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Will gas outpace wind and solar installations this year?

The latest analyses by both IHS Markit and Wood Mackenzie suggest that the capacity of new gas plants coming online this year will be slightly larger than the combination of wind and solar, for the first time in five years.
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A new solar powered #2 rises, and it looks to keep growing

Con Edison states that it has become the number two solar power generator in North America with the finalization of its Sempra purchase which included 980 MWac of operating solar.

U.S. utilities test distributed energy management

Distributed energy management systems can capture added value from solar and storage by shaving peak loads, providing grid services, and deferring grid investments. Utilities testing such systems have shared their lessons learned, while Western Australi...

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From the editor: Manchin appointment shows Democratic Party leaders’ true colors

The appointment of Joe Manchin to lead Democrats on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee could put a brake on any meaningful climate and energy policies at the federal level for the foreseeable future.

Tariffs bite the Q3 solar market

Wood Mackenzie and SEIA’s latest Solar Market Insight report shows a big fall in utility-scale project completions from July through the end of September, but the promise of a massive fourth quarter.
Markets & Policy

REAP saved from reaper in 2018 Farm Bill

The popular financial assistance program for renewable energy on farms will remain, thanks to a passing vote by Congress. From 2019 to 2023, the program will operate at $50 million annually.
Cost and prices

Soft costs of solar: The final frontier of utility LCOE reduction?

In this op-ed for pv magazine, KiloNewton Founder and CEO John Williamson looks at both the importance of reducing soft costs and the likely paths to get there.
Markets & Policy

35 members of Congress support 100% renewable energy, Green New Deal

Sunrise Movement has racked up impressive support in its final push before Congress retires for the year, but it is not clear that this will be enough.


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Press Releases

Holgate Schools partner with En-Trust and Inovateus Solar to reduce 80% of energy load with solar power

The En-Trust group and Inovateus Solar are proud to announce the completion of the Holgate Local Schools’ solar array.   The project will provide clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades to the Holgate Local School system through a guaranteed energy savings contract.

Panasonic names Sol-Up USA the fastest growing installer for 2018

Southern Nevada’s premier solar company installed the most solar panels nationwide.

SDC Energy lets apartment owners profit from California’s new solar mandate

SDC Energy, a leading provider of commercial solar financing, today launches its Powering Title 24 Program with partners Baja Construction and Grid Technologies.  California is the first state in the country to require solar energy on all new residential properties under three stories by 2020.

NABCEP registers first training provider in LATAM region

Training courses to prepare candidates for NABCEP certification and credentialing exams will be offered in Colombia.



Maine regulators reverse gross metering decision for mid-sized, large customers

The PUC appointed by Governor LePage has undone its regressive solar policy for a portion of customers, after being confronted with evidence that it was imposing costs on all ratepayers.

Long Draw Solar signs 100 MWac at 2.5¢/kWh

Engie has secured a power purchase agreement for 100 MWac of a 255 MW solar plant, with New Braunfels Utilities. The plant is expected to come online in June 2020.

Room for residential solar to reach 41 GW by 2025

A new analysis by Credit Suisse forecasts that installed residential solar capacity could grow more than 3x to reach 41 GW by 2025, and shows that there is plenty of space on rooftops to do this.

Solar required on new commercial buildings in Massachusetts town

Watertown, Massachusetts now requires solar power with all new commercial construction and retrofits of structures greater than 10,000 sq feet – as well all structures that include ten or more residential units.

Duke solar solicitation nearly 6x over-subscribed

78 proposals ranging from 7 MWac to 80 MWac are vying for spots under the 680 MW solicitation, which has been issued as part of a compromise between Duke and the solar industry.

Platte River Power to go 100% zero-carbon by 2030

The Colorado generation co-op has one-upped Xcel Energy, as the 100% renewable energy movement grows even in the energy industry. However, there are some sticky caveats.



The Department of Energy wants you!

