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War pushes Ukraine to deploy solar

New small-capacity solar power plants are being developed in Ukraine to avoid blackouts, which is helping businesses to stay afloat amid dire economic conditions.
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Sunrise brief: Delaware launches free solar panel program for low-income households

Also on the rise: Aerial inspection of solar plants goes mainstream. Faster, lower-cost interconnection by combining ERCOT, MISO, PJM approaches. CleanCapital acquires BQ Energy. And more!
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Delaware launches free solar panel program for low-income households

Qualified customers are offered a solar installation for free. The pilot also offers cost assistance for moderate-income households.

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Alleviating battery storage growing pains through quality assurance

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The pressing need for powerful storage: Technology trends, safety optimization, and challenges for deployment

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Delivering value in the APAC region

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Navigating the UFLPA: Geopolitical Risk in the PV Supply Chain

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High performance at scale with HJT

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The potential of renewables and EV charger integration for residential homes: what difference can it make?

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pv magazine test

The latest batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field at Xi’an, China are out.

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Leeward Renewable Energy closes financing for Rabbitbrush Solar + Storage Project

The close includes $58.5 million in Green Loan construction financing and an additional $62.5 million tax equity commitments, with $50 million set to come once the project is operational later this summer.
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CleanCapital acquires BQ Energy

Looking to expand from its role as long-term owner to a more comprehensive development and origination model, CleanCapital has acquired the landfill and brownfield developer, as well as its 1 GW project pipeline.

Large standalone battery added to Texas to stabilize grid, electricity prices

Jupiter Power’s 200 MW, one-hour storage facility will support the buildout of renewables and grid reliability on the Texas ERCOT grid.
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How a FERC decision could unleash solar and storage deployment

FERC’s proposal could open up the interconnection backlog and pave the way for solar and storage projects to be completed more quickly, resulting in much more solar and storage being deployed, and moving us closer to meeting our climate and energy goal...
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Aerial inspection of solar plants goes mainstream

Using drone and manned aircraft for fast and accurate inspection of solar assets.

Press Releases

Solar energy short films show benefits for upstate New York towns

United Solar Energy Supporters, inc. , a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is announcing the release of their Solar Energy Short Film Series, consisting of three 60 second films about the benefits that communities receive from hosting solar projects.

Analyze your PV project in less than 60 seconds

The renewable energy software company, PVDATA, have created an automation tool that measures the financial bankability of renewable energy solar grid projects globally. The PVDATA Platform also identifies all possible environmental, social and ecosystem risk factors associated with your project, all in less than 10 seconds.

Connectors for energy storage systems

Battery pole and busbar connectors for safe and flexible installation

SMA America and Sollega Partner to Debut the First UL 3741 PVHCS Certified Commercial and Industrial Rooftop PV System in Compliance with NEC 690.12

Commercial Racking Manufacturer and Industry-Leading Inverter Manufacturer Provide Solution Without Module-Level Power Electronics or Switches



Sunrise brief: Solar supply chain issues–from duties to tariffs to COVID-19 and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

Also on the rise: Advanced conductors could enable 27GW more renewable power per year. Solar-powered data server network developed to frame the internet as a natural resource. Stanford flips the switch on new solar array, powering campus with 100% renewables. Project between Maui Electric and Paeahu Solar moves forward. Global tracker provider FTC Solar posts 130% growth in 2021. Newer and larger solar plants perform better, while older plants pick up steam with repowering.

Making sense of solar supply chain issues

From duties to tariffs to COVID-19 and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, a look at the supply chain issues threatening the solar module supply market.

U.S. residential solar trends, 2021

In 2021, residential solar reached several milestones and extreme weather raised customer interest in home energy storage systems.

Better pay, more flexibility! Survey details trends on solar sector pay and benefits

The survey from RO found a widening pay gap between men and women who work in the same role and offer the same industry experience.

Solar employed 231,000 in the U.S. in 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic and higher productivity rates cut U.S. solar jobs by about 6.7% in 2020.

Expanding community solar can bring jobs and economic benefits to hard-hit communities

Community solar offers a unique opportunity for recovery in a Covid-racked economy, but needs to go beyond the contained role it has traditionally held in the American energy landscape.



Faster, lower-cost interconnection by combining ERCOT, MISO, PJM approaches

ERCOT's approach enables interconnection in 2 to 3 years, whereas recent regional transmission planning by MISO and PJM found cost-saving ways to interconnect 53 GW and 75 GW of renewables respectively, said a Brattle transmission expert.

