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The mobility rEVolution: Zero-cobalt cathode for highly stable lithium-ion batteries

U.S. researchers say they have developed a way to make cobalt-free lithium-ion battery cathodes, while Ford says it has broken ground on a new $5.6 billion production complex for electric vehicles and batteries.
Balance of Systems

Sunrise brief: 26 million acres needed to achieve zero-carbon goals

Also on the rise: Solliance hits 30.1% efficiency on perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell. Trina introduces two TOPCon solar panels. And more.

Longi announces new 415 W residential and commercial solar panel

Unveiled at RE+ Anaheim, the 54-cell module features outputs up to 415 W and 21.3% efficiency.



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New off-grid launch: DC/AC inverters and high-end DC charging system

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Reduce risk in your solar and storage portfolio

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Essential tips for successful installations

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The case for residential, commercial Battery Energy Storage Systems in the MENA region

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Certified Feed-in Management for decentralized power generation

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pv magazine test

The latest batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field at Xi’an, China are out.


Shoals Technologies and Nextracker introduce North-South Big Lead Assembly product

North-South BLA trunk bus optimizes electrical balance of system installation, long-term O&M and cuts costs compared to conventional wiring methods.

Bristol Myers Squibb joins Meta as offtaker of 240 MW Cattlemen solar park

Construction begins on EDP Renewables’ first solar park in Texas and will soon be the largest operational solar park in the company’s North American portfolio.

Trina introduces two TOPCon solar panels

For commercial, industrial and utility projects, the Vertex N was released, and the Vertex S+ is available for residential installations.

Solliance hits 30.1% efficiency on perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell

The Solliance consortium achieved a 29.2% record efficiency for the solar cell in November 2021, from just 28.7% in March 2020. In recent months, it increased the perovskite cell for the tandem device from 17.8% to 19.7%.

26 million acres needed to achieve zero-carbon goals

By dedicating about 1% of the country’s land to solar energy—an area roughly the size of Kentucky—we could enable the nation to power itself with zero carbon emissions.

Press Releases

Mounting large PV modules quickly and easily: AEROCOMPACT optimizes CompactFLAT SN mounting system for PV installation on flat roofs

Austrian PV racking expert AEROCOMPACT has launched a rail-based mounting system – CompactFLAT SN 2 – for all common module sizes, including large-area solar modules up to 2. 384 m x 1.

Hummingbirds AI Joins the Panasonic XCELERATE Software Application Developer Program for TOUGHBOOK Solutions

Hummingbirds AI announces its partnership with Panasonic Connect North America in joining the company’s XCELERATE Software Application Developer Program for TOUGHBOOK® Solutions. The XCELERATE program presents the perfect opportunity to work closely with Panasonic Connect and its expansive partner ecosystem.

Increasing yield by up to 20 percent: AEROCOMPACT launches mounting system for bifacial PV modules and green roofs

AEROCOMPACT, the Austrian PV manufacturer for racking solutions, has developed a flat roof system for mounting bifacial PV active modules or solar systems on green roofs. “Bifacial modules are replacing traditional foil modules more and more, especially in the US.

Schneider Electric Launches Backup Control Switch for Whole-Home Backup Power

Schneider Electric expands its backup power solutions for solar and storage systems with the Backup Control Switch (BCS). With the introduction of the BCS, Schneider Electric provides easier and more flexible solar and battery storage solutions for whole-home and partial-home backup.



What kind of salary and benefits can I expect in the solar industry?

The RO Energy Solar Salary Guide sheds light on compensation in solar careers.

Sunrise brief: Solar supply chain issues–from duties to tariffs to COVID-19 and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

Also on the rise: Advanced conductors could enable 27GW more renewable power per year. Solar-powered data server network developed to frame the internet as a natural resource. Stanford flips the switch on new solar array, powering campus with 100% renewables. Project between Maui Electric and Paeahu Solar moves forward. Global tracker provider FTC Solar posts 130% growth in 2021. Newer and larger solar plants perform better, while older plants pick up steam with repowering.

Making sense of solar supply chain issues

From duties to tariffs to COVID-19 and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, a look at the supply chain issues threatening the solar module supply market.

U.S. residential solar trends, 2021

In 2021, residential solar reached several milestones and extreme weather raised customer interest in home energy storage systems.

Sunrise brief: Michigan utilities signal support for raising a cap on rooftop solar

Also on the rise: Report sheds light on low- and moderate-income solar program performance, and renewables bucked a slump in U.S. energy production in 2020.

Solaredge records pandemic progress despite tough final quarter

Full-year revenues nudged up despite tough comparisons with the end of 2019 for the final quarter of last year. The inverter maker expects to log revenues of $385-405 million in the current three-month window.



Solar Resilience: Keeping communities connected

Distributed solar energy systems can play an important role in increasing the resilience of the nation’s grid.

Dual-purpose solar makes a greater impact

BlueWave Solar, a certified B Corp, is committed to integrating Environmental Social Governance throughout development of dual-use solar projects.

Anaheim Convention Center: A showcase of sustainability

The 2.4 MW rooftop solar array provides about 17% of the convention center’s energy needs, and when not in use, it powers nearby neighbors.

