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Modules & Upstream Manufacturing

Solar panel sizes continue to get larger and improve LCOE, says trend report

A TrendForce report shows growth in production of modules over 600 W and increased format size. Cells and wafers are getting larger as well.

Sunrise brief: How Mosaic is able to accelerate growth in uncertain times

Also on the rise: Toledo Solar talks made-in-USA solar for stable supply chains, lower emissions, fair labor. What’s the value of curtailing renewables? And more.

Made-in-USA solar for stable supply chains, lower emissions, fair labor

Toledo Solar founder Aaron Bates joined pv magazine usa to explain the benefits of US made solar and cadmium telluride technology.


Sunrise brief: BrightNight to meet one third of Arizona utility’s peak demand with solar and storage project

Also on the rise: GAF Energy to open solar tile manufacturing facility in Texas. States that enable distributed storage will make room for more rooftop solar. And more.

GAF Energy to open solar shingle manufacturing facility in Texas

With strong demand for its Timberline nailable solar shingle, GAF Energy is looking to expand manufacturing capacity 500%.


Sunrise brief: Californians will still get burned under solar killer proposal 

Also on the rise: Tigo Energy files patent lawsuit against SMA Solar in the US. DOE invests $56 million in solar manufacturing and recycling.

Solar groups call on EIA to provide data on interconnection, outages, and manufacturing

The data would help solar and storage providers to speed deployment, said Solar and Storage Industries Institute and the national solar trade group, SEIA.

DOE invests $56 million in solar manufacturing and recycling

The initiatives will support recycling processes, manufacturing perovskite PV cells, boosting thin-film cadmium telluride module manufacturing, and creating easier and more effective pathways to commercialization.


Accelerating the clean energy transition requires national strategy

To realize the clean energy opportunity, a national strategy should prioritize accelerating investment in clean energy technologies, physical infrastructure, and vertical supply chains, says RMI.


US and Australia sign energy agreements to mitigate over-reliance on China

Speaking at the Sydney Energy Forum, leaders from the United States and Australia have highlighted the importance of not only transitioning to renewables, but of ensuring the supply chains used to make the technologies do not remain as concentrated as they are today.


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