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Thin film PV maker Stion to discontinue operations

The Mississippi-based CIGS manufacturer cites “intense” competition from imports.


PV system prices have already increased due to Section 201 (w/ charts)

The latest report by GTM Research puts numbers on the increase in H2 2017 system prices and analyzes the potential damage from a range of scenarios.

Labor Deparment finds SolarWorld employees eligible for benefits

The U.S. Department of Labor has found that the troubled module manufacturer’s laid-off employees should receive additional benefits because their terminations were the result of the company’s difficulty competing with imports.

SunPower: Any trade action should apply to everyone but us

The high-efficiency solar maker asks for Section 201 action to include First Solar’s thin film products, but to exclude its back contact crystalline silicon solar as a unique product.


Module manufacturer Itek bucks trend, opens new factory

As the solar industry debates the long-term viability of U.S. module manufacturing rage in Washington, the company opened a new 48,000 square foot facility, positioning itself for potential marketshare gains if new sanctions on module imports are imposed.

First Solar weighs in on the Section 201 trade case

The world’s largest thin-film solar maker has sided with the petitioners, testifying to the difficulties that U.S. solar cell and module makers are experiencing and the challenges of competing with imports supported by foreign governments.

From the editor: Playing with fire

The latest proposals by Suniva and SolarWorld for trade relief under the Section 201 process are dangerous and unreasonable.

Mission Solar Energy to supply PetersenDean with solar panels

The nation’s largest private roofing contractor will be sourcing modules from the Texas-based PV maker, raising questions about its previous supply arrangement with SolarWorld.

SolarWorld Americas to (re-)hire up to 200 workers

The Oregon-based cell and module maker says that last Friday’s injury finding has given it sufficient confidence to start hiring again, after devastating layoffs this summer.

Possible exemptions to Section 201: A lifeline for the U.S. market?

Friday’s ruling by the ITC found no injury from several nations including Canada and Singapore, which could exempt imports from these nations from trade action. What does that mean for the U.S. market?


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