Sunrise brief: Historic Pittsburgh steel plant reopens to make components for the US solar industry

Also on the rise: Solar tariff moratorium creates upside, but supply challenges still loom. GE partners with Department of Energy on solar, energy storage, grid integration research. And more.

DSD Renewables acquires 11 MW of community solar in Minnesota

The portfolio marks DSD’s first venture in Minnesota, a land where community solar adoption has been widespread and effective.

Solar tariff moratorium creates upside, but supply challenges still loom

Wood Mackenzie boosted its utility-scale solar deployment forecast following the executive branch two-year pause on antidumping tariffs, but the uncertainty caused a latent effect on the industry. Plus, other uncertainties persist.

Huck Finn Solar Project will be Missouri’s largest to date at 200 MW

Developed by EDF Renewables, the Huck Finn project is expected to generate $14 million for local communities.

Sunrise brief: It takes more than recycling to establish a circular economy for solar and batteries

Also on the rise: California moves a step closer to opt-in dynamic pricing to help balance renewables. Community solar leader New York State gets another 25.4 MW across five projects.  And more.



Historic Pittsburgh steel plant reopens to make components for Nextracker

The company's third American steel line will create 40 to 70 direct jobs and help Nextracker to strengthen its ever-expanding US solar tracker supply chain.

Community solar leader New York State gets another 25.4 MW across five projects

Amp Energy, Castillo Engineering and CS Energy partner on the five projects, which are all using bifacial solar modules and fixed-tilt racking.

It takes more than recycling to establish a circular clean economy, says NREL

Designing renewable hardware to last longer and using fewer materials to construct it can work to bolster recycling efforts in building an effective circular economy for solar and battery technologies, according to NREL research.

Lithium-ion battery fire danger causes recall of 433,000 solar LED umbrellas

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada issued a joint recall for patio umbrellas due to fires caused by the lithium-ion batteries. overheating

Sunrise brief: Groundbreaking ruling in California simplifies grid connection process for distributed solar and storage

Also on the rise: Single axis trackers on a commercial rooftop increase generation 37%. Tesla Powerwall owners called to take part in the emergency load reduction program pilot. And more.

RETC releases 2022 Module Index Report

In addition to outlining the performances of leading solar modules in a range of tests designed to replicate the stresses modules experience in the field, the 2022 PV Module Index report also looks forward at emerging trends in the industry and upcoming technical standard changes.

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People on the Move: NREL, Ameren, NETA, and more

Job moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities, and energy transition finance.

Leyline invests $10 million to support 1 GW of solar development

The investment will support Solterra Energy’s pipeline of 1 GW of distributed generation and utility-scale solar energy projects across the eastern United States.

California moves a step closer to opt-in dynamic pricing to help balance renewables

Opt-in dynamic pricing of electricity, which could help balance renewable generation while lowering electric bills for participants and non-participants alike, is now on deck for a California decision.

Infiniti Energy raises $117 million for commercial solar development

The financing will be used to support the development of 34 MW of commercial and industrial solar located across New Jersey.

Pacific Gas & Electric calls for participation in Tesla virtual power plant pilot

California residents who own a Tesla Powerwall can take part in the emergency load reduction program pilot, which could become the largest distributed battery resource in the world.

$500 million invested in Pine Gate Renewables to support utility-scale solar buildout

Generate Capital provided the developer strategic growth capital and asset financing to expand its business.



GE partners with Department of Energy on solar, energy storage, grid integration research

General Electric is partnering with national laboratories and universities on two projects; one to design behind-the-meter energy storage and another to enhance utility visibility of behind the meter solar generation.

Longi’s heterojunction solar cell hits 26.5%

Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin has confirmed that Longi’s new heterojunction solar cell has achieved a power conversion efficiency of 26.5% – an improvement of 1.1%.

Sunrise brief: Renewables may replace hydro dams to restore endangered salmon

Also on the rise: Construction complete on largest solar farm in Nebraska. Renewable Energy Test Center releases 2022 Module Index Report. Job moves. And more.

Perovskite solar module march continues with 30-year “no thickness” layers and speed testing

A team at Princeton University developed a new technique to accelerate solar cell longevity testing, while concurrently discovering a layer, only a few atoms in thickness, which is credibly projected to support perovskites lasting thirty years.

Cold-climate heat pump efficient in -10 F weather

Lennox developed the first prototype that achieved the DOE’s Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge’s standards about a year ahead of schedule.

Solarever looks to strengthen US market presence with 20.4% efficient, 410 W solar module

The Module HC 108M is a 410W/400W residential solar module using 108 half-cut 182 mm mono PERC cells and is Solarever’s most powerful module to date.

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