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California PUC addresses inequities in energy storage ‘equity resiliency’ incentive and shifts $100 million

"I think it’s somewhat unfortunate that the developers have focused so much of their attention on signing up well customers … as opposed to focusing on medical baseline or low-income residential customers," said a CPUC commissioner.
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Biden: I would transition from the oil industry…because the oil industry pollutes significantly’

Also in the brief: The reality of clean coal, according to the Coen Brothers, plus, Utility CEOs contribute personal money to help Republicans; Utility PACs also favor GOP -- an analysis of federal campaign dollars in the 2020 election cycle. And NextEra...
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Clean energy jobs pay more

A new report from BW Research Partnership has found that, in 2019, clean energy jobs paid 25% more than the national median, with some states seeing nearly 30% higher hourly wages than their own median.

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Diseñado para garantizar la reducción del LCOE con un rendimiento de 585 W de ultra alta eficiencia

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How high-powered modules enhance your solar investment

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pv magazine test

The latest batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field at Xi’an, China are out.


A solar module stress test for all seasons

Scientists led by NREL have developed a new stress testing protocol for PV modules, one designed to simultaneously expose modules to multiple stresses, as they likely would be in the field. Putting modules through this test, the researchers have already ...

Morning Brief: Human rights allegations in Xinjiang China could jeopardize solar supply chain

Also in the brief: Time to see how serious industry is about ESG and D&I versus LCOE. Plus Hawaii solar on the rise.
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NIPSCO to bring an additional 1 GW of solar to Indiana by 2023

The utility has announced three new, massive solar projects, set to be developed by subsidiaries of NextEra Energy Resources. With these projects confirmed, the utility has now secured roughly 1.4 GW of the 2.3 GW it is looking to bring on-line to replac...

Tesla CEO Elon Musk: ‘We continue to believe that the energy business will ultimately be as large as our vehicle business’

Tesla's solar and battery businesses show signs of life in another profitable quarter for the EV maker.
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Energy and climate trends over the course of the Trump presidency

Big systems with long-lived assets, like the worldwide energy sector, are hard to redirect. How have CO2 emissions and energy use changed over the last 3 years and 9 months? Catherine Wolfram of the Haas School of Business takes a look.

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VSUN supplies modules to utility projects in the US

Since 2020, VSUN Solar, a Japanese solar PV module manufacturer, has successively provide high-efficiency and reliable solar modules to US utility projects from its Vietnam production base.

Citadel Roofing & Solar Opens West Sacramento Office with 50 Employees, More to Come

New Office Opened to Meet Demand for Solar & Energy Storage Products among Homeowners and Homebuilders

PV Hardware moves its North American headquarters to California

With over a GW deployed nationwide, the company opens its new Demo Tracker Training Facility and Safe Harbor storage location on the West Coast. • With this move to California, PV Hardware takes the natural step to maintain its steady growth in the country

Palmer Redesigns Website for Leading California Solar Company

Citadel Roofing & Solar's new website is optimized for lead generation and capture, SEO and consumer education.


US residential solar set for a record-breaking year — despite and because of 2020

Over the course of this strange year, American residential solar companies such as Sunrun, Vivint, SunPower and Tesla claimed they could weather the Covid storm with remote selling and new online strategies. It turns out they were right. BloombergNEF forecasts that Americans will install 3 gigawatts of solar on residential rooftops in 2020.

Launching a startup during an international pandemic

With the difficulties of launching a company exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, EnerVenue has been able to not only survive the challenges, but use them to the company’s advantage. pv magazine sat down with CEO Jorg Heinmann to discuss how the company leveraged risk into opportunity.

Women entrepreneurs are essential to last-mile distribution of renewable energy technologies

A new fund has been launched to provide microgrants of $3,000 to $10,000 to the women entrepreneurs and community organizations working to provide clean, reliable and primarily off-grid power to remote communities.

State solar news: Net metering attacked in Vermont and Utah, Maine goes big in PV

In Vermont and Utah, net metering is under attack — in danger of being significantly devalued or eliminated. In Arizona, the state’s rooftop solar export rates have been saved for at least another year. Outside of policy, Maine has announced the winners of the state’s largest-ever renewable solicitation.

WoodMac responds: investment in residential solar still strong, asset performance is healthy

Wood Mackenzie has responded to a criticized report, clarifying that Covid-19 impacts on residential solar finance are much less significant than initially expected — and that faster-than-expected recovery for investments in the industry have kept investor confidence high.

MiaSole, dormant thin-film solar company, received more than $5 million in PPP loans

Why is an essentially bankrupt Chinese solar company that had already furloughed most of its staff receiving $5 to $10 million from the U.S. treasury?



Morning Brief: Flight of the linemen, What will a Biden presidency do to US energy?

Also in the brief: First Solar to provide 869 MW of Series 6 to Vistra, Solar welcomed in Colorado, eyed with suspicion in Utah.

Bloomberg NEF’s Jenny Chase still has unpopular opinions about solar

Bloomberg NEF’s head solar analyst, Jenny Chase is decidedly unimpressed with perovskite, floating solar (solar onna boat) or — as of her latest #unpopularopinions on solar thread on Twitter — agrivoltaics (solar onna field).

