for benefits

The U.S. Department of Labor has found that the troubled module manufacturer’s laid-off employees should receive additional benefits because their terminations were the result of the company’s difficulty competing with imports.


Bridging the gap in Illinois community solar project and program development

Solar developers face the challenges of different degrees of uncertainty in project construction, financing and subscriber acquisition.


Maine’s largest solar plant goes live

The 4.6 MW-AC project will supply 20% of the power for a municipal utility in Central Maine.

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Standard Solar to Install, Own and Operate Solar Arrays in Two Montgomery Parks

Standard Solar, a leading solar energy company, has been selected by Montgomery Parks, part of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), to construct, own and operate the 2. 5 megawatt (MW) combined ground-mount arrays at South Germantown Recreational Park and Rock Creek Regional Park.

ION Solar Launches ION Earth Program, Donating Custom Solar Systems To Homes In Need And Easing The Burden Of High Cost Utilities

ION Solar, the nation’s 4th largest residential solar installer, today announced the launch of its ION Earth Program and also the completion of its first project- converting a Habitat of Humanity home to solar with the donation of a custom, premium solar system.   A single mother of three now saves money every month by powering […]

Research Titans Confirm Solar-Log® a Global Solar Monitoring Leader

Solar-Log, an innovative solar PV monitoring provider, has been recognized by GTM Research and Navigant Research as one of the leading independent software vendors and home energy management systems on the planet. The international market research and consulting team, Navigant Research, analyzed and assessed the global solar PV market and the 15 leading providers of […]

RAI Energy International, Inc. Acquires Interest in 70 MW Solar Project in Florida

RAI Energy International, Inc. (“RAI”), the global renewable energy development company, announced today it has acquired an ownership interest in a 70 megawatt (MW) solar farm from Hamilton Energy Resource Opportunities LLC (HERO).


Utilities’ latest tactic? Fixed charge increases – and PUCs are listening

An EQ Research study indicates regulators are approving utilities' requests for increased fixed charges and diminishing distributed solar's value proposition in the process.

sonnenCommunity comes to the United States

A 2,900 home planned development in Arizona will feature electricity trading between a network of PV and battery systems, as a grid-tied microgrid that will also absorb excess power at strategic times for the local grid.

SunPower completes massive parking structure solar installation in Texas

The 8.8 MW plant covers four parking garages at Toyota’s new North America headquarters

Sunnova steps up: CEO, Puerto Rican governor discuss rebuilding island’s grid

The Texas-based residential solar company is in discussions with the governor of the hurricane-ravaged island to help rebuild its grid.

Edisun puts online the world’s largest rooftop tracking system

The 1 MW project is being followed by a 20 MW pipeline of C&I rooftop projects, all of which will utilize dual-axis tracking.

Solar rushes in to re-light hope in Puerto Rico

With more than 95% of Puerto Ricans without power, the U.S. solar industry is coming to the aid of the battered island.



SunPower: Any trade action should apply to everyone but us

The high-efficiency solar maker asks for Section 201 action to include First Solar’s thin film products, but to exclude its back contact crystalline silicon solar as a unique product.

Module manufacturer Itek bucks trend, opens new factory

As the solar industry debates the long-term viability of U.S. module manufacturing rage in Washington, the company opened a new 48,000 square foot facility, positioning itself for potential marketshare gains if new sanctions on module imports are imposed.

First Solar weighs in on the Section 201 trade case

The world’s largest thin-film solar maker has sided with the petitioners, testifying to the difficulties that U.S. solar cell and module makers are experiencing and the challenges of competing with imports supported by foreign governments.

ZAF starts nickel-zinc battery factory in Missouri

The 50 MWh factory shows that there is more going on in the battery space than lithium-ion.

From the editor: Playing with fire

The latest proposals by Suniva and SolarWorld for trade relief under the Section 201 process are dangerous and unreasonable.

Mission Solar Energy to supply PetersenDean with solar panels

The nation’s largest private roofing contractor will be sourcing modules from the Texas-based PV maker, raising questions about its previous supply arrangement with SolarWorld.

Markets & Policy


California gets “quacking” on ending Duck Curve problem

Senate Bill 338, which mandates that utilities come up with non-gas generation options to meet peak demand, was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

Energy Department limits scope of coal, nuclear bailout

Under fire from a broad range of forces including the oil and gas industry, the Energy Department has limited its order for a coal and nuclear bailout to regional grid operators with energy and capacity markets.

Oncor settlement ends byzantine solar rate request

Under the terms of a settlement approved unanimously by the Texas Public Utilities Commission, the Dallas-based utility withdrew its convoluted rate structure for distributed energy customers in return for a 3.4% increase in the base rates of all customers.

Missed opportunity: GTM Research weighs in on the Clean Power Plan

GTM Research Solar Analyst Colin Smith argues that the pending repeal of the Clean Power Plan represents a significant loss of “upside potential”.

A resilient market: An interview with Sungrow USA CEO Steven Chan

In this interview with pv magazine from the SPI 2017 trade show, Sungrow USA CEO Steven Chan talks about his company’s explosive growth in the United States, and why he sees this market as resilient.

Montana brings PURPA contract lengths back to 15 years for small projects

State regulators have increased contract lengths for projects up to 3 MW, but most of the changes made when they gutted PURPA last summer remain.



MIT researchers develop ‘air breathing’ sulfur flow battery

A team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a type of battery which it says could store energy for long durations at a fraction of the cost of current storage technologies.

SolarWorld testifies on Chinese IP theft

The Section 301 case being considered could up the penalties on Chinese PV makers seeking to export to the U.S. market.

California greenhouse gas emissions fall as renewables boom (w/ charts)

Data from California’s grid operator shows an ongoing decline in gas generation and imports as solar and other forms of renewable energy boom.

Can energy storage replace peakers in NYC?

A new study looks at the ability of energy storage systems to replacing aging, polluting fossil fuel peak power plants in New York City and thereby make use of the future growth of local solar power

Toshiba claims record efficiency with film-based perovskite solar mini-modules

Japan’s Toshiba has fabricated a perovskite solar cell mini-module with an energy conversion rate of 10.5%, which it claims is now the highest rate that has been reached throughout the world with a multi-cell mini-module.

U.S. renewable energy goals: Two steps forward, one back

Proposals for 100% renewable energy at the state level are struggling, as NRDC puts forward a blueprint for 70% wind and solar by 2050.

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