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Modules & Upstream Manufacturing

Sunrise brief: U.S. module supply risk is ‘material,’ warns analyst firm

Also on the rise: SEIA urges an end to Section 201 tariffs on solar imports, CATL signs a battery deal with startup EV maker Fisker, and Solar Landscape wins 46 community solar projects in New Jersey.

Another module maker may face WRO enforcement, Roth Capital warns

Given the WRO and the potential anti-circumvention tariff challenges, U.S. module supply risk is material, the analyst firm said in a note to clients.

US solar module imports fall 27% in Q3

The largest single-quarter drop in three years comes as the American Solar Manufacturers Against Chinese Circumvention propose greater tariffs against Asian-imported modules.

Plastic for solar panels?

Three companies are swapping out aluminum and glass in favor of plastic to save weight and add flexibility. We look at the pros and cons.


Sunrise brief: Consumers can drive decarbonization faster than utilities, study says

Also on the rise: Ohio officials approve more utility-scale solar, SCE will add 2,150 MWh of energy storage, and large format modules are headed for standardization in a move driven by a Chinese trade group.

Big modules head for standardization

The China Photovoltaic Industry Association is expected to release a standard for 210mm modules before the end of October.

Sunrise brief: Calculating the economic lift offered by community solar

Also on the rise: Polysilicon prices are likely to stay high as a ‘crazy year’ extends into ’22, Hawaiian Electric is seeking energy and capacity, and the latest landfill-hosted solar array enters service.

Polysilicon’s upward price ride is not over, analyst says

Polysilicon prices could top $41/kg through 2021 and stabilize in the second quarter as springtime temperatures ease power demand constraints across China.

New York to sell solar equipment it bought for Tesla, Panasonic

More than $200 million in equipment will be sold as Tesla plans to ramp up and expand operations at a Buffalo manufacturing facility.


Sunrise brief: Koch JV expands its move into battery energy storage

Also on the rise: SEG Solar expands its module production in Cambodia, Kentucky’s solar pipeline looks impressive, and Summit Ridge starts work on a community solar portfolio.

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