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The mobility rEVolution: Rising gas prices supercharge EV adoption in the US

In the US, Volkswagen partners with Tesla cofounder’s company Redwood Materials to recycle EV batteries; in Germany, Volkswagen launches renewables-powered fast-charging EV park with second-life batteries; and Polestar, Mercedes and BMW release fresh sales figures.


Partnership formed to develop PV integrated steel for active green buildings

Tata Steel and Swansea University are researching applications for perovskite solar cells to be integrated with steel in building structures.

The Hydrogen Stream: Novel tech for extracting hydrogen gas from liquid carriers

North Carolina State University (NCSU) has developed an energy-efficient strategy for room-temperature hydrogen release from liquid hydrogen carriers, which uses less rhodium. Elsewhere in the world, Airbus launched its Zero Emission Development Centre in the UK, Toshiba ESS teamed up with Fusion Fuel to target Australian and European markets, and Corfo signed agreements to finance three renewable hydrogen projects with GNL Quintero, iCAP, and Air Liquide in Chile.

Trina launches grid-scale storage solution

Trina Storage’s new 2.1 MWh DC All-New Elementa solution is a modular LFP battery cabinet with a plug-in concept to connect multiple units. The company is ramping up battery manufacturing capacity to strengthen vertical integration, given supply chain risks throughout the world.

Ultracapacitor sonar seeking a 100% solar and wind grid

Reactive Technologies uses an ultracapacitor to send signals into the grid that help managers determine the level of system inertia, supporting power grid stability, and they’re coming to the United States.

Construction complete for Colorado steel operation’s 300MW solar project

The Bighorn Solar Project has been completed by McCarthy Building in partnership with project owner Lightsource bp.

Paired with “wonder material,” over 21% efficiency demonstrated in perovskite solar cells

The use of phosphorene nanoribbons boosted the cell, putting it on par with traditional silicon cell output levels.

PV distributor Soligent to be acquired by City Electric Supply

Subject to regulatory approval, the electrical wholesale distributor will purchase the PV equipment distributor.

Startup Sunday: Al Gore vehicle arms Octopus with $600m

Also starting up: SolaBlock tapped for sustainability challenge prize, and BlueDot Photonics closes a $1 million funding round.

Perovskite-silicon tandems could rapidly scale solar

Halide perovskites combined with conventional silicon could help solar break the 26% efficiency barrier, disrupting the technology without disrupting business systems.

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