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Birch Creek Energy acquires utility-scale solar developer

Washington, D.C.-based Foundation Solar is comprised of a team of solar industry veterans that have developed, acquired and managed over 6 GW of generation assets over the past two decades.

Wärtsilä battery passes UL 9540A fire certification milestone

Rigorous testing for grid-scale lithium-ion storage systems involved heating battery cells to induce thermal runaway within Wärtsilä’s storage module. Performing fire tests reveals critical information to the manufacturer, first responders and asset ...

Tracking clean energy initiatives under the Inflation Reduction Act

A new website called clarifies how the Inflation Reduction Act is taking shape and being implemented across more than a dozen federal agencies.

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Cenários para expansão da geração centralizada

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The power behind Pakistan’s “under the radar” gigawatt-scale market

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Transparent advantage – Why transparent backsheet bifacial modules can beat out the cumbersome competition

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New tracker design: Multiple motors to tackle multiple challenges

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pv magazine test

The latest batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field at Xi’an, China are out.

Markets & Policy

Massachusetts city offers EV adoption as employee benefit

Partnering with MoveEV to support the transition to EVs is expected to save Easthampton, Mass. about $360,000 per year on gasoline, among other benefits.

Ultrathin solar cells self-repair radiation damage in space

Third-party testing confirms a high level of resilience to the conditions of space in silicon-based solar cells developed by Arizona-based Solestial.

Oregon research highlights zinc metal battery improvements

An Oregon State University research group has developed a zinc metal anode electrolyte that raises the efficiency of zinc battery cells to nearly 100%, a breakthrough as companies scramble to find non-lithium-ion alternatives to supplement a growing U.S....

Summit Ridge raises tax equity for 50 MW Maine and Illinois solar portfolio

The $67 million investment utilizes the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) Qualified Advanced Energy Project Credit program. Once guidance for low- and moderate-income community incentives and domestic content requirements program is finalized, the develo...

EnerVenue announces non-lithium battery gigafactory in Kentucky

With generous incentives from Shelby County and the state of Kentucky, EnerVenue plans to invest in a one-million square-foot facility to produce metal-hydrogen batteries.

Press Releases

Homeowners can now pay off on solar roof installations in less than 4years.

Just 2-years ago, the thought of having a bespoke solar roof home system was considered niche home investment – more of a middle-upper class type of investment. Now, we are seeing a rapid downward trend in the spot price of solar panel equipment, coupled with the unprecedented rise in global energy bills as a result […]

NE Solar Expands to Indonesia

New East Solar Energy is expanding its operations with 8GW of modules and supporting cell capacity in Indonesia.

The Solis Team Showcased New Products and Pride in Working at Solis

At Intersolar North America the Solis team, including engineering, service, sales, and marketing managers, introduced the new S6 product and versatile inverter solutions for C&I and utility applications as well as their exceptional after-sales service offering.

Clean Energy Holdings purchases 380MW of Philadelphia Solar Phenex modules for green hydrogen project

The modules will be produced from Philadelphia Solar’s upcoming 1. 2 GW facility, which is to be featured at Select USA’s Investment Summit, taking place May 1-4 in National Harbor, Md.



Solar and storage prices soared as a result of market disruptions, NREL reports

The Covid-19 pandemic, tariffs, the Uyghur Forced Labor Act all created such significant market disruptions between Q1 2021 and Q1 2022 that NREL researchers looked at both short-term distortions and long-term trends in its most recent annual cost benchmark report.

Due to forced labor concerns, U.S. ports have blocked over 1,000 shipments of solar components

Panel shipments collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars are blocked from entering the U.S. market as they have failed scrutiny under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, said Reuters.

What kind of salary and benefits can I expect in the solar industry?

The RO Energy Solar Salary Guide sheds light on compensation in solar careers.

Price pressures may delay 15% of utility-scale solar projects this year, Roth Capital warns

Shaving off 15% would trim new capacity additions by more than 2.3 GW this year alone, based on Energy Information Administration forecasts. Higher prices throughout the solar supply chain are being blamed.

New York State adopts rules to streamline large renewable energy project reviews

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “cutting red tape” will help the state meets its sustainability goals and recover economically from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bifacial solar added at two bioscience facilities

The 572 kW systems feature Prism Solar bifacial panels and are installed at a bioscience company’s facilities, which produce Covid-19 test kits.



CleanCapital acquires 26.2 MW, 10-project solar portfolio

The Rhode Island projects range from 250 kW to 5.4 MW and include rehabilitated brownfield sites, landfills, and serve organizations like the YMCA and low-income housing authorities.

