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“Wall of money” fighting for solar power

Wood Mackenzie notes that new investors and sources of capital are chasing down a limited supply of viable solar projects and sees tightening targets, expanding project appetite, and evolving techniques.
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Platte River Power to go 100% zero-carbon by 2030

The Colorado generation co-op has one-upped Xcel Energy, as the 100% renewable energy movement grows even in the energy industry. However, there are some sticky caveats.
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U.S. Senate confirms fossil fuel advocate Bernard McNamee to FERC

The 50-49 party line vote shows the great controversy that surrounds McNamee, who has worked for pro-fossil fuel think thanks and has made hyperbolic negative statements about renewable energy.

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The 100% renewable energy movement is unstoppable

Cincinnati has become the 100th U.S. city to set a goal to move to 100% renewable energy. This sets the stage for the debate to shift to what resources we will use to decarbonize, and how quickly we will move.
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Energy storage storm grows in strength

A Wood Mackenzie report shows energy storage deployments tripling on a power basis during Q3 '18 versus last year's volume, while noting that the future pipeline growth rate doubled versus prior quarters to reach 33 GW of future projects.
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Facebook data center feeds Georgia solar boom with 200 MWac

Walton EMC has signed contracts with three new solar projects to supply a new Facebook data center. This is the latest big announcement among many, and one plant will feature half-cut mono-PERC modules from Hanwha Q Cells’ new U.S. factory.
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Solar plus geothermal under review in Nevada

The owner of the Tungsten Mountain Geothermal Unit is researching the addition of 18 MW of solar PV to power some, or all, of the site's parasitic electric load.
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New York announces free community solar for 10,000 low-income residents

Nine community solar projects within the state will be participating in the “Solar For All” program, providing access to no-cost community solar for low-income New Yorkers.


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Press Releases

PowerHome Solar partners with Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil to direct commercial

Five-time NFL Pro Bowl selection and Carolina Panthers standout Ryan Kalil had a chance to showcase his talents seated from a director’s chair in November. Local solar energy provider PowerHome Solar gave him that opportunity, allowing him to call the shots for PowerHome’s commercial that starred comedian Ryan O’Flanagan and included a number of Kalil’s Panthers teammates.

SunPower closes year with industry’s lowest solar panel degradation rate, delivering more reliable electricity to customers over time

Company also cites 10. 3 Gigawatts of solar installed to date, offsetting carbon emissions from 30 million tons of coal burned

Hanwha Q CELLS’ product portfolio delivers market-leading anti-LeTID performance in Fraunhofer CSP test

Both half-cell monocrystalline Q. PEAK DUO modules and multicrystalline Q.

Canadian Solar releases new sustainability report

Canadian Solar Inc.  (the “Company”, or “Canadian Solar”) (NASDAQ: CSIQ), one of the world’s largest solar power companies, announced today that its latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report is now available online.



Final hurdle cleared in California’s solar mandate for new homes

The California Building Standards Commission has approved the requirement that new homes integrate rooftop solar. This is expected to not only give a major boost to the state’s solar market, but to drive down costs.

Xcel gets in front of the 100% renewable energy movement

By setting a timeline for the inevitable decarbonization of its fleet, Xcel is moving to have an energy transition on its terms.

Flexible solar power saves money

An analysis of a First Solar power plant in Tampa, Florida suggests that by operating solar plants with more flexibility operators can save money for ratepayers – while also allowing for significantly higher penetration levels of renewables.

Massachusetts’ SMART program fills up fast

The new program has already been over-subscribed for 25 kW or larger projects in two of five utility service areas, and is nearly full in a third.

Residential solar power interest rates headed down

Dividend Solar has received a preliminary rating on a portfolio of $103 million of residential solar power loans from KBRA. The presale report shows a history of decreasing interest rates over the past year across three portfolios offered by Dividend.

Stanford University to become 100% solar powered

Thanks to a power contract with Recurrent Energy, the Cardinal will become the third college in the nation capable of entirely offsetting their electricity usage with solar.



SolarWindow Technologies invests $25 million in manufacturing lines and hiring

Founder and Chair Harmel Rayat is the source of the cash raise. The organic photovoltaic solar cell film technology has scaled from its original one quarter the size of a grain of rice to a one foot square glass pane.

Mars electricity generation record set with 29.5% efficient solar cell

The NASA InSight lander generated 4,588 watt-hours during sol 1, a new record for electricity generation on Mars.

SunPower retools former SolarWorld factory for P-Series

The high efficiency PV maker has already brought in all the tools for making its shingled P-Series product in Oregon, aiming to begin ramping in January.

Tesla Powerwall & Sono Motors solar car pricing up due to energy storage demand

Strong demand for electric cars from both Tesla and other manufacturers has pushed up manufacturer costs for lithium ion batteries.

Change the rules, add powerlines to let renewables plus storage aim for 90% of the grid

The Wind Solar Alliance has proposed a set of broad market rule refinements to better take advantage of the technical capabilities of solar, wind and energy storage. They argue that these rule changes, plus transmission, can allow for much higher levels of renewables.

All I want for Christmas is a 90% efficient solar panel

NovaSolix hopes to use carbon nanotubes to capture a broader portion of the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum, a process they hope will yield a 90% efficient solar cell at a tenth of the cost of modern solar modules.

Markets & Policy


Solar and storage groups call for dynamic pricing of electricity in California

Dynamic pricing could advance renewables while cutting both customer costs and system costs, suggests a petition from solar and storage industry participants. They call for a rulemaking process to give all customers the option to choose real-time pricing.

IRENA clarion call for G20 leaders may fall on deaf ears

In an advisory requested by Argentinian hosts, agency reports on the role solar can play in firing the energy transition up to 2050 – but was anybody listening?

Inverters from China to be spared 25% tariffs – for at least 90 days

Enphase, Huawei and other companies which make inverters in China may be the beneficiaries of a compromise struck between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

18 incoming Members of Congress back call for Green New Deal

The radical call for a rapid energy transition and jobs program now has the stated support of more than 4% of the U.S. Representatives who will take seats in January.

Milwaukee eyes its own rooftop solar mandate with a California clone

The proposed legislation would require all new residential units in the city to include solar arrays, starting in 2019.

PV Info Link expects solar demand to reach 112 GW in 2019

That would mean a market increase of around 25% on this year. Demand is predicted to become particularly strong in the second half of the year, with renewed market growth coming from India and the USA.



Solar PV generation grows 29%: Slowing, but still on pace to dominate

Per the EIA, electricity generation from solar PV grew 29%, year to date, 2018 over 2017, through the end of the 3rd quarter. So far this year, solar PV has supplied just over 2.3% of the total electricity generated in the United States.

Researchers hit new organic PV record

A team of scientists at Germany’s Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg has set an efficiency record of 12.25% for a non-fullerene based organic solar cell.

Beyond 40% – Fraunhofer ISE hits new module efficiency record

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy (ISE) has set a new world record for PV module efficiency. Scientists at the institute achieved 41.4% efficiency for a solar module using both tandem cell and high-concentration PV technology.

A 15% efficient solar window that delivers 40% of US electricity

University of Michigan team hopes to offer a 15% efficient solar window product, that allows 50% of the light through, and have received $1.3 million from the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office to develop it further.

MIT identifies central role of deployment policies in PV cost reductions

A new study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology finds that from 1980 to 2012 government and private R&D was the biggest driver, and that policies to stimulate demand drove both private R&D and economies of scale.

The home of the future, for renters

sonnen has announced its latest sonnenCommunity in Florida, in collaboration with Pearl Homes and Google Home. The development features a smaller footprint and automated homes, with most of the units set to be rentals.