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BayoTech to launch U.S. hydrogen hubs in 2024

BayoTech and Versogen are increasing their investments in green hydrogen in the United States, while the UK government has announced backing for 11 green hydrogen projects, canceling plans to use hydrogen for household heating.


Plug Power shares fall on North America hydrogen concerns

The hydrogen company, Plug Power, issued a warning about its 2023 financial performance due to supply challenges in North America.

The Hydrogen Stream: Industry groups set 2026 target for EU-US hydrogen trade

The US Department of Energy has allocated $7 billion for seven Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs) to deploy commercial-scale clean hydrogen, while the Mission Possible Partnership, RMI, Systemiq, Power2X, and industry leaders have set up the Transatlantic Clean Hydrogen Trade Coalition (H2TC) to ship US clean hydrogen to Europe by 2026.

MIT scientists develop solar desalinator with high water output

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have developed a solar desalinator with high water output, via a multi-stage system of evaporators and condensers. It offers cost-effective solar desalination, making solar-produced drinking water cheaper than tap water for the first time.

The Hydrogen Stream: U.S. awards $34 million to 19 hydrogen projects

As the U.S. and British government press ahead with their hydrogen support projects, a team from Korea and the U..S has developed an iridium nanostructure catalyst, which decreased the amount of the chemical element. Meanwhile, hydrogen projects are proceeding in West Virginia, Denmark, Finland, and Japan.

Enel develops robot for waterless cleaning of PV plants

Enel says it will work with Italian startup Reiwa to develop a robot for waterless cleaning of PV plants. The innovative device features brushes and can autonomously navigate across panel rows, eliminating the need for human intervention.

How big must hailstones be to damage PV systems?

The recent hail storms that occurred in northern Italy have drawn attention to the damage that these sudden and violent atmospheric events can cause to photovoltaic systems.

Photocatalytic water splitting with 9.2% solar-to-hydrogen efficiency

A U.S. research team developed a new technique to produce hydrogen from sunlight and water. It works in an indoor environment and uses pure water, concentrated solar light, and an indium gallium nitride photocatalyst.

The Hydrogen Stream: Novel tech for extracting hydrogen gas from liquid carriers

North Carolina State University (NCSU) has developed an energy-efficient strategy for room-temperature hydrogen release from liquid hydrogen carriers, which uses less rhodium. Elsewhere in the world, Airbus launched its Zero Emission Development Centre in the UK, Toshiba ESS teamed up with Fusion Fuel to target Australian and European markets, and Corfo signed agreements to finance three renewable hydrogen projects with GNL Quintero, iCAP, and Air Liquide in Chile.

Milwaukee startup claims hydrogen output for $0.85/kg or less via new water vapor electrolyzer

Advanced Ionics has developed an electrolyzer that runs at temperatures below 650 C. It is reportedly able to produce hydrogen for $0.85/kg or less. CEO Chad Mason recently spoke with pv magazine to provide a closer look at the water vapor electrolysis tech.


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