Over 500 MWh standalone battery storage facility enters operation in Texas

The battery is the largest merchant energy storage facility in the world. Wärtsilä Energy and Eolian LP partnered for the 200 MW grid-scale battery system.

Community solar developer adds project debt for 24.8 MW newly completed projects

Oya Renewables secured $27.1 million in loan commitments from City National Bank and Greenprint Capital for the recently completed construction of 24.8 MW of community solar projects in western and northern New York state.

BIPV window coating maker seeks DOE loan guarantee

Ubiquitous Energy, the Redwood City, California-based manufacturer, is seeking to raise over $100 million in Dept. of Energy loan funding to support the development a manufacturing facility.

North America represents 21% of global energy storage market by 2030

The global energy storage market is growing at a strong 23% compound annual growth rate, with annual additions projected to reach 88 GW/278 GWh in 2030, or 5.3 times the expected 2022 level for new installations, according to BloombergNEF’s 1H 23 energy storage outlook.

Sunrise brief: Residential solar quotes average $2.85 per watt

Also on the rise: Fast EV charging market to grow sixtyfold by 2050. How installers can communicate the benefits of ESS to customers. And more.


Get what you pay for with high-efficiency PV modules

Clean Energy Associates (CEA) has calculated the price premium that solar developers will swallow in return for the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) savings offered by the latest generation of high-efficiency PV modules.

Sunrise brief: LG Energy Solution quadruples investment in U.S. battery manufacturing facility

Also on the rise: Silicon anode lithium-ion battery cell with 500 Wh/kg density. BIPV window coating maker seeks DOE loan guarantee. And more.

Silicon anode lithium-ion battery cell with 500 Wh/kg density

Amprius received third-party verification of the performance of its battery cell that offers high power density in a lightweight package.

Argonne and Stellantis launch EV workforce training program and competition

The Department of Energy has set a bold target to address climate change and put the U.S. on a path to achieve net-zero emissions, economy-wide, by 2050. Key to this goal are the design and development of advanced batteries to electrify the transportation and energy sectors and a skilled workforce for positions within the electric vehicle production, EV charging and battery markets.

LG Energy Solution quadruples investment in U.S. battery manufacturing facility

The company plans to invest $5.5 billion on two manufacturing facilities in Arizona. One will be for cylindrical batteries for electric vehicles and the other for lithium iron phosphate pouch-type batteries for energy storage systems.

Sunrise brief: Qcells builds out U.S. supply chain with solar encapsulant facility in Georgia 

Also on the rise: Meta picks utilities based on solar potential at data centers. Sunnova files for $3.3 billion Department of Energy loan. And more.

Markets & Policy


“Drone in the box” for thousandths of a cent per kilowatt hour

Raptor Maps is developing a drone and software package for ongoing, on-site visual and thermal intelligence at utility-scale solar facilities.

Sunrise brief: North Carolina rulings dent rooftop solar value

Also on the rise: Over 500 MWh standalone battery storage facility enters operation in Texas. Connecticut commercial energy storage demand spurs government action. And more.

Spruce Power acquires residential solar portfolio across 10 states

The acquisition of SS Holdings 2017 brings Spruce’s contract base to over 72,000 systems.

North Carolina rulings dent rooftop solar value

Net metering payments were slashed while a new efficiency incentive was also unexpectedly rejected.

Connecticut commercial energy storage demand spurs government action

The State of Connecticut launched a second round of energy storage incentives two years ahead of schedule due to strong commercial demand, after approving 46.4 MW/139.4 MWh of commercial projects in the state in the first round.

SolSmart technical assistance program targets 1,000 leading solar communities by 2027

DOE SolSmart local government program adds new platinum-level designation, establishes new priorities around support for disadvantaged communities, extends its designation criteria, and more.



Temperature estimates for floating PV modules

Scientists from the United States and Brazil have developed four different ways to estimate the temperature of floating PV modules. They validated the models with temperature measurements from a floating solar plant in Brazil.

Renewables generation predictability can improve profitability

A study from the University of Adelaide shows how improved predictability can improve the operation of solar assets.

Assessing the area intensity of PV

Solar is wrongly perceived by some people to be an area-intensive energy generation technology requiring much more space than conventional fossil-fuel power plants.

1700 GW of solar, wind and storage await interconnection, up 28% in a year

Just 86 GW of fossil capacity awaits interconnection.

Meta picks utilities based on solar potential at data centers

Meta has revealed that its renewable energy deployments are growing by 30% each year. Meta has already deployed 3.56 GW of solar capacity, and has over 9 GW in its long-term development pipeline.

Sunrise brief: Robot dogs monitor for faults at solar plants

Also on the rise: Solar project updates in California, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee. Transferability, or selling tax credits, top of mind at SEIA Finance. And more.

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