The Solar Energy Technologies Office is seeking feedback from solar professionals on what topics it ought research within solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, systems integration and soft cost reduction.

First Solar sees a doubling coming in 2019

The PV maker projects 5.4 to 5.6 GW of solar module shipments next year, more than double its current projected 2018 volumes of 2.6 to 2.7 GW.

Solar module lifetime predictions are getting better

NREL has proposed a new methodology for determining solar module degradation rates, taking into account measurement challenges such as sensor drift, inverter nuances, soiling and others – keeping the focus on the solar modules themselves.

SolarWindow Technologies invests $25 million in manufacturing lines and hiring

Founder and Chair Harmel Rayat is the source of the cash raise. The organic photovoltaic solar cell film technology has scaled from its original one quarter the size of a grain of rice to a one foot square glass pane.

Mars electricity generation record set with 29.5% efficient solar cell

The NASA InSight lander generated 4,588 watt-hours during sol 1, a new record for electricity generation on Mars.

SunPower retools former SolarWorld factory for P-Series

The high efficiency PV maker has already brought in all the tools for making its shingled P-Series product in Oregon, aiming to begin ramping in January.

Markets & Policy


The details of Washington’s call for carbon-neutral power

Governor Inslee is calling for the state to entirely eliminate fossil fuels in its electricity supply by 2045, as part of a package of reforms. This should boost a nascent solar market in the northwestern state.

Suncast: pv magazine USA on 100% renewable energy

In this latest version of the Suncast podcast, pv magazine Americas Editor Christian Roselund talks about the feasibility of the 100% renewable electricity targets being considered.

Top Senate Democrat calls for permanent renewable energy, storage, EV tax credits

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for permanent tax credits for clean electricity, storage and EVs as part of a set of demands for the form of any new infrastructure package. What does this mean for solar?

$200 million on the table for 8minutenergy in venture with J.P. Morgan

The solar developer today announced that it has reached a deal with J.P. Morgan and Upper Bay for over $200 million in capital commitments. These funds will go towards financing the development of 8minutenergy’s 10.7 GW project pipeline.

Wall Street staking claim for sustainable finance supremacy

Bloomberg has announced the formation of the U.S. Alliance for Sustainable Finance, a “Who’s Who” of Wall Street capital, aiming to work the the UN FC4S while pushing U.S.-focused clean investments.

All the solar power Insight a heart could DSIRE

The group behind the long term policy tool of choice for many, the DSIRE renewable and efficiency policy database, is now offering biweekly legislative and regulatory tracking, data products, and webinars related to solar energy, grid modernization, and electric vehicles across the USA.



Solar plus geothermal under review in Nevada

The owner of the Tungsten Mountain Geothermal Unit is researching the addition of 18 MW of solar PV to power some, or all, of the site's parasitic electric load.

Flexible solar power saves money

An analysis of a First Solar power plant in Tampa, Florida suggests that by operating solar plants with more flexibility operators can save money for ratepayers – while also allowing for significantly higher penetration levels of renewables.

Solar PV generation grows 29%: Slowing, but still on pace to dominate

Per the EIA, electricity generation from solar PV grew 29%, year to date, 2018 over 2017, through the end of the 3rd quarter. So far this year, solar PV has supplied just over 2.3% of the total electricity generated in the United States.

Researchers hit new organic PV record

A team of scientists at Germany’s Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg has set an efficiency record of 12.25% for a non-fullerene based organic solar cell.

Beyond 40% – Fraunhofer ISE hits new module efficiency record

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy (ISE) has set a new world record for PV module efficiency. Scientists at the institute achieved 41.4% efficiency for a solar module using both tandem cell and high-concentration PV technology.

All I want for Christmas is a 90% efficient solar panel

NovaSolix hopes to use carbon nanotubes to capture a broader portion of the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum, a process they hope will yield a 90% efficient solar cell at a tenth of the cost of modern solar modules.

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