Henk Rogers and the blueprint for a 100% renewable Hawaii

Henk Rogers, of Tetris Fame, talks shop about saving the planet, the future of energy storage in Hawaii and how a life-changing experience dictates how he tackles each day. Tam Hunt interviews the entrepreneur.

Energy Jobs: Audrey Lee is director at $250M SPAC ArcLight, plus SunPower, Primergy Solar, 8minute and more

Executive moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities and energy transition finance.

It’s cheaper to build new solar than it is to operate coal plants

New analysis released by Lazard compares the levelized cost of energy for various generation technologies on a $/MWh basis and shows that renewables, specifically utility-scale solar and wind, are the economic frontrunners.

Morning Brief: Solar ETF soars as Biden leads in polls, Tesla Megapacks in Alberta’s first large-scale battery storage

Also in the brief: juwi Shizen Energy constructs 54-MW-solarpark, Boston Solar teams with Generac, Capital Power, Palladium Energy & Renewable Energy Services sign 160MW of PPAs with Duke Energy.



Solar racking companies are getting acquired in a consolidating market: Who’s next?

The solar racking market has quiet revenues of billions of dollars and continues to consolidate -- driven by equity firms such as Esdec and Tenex. The market segment has become a small hotbed of M&A. Who's next?

Array Technologies’ share price up 65% on first day as a public company

The IPO priced at $22, above the top of the anticipated range of $19 to $21 — valuing the solar firm at about $2.8 billion. 

IPO update: Solar tracker builder Array Technologies increases number of shares in largest PV IPO of 2020

The reception in the financial community on the eve of the Array Technologies IPO must have been enthusiastic.

Wärtsilä’s 9 MW battery storage system reduces a city’s demand peaks, saves transmission costs

An independent power producer, AEP OnSite Partners, will be the first to deploy Wärtsilä’s new storage product. The 9 MW/15.6 MWh battery system will respond to PJM market signals and reduce the city’s peak demand by about 9 MW, while saving $1 million per year in transmission and capacity costs

Trump pulls tariff exemption for bifacial panels — again

Proclamation issued Oct. 10 cites impact of imported bifacial panels on U.S. solar manufacturing, while also raising the scheduled fourth-year tariff rate from 15% to 18%. 

Shoals, solar balance-of-system player, had a strong 2020 and sees an even stronger 2021

Dean Solon of Shoals Technologies Group: “The short version is that it’s been a damned good year.” An interview with Shoals covers the growth of large solar projects in the U.S., high AC/DC ratios and the real costs of using cheap components.

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Mosaic launches new loans with the lowest rates the market has ever seen

The two new options, 0.99% APR for a 20-year loan and 1.99% APR for a 25-year loan, come at a time when installers and homeowners are increasingly cost-conscious, especially considering the impending ITC step-down.

Vietnam opens 450 MW solar plant

Ho Chi Minh City-based construction company Trungnam Group said its army of laborers took just 45 days to perform site clearance for a project which took shape within 102 days.

Tesla Solar Roof installation time lapse: 40 squares in 4 days by Weddle and Sons Roofing

A solar installer in Kansas does a great job of documenting and displaying the installation process of an attractive integrated Tesla solar roof.

Morning Brief: First long-duration energy storage procurement, EDFR and Geenex close on 4.5 GW PV pipeline

Also in the brief: Scatec Solar to buy state-owned hydropower firm SN Power in a $1.17 billion deal, Panasonic Solar and Service Finance Company rolled out a new home energy storage financing program.

California’s lucrative energy storage incentive gets fiscally misused once again

What is it about California’s SGIP subsidy that brings out the worst in people and corporations? Usually it’s companies gaming the ratepayer-funded incentive, this time it’s installers helping individuals with second homes siphon off funds intended for the disadvantaged.

Blackstone enters the electric bus and van race, plus the return of seed-stage solar investing

A weekly round up of investments and exits in solar and energy transition technologies.



America’s highways have significant solar potential

A report just released by the University of Texas at Austin's Webber Energy Group has tackled how much solar each state could develop along interstate interchange and exit locations and how much this solar could potentially be worth.

Swift Solar looks to reinvigorate and push the perovskite market forward

Born from an Oxford research group, the startup is looking to make its name by developing all-perovskite tandems, something no other company has done.

Morning Brief: Installer Sigora Solar acquires Aztec, Generac acquires Enbala, Louisiana goes solar

Also in the brief: Macquarie Group and Siemens AG are forming Calibrant Energy, a venture that will invest in the energy-as-a-service sector in the U.S.

Investors bet $27.5 million that Nanotech Energy’s graphene battery breakthrough is the real thing

The startup claims to be “the world’s top supplier of graphene” and plans to release a non-flammable, environmentally friendly lithium battery that can charge “18 times faster than anything that is currently available on the market” — within the next year.

Analyzing the 2% DC voltage drop rule

The good people at Mayfield Renewables take us deep into the technical weeds as they question a rule-of-thumb: Is the 2% DC voltage drop rule accurate for real-world conductor sizing or has technological progress in solar made the rule irrelevant?

Solar and wind generation continue to expand rapidly while coal is in a tailspin

The EIA’s most recent Electric Power Monthly report shows that solar has accounted for nearly 3.4% of the country’s generation so far in 2020, with wind being responsible for another 8.5%. Meanwhile, coal has plummeted to just 17.8% of the nation’s total, down nearly 30% from just last year.

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