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Sunrise brief: Suniva announces IRA-driven manufacturing, undermining the value of solar tariffs 

Also on the rise: DOE announces $7 billion to kick off seven regional clean hydrogen hubs. Historic agreement accelerates large-scale solar development while minimizing land use impact. And more.

Suniva announces IRA-driven manufacturing, undermining the value of solar tariffs

Six years after petitioning the U.S. government for tariffs to make its products more competitive, U.S.-based Suniva has revealed plans to commence 1 GW of cell manufacturing by spring 2024, followed by an additional 2.5 GW expansion.

Auxin and Suniva ask the ITC to extend Trump-era import tariffs

The two companies led the initial effort to impose tariffs and now claim they have been unable to complete plans to adjust to import competition given the pandemic, alleged “predatory” pricing, and other factors.


Wanxiang gets permission to auction off more Suniva assets

The ruling follows on bankruptcy court approval of SQN’s request to sell off its share of Suniva’s tools and assets, in what may be the bitter end of Suniva as a cell maker.

SQN to sell off Suniva’s cell tools

Tools that Suniva used to manufacture solar cells will now be sold off, limiting the possibility for the company to re-emerge as a cell maker.

What the…!?! Before filing, Suniva discussed tariff case with Trump trade officials

According to emails obtained by E&E News and viewed by pv magazine, lawyers for Suniva contacted two members of the U.S. Trade Representative’s office to discuss the Section 201 trade case that has roiled the industry since April.


LONGi, Canadian Solar in talks with Suniva

Reports from the company’s bankruptcy filings indicate conversations with multiple companies that could potentially acquire the bankrupt cell and module maker.

Mercatus: SolarWorld, Suniva tariff requests will cause 214 basis point IRR fall

The software company warns that strong trade action will cause the global ranking for profitability of U.S. utility-scale solar projects to fall and for investors to flee to other markets.

“The Suniva effect” stalls $100 million project in Texas

With the final recommendations to President Donald J. Trump four days away, investors in a massive solar project 90 minutes south of Odessa find it on hold until the tariff decision is handed down.

Suniva secures an additional $3 million in financing

A bankruptcy court has approved the additional loan, which should allow the main creditors of the bankrupt cell and module maker to continue their pursuit the Section 201 case.

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