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Over $500 million in tax revenue expected from 800 MW Ohio solar project

The Oak Run solar project developed by Savion would create over 3,000 construction jobs and generate up to $504 million in tax revenue over its lifespan, 60% of which would fund local school districts.

Non-profit group to deploy 2.2 MW rooftop solar on D.C. houses

When complete, the non-profit, Enterprise Community Partners, will have more than 3,000 housing units with installed solar systems.

Trade policy, supply chain murk waters for utility solar growth

A recent Wood Mackenzie report looks at trade, supply chain constraints, and equipment prices that curbed utility-scale solar installations.

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Kicking off the heterojunction era

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Responsible solar: enabling true supply chain transparency through comprehensive due diligence

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DroneBase’s North American Solar Scan brings transparency to U.S. solar market

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pv magazine test

The latest batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field at Xi’an, China are out.


LG Energy Solution sees record profit in Q4

One of the leading global battery manufacturers, LG Energy Solution, announced an increase of 43% in revenue and nearly 60% in operating profit as it seeks to expand in North America.

Bipartisan group files to repeal solar tariff moratorium

The tariff reaches as high as 250% of the cost of solar components shipped from four Southeast Asian countries responsible for 80% of the supply of solar in the US.
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Town recoups $2.3 million in back taxes with solar on a landfill

CEP Renewables installs nearly 60,000 solar panels on former municipal landfill, transitioning previously unusable land into revenue-generating, clean energy asset.

Thin, lightweight coating protects perovskite solar in space

An ultrathin coating protects a perovskite solar cell from the harmful effects of space and hardens it against environmental factors on Earth, according to a study by researchers at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Sunrise brief: Minnesota voting on 100% clean electricity, 10% solar by 2030

Also on the rise: Retired coal sites to host multi-day iron-air batteries. Wyoming 900 MW pumped storage project moves toward licensing. And more.

Press Releases

U.S. Solar and Storage Trade Group Expands Board Leadership to Navigate Clean Energy Future

The Solar Energy Industries Association® (SEIA) announces six new at-large board members.

VSUN SOLAR honored as EcoVadis Bronze Award 2022: Ranking in the top 27% of the rated category

VSUN SOLAR honored as bronze medal in the 2022 Global CSR Assessment by EcoVadis, ranking 64th percentile out of more than 75,000 companies worldwide, which it’s rated in the top 27% of companies in the Manufacture of other electrical category!

Standard Solar Celebrates Accomplishments in 2022 and Charges into 2023 on Wave of Success

Savvy business decisions, operational integrity at every level, partnerships with like-minded companies and favorable federal and state-level policies helped Standard Solar experience another year of landmark accomplishments in 2022.

Hillcrest Energy Technologies Completes First Commercial Prototype of Traction Inverter

800V, 250kW traction inverter to be integrated into partner powertrains for real-world demonstrations in commercial applications



Solar and storage prices soared as a result of market disruptions, NREL reports

The Covid-19 pandemic, tariffs, the Uyghur Forced Labor Act all created such significant market disruptions between Q1 2021 and Q1 2022 that NREL researchers looked at both short-term distortions and long-term trends in its most recent annual cost benchmark report.

Due to forced labor concerns, U.S. ports have blocked over 1,000 shipments of solar components

Panel shipments collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars are blocked from entering the U.S. market as they have failed scrutiny under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, said Reuters.

What kind of salary and benefits can I expect in the solar industry?

The RO Energy Solar Salary Guide sheds light on compensation in solar careers.

Price pressures may delay 15% of utility-scale solar projects this year, Roth Capital warns

Shaving off 15% would trim new capacity additions by more than 2.3 GW this year alone, based on Energy Information Administration forecasts. Higher prices throughout the solar supply chain are being blamed.

New York State adopts rules to streamline large renewable energy project reviews

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “cutting red tape” will help the state meets its sustainability goals and recover economically from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bifacial solar added at two bioscience facilities

The 572 kW systems feature Prism Solar bifacial panels and are installed at a bioscience company’s facilities, which produce Covid-19 test kits.



Wisconsin solar developer looks to expand to Chicago

SunVest expects to double its 2025 pipeline to 3 GW from its current 1.5 GW threshold, with an expectation of 215 MW of operating assets by year end 2023.

Wyoming 900 MW pumped storage project moves toward licensing

Developer rPlus Hydro submits application for a final license to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for Seminoe project, a milestone reached only a few pumped storage projects in the last 20 years.

OYA Renewables’ projects selected in N.Y. underserved community program

The solar developer has received more than $4.3 million in support from NYSERDA through the state’s NY-Sun program, which is helping make solar more accessible to families, businesses and communities across the New York.