Sunrise brief: Qcells launches residential energy storage solution in the U.S.

Also on the rise: Nearly one in ten K-12 schools in the U.S. have adopted solar energy. Start-up plans solar manufacturing in disadvantaged communities. And more.

Nearly one in ten K-12 schools have adopted solar energy

Solar installations for public and private schools in the U.S. have tripled since 2015. Your school could benefit from it, too.

U.S. installed a record 2.6 GWh of grid-scale energy storage in Q2

Despite this growth, 1.1 GW of projects scheduled to come online in-quarter were delayed.



EnerVenue secures 250 MWh order for nickel-hydrogen batteries

EnerVenue has agreed to supply batteries to Green Energy Renewable Solutions for use in customized building blocks for maritime applications, construction sites, and other heavy industry projects. The agreement marks EnerVenue’s fourth major battery supply deal since it launched operations in 2020.

Sunrise brief: Tesla battery fire at PG&E facility now under control

Also on the rise: Battery manufacturing ramping up in the U.S. Real barriers to virtual power plants. And more.

Battery manufacturing ramps up in the U.S.

Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has resulted in numerous battery manufacturers announcing plans to begin production in the United States, supporting the transition to clean energy as well as clean transportation.

Panasonic presents 22.2% efficient all-black heterojunction solar module compatible with its EverVolt battery

The new module series has a power output ranging from 420 to 430 W, a temperature coefficient of -0.26% per degree Celsius, and an efficiency of up to 22.2%.

Sunrise brief: A new era of made-in-USA solar

Also on the rise: Redflow targets US market with lithium-ion battery alternative. Anaheim Convention Center–a showcase of sustainability. And more.

A new era of made-in-USA solar

There are both challenges and benefits to boosting solar manufacturing in America. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 includes a host of measures to support the production of US renewable energy technologies and could foster a new era for made-in-America solar. pv magazine USA Senior Editor Anne Fischer explores the current status and outlook of US solar manufacturing.

Markets & Policy


Sunrise brief: Rallying for the ‘Solar+ Decade’

Also on the rise: Solar Resilience: Keeping communities connected. EnerVenue secures 250 MWh order for nickel-hydrogen batteries .And more.

Rallying for the ‘Solar+ Decade’

With energy challenges abounding, PV has emerged as a crucial part of the solution – building resiliency, creating jobs, and cutting emissions. In pursuit of energy markets and a system that embraces these features, Solar Energy Industries Association CEO Abigail Ross Hopper is advocating for more stable trade and policy settings, in order to facilitate the expansion of PV, in line with its “Solar+ Decade” goals.

Sunpower launches two new batteries for residential applications

The two batteries have a storage capacity of 13 and 19.5 kWh, respectively. Both lithium-ion systems use LiFePO4 as the cathode material and have a round-trip efficiency of over 86%.

Fire at PG&E’s Tesla battery in California is now under control

A Tesla Megapack battery caught fire at PG&E’s Elkhorn large-scale battery storage facility in Monterey County, California, in the early hours of September 21. The fire was brought fully under control by the late afternoon, and its cause is under investigation.

Three major drivers in solar growth

Three forces are driving solar adoption today: the economics of energy, the energy crisis driven by the war in Ukraine, and a growing global focus on green and net zero initiatives. What matters is that these three drivers change the dynamics of investment – there is a growing body of capital looking to align with low-carbon, net-zero initiatives. Yet as the debate rages about operational versus overall sustainability, what is the future of solar for ESG finance?

Real barriers to virtual power plants

The technology is available for virtual power plants to be rolled out across the United States, argues Jigar Shah, the director of the Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office. Their implementation would result in a cascade of benefits, including extending the adoption of distributed energy resources like rooftop PV and lowering electricity costs for consumers.



Sunrise brief: Are we educating enough power system engineers for the renewables transition?

Also on the rise: Fluke unveils the Solar Multifunction Tester 1000 at RE+ in Anaheim. Solar tariffs caused a year of uncertainty--could a U.S. solar supply chain help? And more.

American-Made Solar Prize pitch showcase at RE+

Ten hardware and ten software track finalists compete for $1.4 million prize.

Are we educating enough power system engineers for the renewables transition?

As key industry players flag the need for power system engineers to process solar interconnection requests, we reached out to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and grid operators CAISO and SPP, for their insights on the supply and demand for these engineers.

Model to assess microclimates in vertical agrivoltaic systems

Swedish researchers have developed a model to analyze the microclimate parameters of a vertically mounted agrivoltaic system. They validated their model by comparing its estimations with measurements of solar irradiance, PV module temperature, and ground temperature.

Start-up plans solar manufacturing in disadvantaged communities

Great expectations from startup CHERP, manufacturing their new solar panels in 30 MW/year micro solar module assembly facilities located in underserved communicates, via public-private partnerships.

A case for residential solar sharing

Technische Universität München researchers have run a series of tests to investigate the growing share of rooftop PV in Germany. They found that the sale and purchase of electricity between households could reduce consumption peaks and prevent grid bottlenecks.

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