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Deal cut to fix anti-renewable BEAT provision in tax bill

U.S. Senator John Thune has told Bloomberg that a deal has been cut to mostly amend the impacts of the BEAT provision, but the details remain unclear.
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Tariffs risk U.S. position in global solar markets

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Madison Freeman, a research associate for the Council for Foreign Relations, argues that U.S. trade action against imported solar products is not in the nation’s best interest.

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ET Solar describes “reorganization” of its U.S. module sales business

The Chinese PV maker and developer has made a statement regarding the bankruptcy of U.S. subsidiary ET Solar Inc.


GAO: Trump Admin’s attempts to undermine ARPA-E were illegal

After Congress allocated $91 million to the research program, the Department of Energy withheld it. The Government Accountability Office says that violated federal law.

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Crystalline silicon outpaces thin-film in the U.S. large-scale solar market

U.S. Department of Energy data from 2016 shows crystalline silicon deployment surging last year, while thin-film grows at a more modest pace. Are manufacturing constraints to blame?

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70 U.S. mayors: We support and will enact long-term solar programs

While federal policies remain uncertain, mayors representing more than half of the states say they will power forward in the Solar Century to deploy solar energy with or without federal support.

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U.S. solar deployment hits lowest level in two years (w/ charts)

Slowing residential solar markets, higher prices for components and a push-back of project completions were the perfect storm in Q3, however the U.S. market managed to remain above 2 GW.

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Future of solar and wind finance unclear in final tax reform bill

While some clean energy groups say that an alteration to the potentially damaging BEAT provision may be included, one Republican senator says it is not yet fixed.

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Press Releases

ViZn Energy Systems Supplies Flow Battery to CMI Energy Headquarters

ViZn Energy Systems Inc. (ViZn), a leading provider of utility scale energy storage systems, and CMI Energy, a division of worldwide industrial leader Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (CMI), are pleased to announce a strategic partnership on energy storage projects.

NuGen Awarded Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage (ACE) Grant

NuGen Capital Management, LLC (NuGen) is pleased to announce the award of the energy storage grant provided by the Baker-Polito administration’s Energy Storage Initiative (ESI) Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage (ACES) program.   The grant is funded by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) through Alternative Compliance Payments (ACP) and administered by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

Duke Energy Florida expands solar in the Sunshine State with completion of Suwannee facility

Duke Energy Florida customers are now benefiting from an additional 8. 8 megawatts (MW) of solar, a carbon-free renewable resource in the Sunshine State.

Iteros Partners with Romeo Power Technology to Deliver the Most Advanced Stationary Energy Storage Solution for Business

Iteros, Inc. today announced it is partnering with Romeo Power Technology to supply a distributed energy resource software platform for PowerStack, Romeo’s energy storage solution that enables businesses to harvest and store electricity off peak when it’s cheaper and then cut ties to power lines with demand and prices are high.



EDF puts online 179 MW of solar in Nevada

On the same day it announced an aggressive solar plan for its home country of France, EDF's U.S. subsidiary added two major plants to its portfolio in conjunction with NV Energy.

U.S. C&I storage rankings place Stem, Green Charge and AMS at top

In the increasingly competitive commercial-and-industrial storage market, IHS Markit expects the segment to grow 10-fold over the next five years – and ranks the companies that will lead the charge.

Broad coalition unveils $17.6 billion plan to rebuild Puerto Rico’s grid

Under the leadership of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Puerto Rico Energy Resiliency Working Group (PRERWG) released a 63-page plan to build a more resilient power system for the U.S. territory, following the devastation by two hurricanes earlier this year.

Solar is meeting more than 10% of electric demand in three states

During the first nine months of 2017, Hawaii and Nevada joined California among the club of states that get more than 10% of their power from solar.

Schneider Electric to go 100% renewable by 2030

The French energy management and automation company plans to use on-site projects, contracted off-site projects and clean energy credits to meet its new 100% goal.

Why design flexibility matters for residential storage

In this op-ed Michael Mahon of SMA explores design of energy storage systems, contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of AC vs. DC coupling.



Silfab, Morgan Solar JV plans large-scale production in Canada

In a unique partnership, the two Canadian companies are set to integrate low concentration optic technology into standard solar PV modules, in a move which they say will see cost savings of up to 30% and a silicon reduction of up to 80%. A "significant" factory ramp up is underway, with large-scale plans in the pipeline.

First Solar produces first S6 module, seals 800 MW of deals

The first modules have rolled off the line in Ohio as part of First Solar’s $1.4 billion dollar bet on its large-format Series 6. The company will also expand production in Vietnam.

Oregon’s U.S. Senate delegation split over Section 201 trade proposals

While Senator Wyden has strongly supported aggressive trade action, Merkley is calling for subsidies and not tariffs

Fighting for U.S. manufacturing: An interview with SolarWorld Americas CEO Jürgen Stein

In this exclusive interview with pv magazine, SolarWorld Americas CEO Jürgen Stein gives his perspective on the Section 201 trade case, including responding to criticism of potential effects on the U.S. solar market.

Global storage market to grow sixfold by 2030, BNEF reports

Global cumulative storage deployment will double six times between 2017 and 2030 to reach 125 GW/305 GWh, with as much as $103 billion pouring into the sector, finds new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

JA Solar to go private

JA Solar has signed an agreement to cancel its listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange and go private in an all-cash transaction.

Markets & Policy


Four Hawaii counties commit to 100% renewables in transportation

Electric buses, electric rail and EV fleets will be powered by renewable energy and batteries by 2045. This includes in the state’s largest city, Honolulu.

TerraForm Power closes $1.2 billion bond deal

The funds from the transaction will be used to pay off $950 million in notes due in 2023.

ET Solar Inc. files for bankruptcy

A U.S. module sales subsidiary of the Chinese PV module maker and developer has quietly filed for bankruptcy. Details are sparse, but the company’s U.S. project development and construction subsidiary has not been affected.

Resistance to LePage’s solar policies grows in Maine

Environmental groups are pushing back on both the dismantling of net metering and increased interconnection fees on solar owners, in the courts and in public hearings.

Conference Committee to meet Wednesday on tax reform without Grassley

The fate of the controversial “BEAT” provision and other potentially damaging measures to renewable energy finance remains unclear.

Canadian Solar considers going private

Canadian Solar Inc. has received a proposal from Chairman, President and CEO Dr. Shawn Qu, under which he offers $18.47 per share. The move would follow that of Trina and JA Solar.



National laboratories issue study on growing flexibility and variability of power generators

Lawrence Berkeley and Argonne National Laboratories examine the growth of solar, wind and natural gas power plant operations on wholesale power markets and the impact on nuclear and coal generators.

Market report discusses microgrids past, present and future

A GTM Research report examines the state of existing and future microgrids, including market and geographic segments and the inclusion of PV and other clean energy technologies.

U.S. scientists use hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites to increase solar cell efficiency

Research funded by the US Department of Energy and conducted by the University of Virginia has demonstrated how the rotation of organic molecules in hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites may expand the lifetime of photo-excited charge carriers.

APS to study smart home features including solar and batteries

The utility plans to outfit 75 homes with rooftop PV systems and energy management tools – including batteries on 10 homes – as a means to look at how behind-the-meter resources interact with each other.

California, Illinois and Texas lead grid modernization efforts

The report’s authors believe clean energy targets by states, cities, and corporations are driving utility efforts to accommodate rapid growth in distributed efforts like rooftop solar and wind, among others.

Have your solar electricity and eat tomatoes, too?

A California university demonstrates using translucent dye-treated glazing for PV powered greenhouses that can also provide photosynthetic light for plant growing.

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