Largest rooftop terminal solar array designed for JFK airport

The 7.66 MW of solar, 4 MWh batteries microgrid is the first fully resilient airport array that can function offgrid. The planned upgrade is part of a new JFK terminal said to be valued at $9.5 billion–what would be the largest global project financing transaction on record.

Sunrise brief: New Mexico law seeks solar on every roof, and an EV charger in every garage 

Also on the rise: 50 states of solar incentives–Illinois. Falling costs, 15 GW of US solar module production, and TOPCon trends. And more.

Former Chevron HQ goes solar

Chevron will remain a tenant of Bishop Ranch as the community owner adds 15.5 MW solar plus 7.1 MW / 14.2 MWh energy storage onto its mixed-use buildings.



Cabot to invest in component for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries

The company plans to invest approximately $200 million in U.S. conductive carbon additives over the next five years, with plans to add 15,000 metric tons of capacity in Texas to meet needs of electric vehicle lithium-ion battery applications.

Startup begins producing 40%-efficient thermophotovoltaic cells

Antora Energy says its new 2 MW factory will make thermophotovoltaic cells for thermal storage applications. The cells are based on III-V semiconductors and reportedly have a heat-to-electricity conversion efficiency of more than 40%.

Sunrise brief: Best practices for playing the solar procurement game

Also on the rise: More hydrogen production coming to California. Wyoming laws seek to kill net metering and EVs. And more.

Statevolt acquires land for 54 GWh lithium-ion battery Gigafactory

The EV battery manufacturer purchased 135 acres in Imperial Valley, California near the Salton Sea, which will be the site of one of the largest Gigafactories in North America with capacity to produce enough batteries to power 650,000 electric vehicles per year.

Sunrise brief: IRA to drive $114 billion in U.S. renewable energy investments by 2031

Also on the rise: Is NEM 3.0 based on flawed modeling? Virginia governor kills Ford-CATL battery plant, calling it a “front for the Chinese Communist Party”. And more.

IRA to drive $114 billion in U.S. renewable energy investments by 2031, report says

The advanced manufacturing production (AMPC) credit and domestic content requirement (DCR) are key to spurring a more rapid U.S. renewable energy economy, Wood Mackenzie notes.

Markets & Policy


US renewable PPA price hikes cool off as material costs fall

An Edison Energy report shows prices increased more moderately (4%) in Q4 2022, as compared to the steep price hikes experienced since 2021.

Minnesota voting on 100% clean electricity today, 10% solar by 2030

The state’s new legislative body, now fully Democratic, is quickly moving bill HB7 through the legislature. The House is scheduled to vote on the bill today.

Retired coal sites to host multi-day iron-air batteries

Two renewable energy storing 10 MW / 1,000 MWh batteries will be installed by Form Energy on former Xcel Energy coal fired plants.

Puerto Rico could approach 40% renewables by 2025

Rapidly deploying 5.2 GW of planned solar and storage in Puerto Rico to reach 36% renewables, a possibility raised in a report by six national laboratories, would require an improvement in the Puerto Rico utility’s practices, which involve delays at several steps of the procurement process.

Microsoft to purchase 2.5 GW of Qcells solar

Qcells will provide US-made solar modules and perform engineering, procurement, and construction for Microsoft’s solar projects.

Former Tesla employees design EV chargers in disadvantaged communities

Orange Charger is raising $2.5 million in to commercialize its low-powered 120V and 240V AC solutions.



Scientists assess lifetime for perovskite PV to become competitive on rooftops

Researchers say that lightweight, high-performance perovskite solar modules could soon become competitive with crystalline PV modules in the residential segment, as such products will likely have lower manufacturing and balance-of-system costs in the future.

Startup unveils saltwater flow battery for large-scale storage

U.S.-based Salgenx has developed a scalable redox flow battery with two separate tanks of electrolytes, one of which is saltwater. Unlike other flow batteries, the new device is membrane-free, promising big gains at the levelized cost of storage level.

Vertical PV for clean energy and crop production

Agrivoltaic installations with vertically oriented solar panels are increasingly being adopted and studied across the globe.

Flexible cadmium telluride solar cell with 12.6% efficiency via lift-off method

A U.S. research team has developed a cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar cell through a lift-off method that reportedly ensures higher crystallinity of the cadmium sulfide film. The device has a power conversion efficiency of 12.60%, an open-circuit voltage of 0.829 V, a short-circuit current density of 23.64 mA/cm2, and a fill factor of 64.30%.

New method to measure energy yield of bifacial PV systems

Canadian scientists have developed a new way to measure the energy yield of bifacial PV systems. They said they considered the spectral albedo of ground cover like snow and sand to predict energy gains of up to 2%, in comparison with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard.

Sunrise brief: New York grid operator advances 3 GW of solar, storage projects

Also on the rise: Accelerating community solar in underrepresented communities. Soiling – a multibillion-dollar issue for the solar industry. And more.

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