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Solar module prices increase for first time in years, Anza reports

Using its own database of price quotes, the Anza Q2 Pricing Insights Report highlights the first price increase in years as a result of AD/CVD petition and the reinstatement of bifacial import duties.
Markets & Policy

Assessing solar asset operational risks

A report from kWh Analytics shares new data on mitigating solar asset operational losses.

Texas gas station to save on costs with solar installation

A Shell gas station is expected to save over $150,000 from a solar array installed on the roof of its pumping station.

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Racking and trackers: quality issues in the factory and design considerations for utility-scale solar installations

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Aerial thermography for analyzing solar asset health

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Next-generation whole home backup and off-grid support

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**Postponed** What are the benefits of “Made in Germany” for inverters?

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New York invests $5 million in agrivoltaics

The Empire State seeks “active farming,” such as cattle grazing, cannabis, corn, foraging, or specialty crops, on solar power sites. Offers up to $750,000 per site for demonstration projects that share data publicly.
Markets & Policy

People on the move: 3E, Pure Power Engineering, Crux, CMBlu, and more

Job moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities and energy transition finance.

Sunrise brief: Utility-scale solar far less costly than the cheapest fossil fuel source

Also on the rise: Five Puerto Rico reservoirs could host 596 MW of floating solar. Weather-related damage to solar assets exceed modeling expectations by 300%. And more.

Largest ground-mount solar project in downtown Washington D.C. now operational

The community solar installation at The Catholic University of America was built through a collaborative effort between the university and 1,200 local residents.
Cost and prices

Cheapest source of fossil fuel generation is double the cost of utility-scale solar

Solar levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) has fallen to $29 to $92 per MWh, said a report from Lazard.

Press Releases

SunVest Closes Portfolio Acquisition, Begins Construction on Illinois and Maine Community Solar Projects

Closing includes self-developed and acquired projects under two financings totaling $140 million

Trina Solar Awarded “2024 Top Performer” Status for 10th Consecutive Year

The Vertex N modules among the highly recognized products in this industry-leading scorecard

Climavision Launches Unified Forecast Suite with Unprecedented AI-Driven Capabilities

Horizon AI offers detailed probabilities ranging from short to long term, and from global to pinpoint scale

First Solar becomes the Solar Industry’s First EPEAT Climate+ Champion, Setting Global Standard for Ultra-Low Carbon Solar

EPEAT for Solar is the only global ecolabel to evaluate the embodied carbon of solar modules



Startup launches online platform for residential PV system purchase

Two-year old Monalee developed an online platform for homeowners looking to buy solar PV and storage systems. Its software enables the process from quotes to financing, installation and after-sales support.

Sunrise brief: U.S. solar trade case moves forward

Also on the rise: Bosch unveils water source heat pumps for residential, commercial applications. More states now require smart inverters, enabling more distributed solar. And more.

Community solar increases energy equity, report finds

For the first time research looks at data about households adopting community solar along with policy that promotes outreach, and the results confirm that coalition efforts are beneficial.

Sunrise brief: Zinc-ion batteries–a less volatile alternative?

Also on the rise: Qualifying for the brownfield energy tax credit. Solar cell prices hold steady in quiet market. And more.

In case you missed it: Five big solar stories in the news this week

pv magazine USA spotlights news of the past week including market trends, project updates, policy changes and more.

NV Energy enters power purchase agreement on $2.3 billion 700 MW solar project

Arevia Power announced deal on one of the largest solar projects in the United States with Nevada-based utility NV Energy.



List of top solar module manufacturers led by JA Solar, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar

Wood Mackenzie says that JA Solar has taken first place on its list of solar panel manufacturers. Nine of the first 12 positions are held by Chinese manufacturers, seven of them could surpass 100 GW of capacity by 2027, and eight are self-sufficient in cell capacity, according to the research firm.

Longi presents 24.4%-efficient 660 W HPBC solar panel

Intended for applications in utility-scale PV projects, the new Hi-MO 9 module is available in eight versions with power output ranging from 625 W to 660 W and power conversion efficiency spanning from 23.1% to 24.4%.

Sunrise brief: Solar panel import tariffs increasing prices by up to 286%

Also on the rise: Total U.S. solar module manufacturing capacity grows by 71% in Q1 2024. California bill amends ruling that gutted value of solar for multi-meter properties. And more.

Total U.S. solar module manufacturing capacity grows by 71% in Q1 2024

According to the U.S. Solar Market Insight Q2 2024 report, solar module manufacturing production capacity increased by over 11 GW.

Sunrise brief: Scorecard rates most reliable solar modules

Also on the rise: Building public trust around large-scale solar energy projects. Former U.S. nuclear weapon test site to host solar energy projects. And more.

Solar module reliability ranked in scorecard

The independent test lab Kiwa PVEL names 53 manufacturers and 388 models–a record number of Top Performers in the ten-year history of the Scorecard.

Markets & Policy


Weather-related damage to solar assets exceed modeling expectations by 300%

The report from kWh Analytics, with input from several industry leaders, identified 14 risks to be aware of in the solar industry, including risks related to extreme weather, such as hail, and operational risks.

Five Puerto Rico reservoirs could host 596 MW of floating solar

Potential sites for solar in Puerto Rico include reservoirs, brownfields, closed landfills, fossil generating plants after closure, and transmission rights of way, determined analysis by the National Renewable Energy Lab.

More states now require smart inverters, enabling more distributed solar

Pennsylvania and Minnesota have joined six other states in requiring smart inverters for distributed solar and storage. Certain utilities in 13 states and Puerto Rico also require smart inverters, while six states are considering the requirement. Smart inverters enable more solar on distribution circuits.

U.S. solar trade case moves forward

The U.S. International Trade Commission unanimously voted that solar cell manufacturing in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, supported by local incentives, is harming U.S. industry. This decision paves the way for the Commerce Department to finalize its determinations on Countervailing Duties by July 18 and Anti-Dumping duties by October 1.

Bosch unveils water source heat pumps for residential, commercial applications

Bosch Home Comfort has presented two new heat pumps series that can be used for both retrofits and new buildings. Both products have a size of a size of ½ to 6 tons and a coefficient of performance of up to 4.9.

Walking the hazardous line of qualifying for the brownfield energy tax credit

The brownfield credit is significant and, therefore, it behooves a project developer to understand the definitions and rules in order to avoid any potential liability while also qualifying for the credit.



Concentrator photovoltaic module based on surface mount technology

A research group in Canada has optimized the performance of concentrator photovoltaics by using the so-called surface-mount technology for thermal management. The CPV module prototype utilizes four non-interconnected III-V germanium cells, a Fresnel lens, and a transparent glass printed-circuit board.

Flexible interconnection with curtailed output can benefit everyone, analyst says

Allowing flexible interconnection for large solar projects can reduce costs and speed deployment, benefiting developers, ratepayers and utility staff, said a presenter at a North Carolina conference of utility regulators.

DOE announces $38 million solar supply chain incubator funding opportunity

The funds support research, development and demonstration projects that de-risk solar hardware, manufacturing, and software products.

Zinc-ion batteries: A less volatile alternative?

At a time of growing demand for battery energy storage, pv magazine spoke with Eloisa de Castro, CEO of Enerpoly, a Swedish company preparing to launch the world’s first zinc-ion battery megafactory on its home turf. Having solved rechargeability issues, the company expects its safe and sustainable zinc-ion batteries, which rely solely on a European supply chain, to increase their market share in the years to come.

U.S. commercial real estate to host VPP-connected flywheels and batteries

U.S.-based technology provider Torus has agreed to supply nearly 26 MWh of energy storage for Gardner Group’s commercial real estate portfolio. The project will integrate battery and flywheel energy storage systems (BESS, FESS) with Torus’ proprietary energy management platform.

A new federal transmission rule won’t help renewables projects anytime soon

Although promptly deploying grid-enhancing technologies and advanced conductors could speed interconnection in the short term, a new federal transmission rule will improve interconnection only once new transmission is built, said panelists on a webinar.

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