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BREAKING: Biden Admin to pause new solar tariffs for two years
Jun 06, 2022
The White House is expected to announce a 24-month tariff…
Anti-circumvention survey results indicate that ‘baseless investigation’ stands in the way of achieving President Biden’s climate goals
Apr 20, 2022
More than 600 respond to SEIA anti-circumvention survey, indicating a…
BREAKING: Dept. of Commerce to move forward with solar anticircumvention investigation
Mar 28, 2022
The announcement of the investigation brings the US solar industry…
Biden administration extends Section 201 tariffs on imported CSPV panels and cells
Feb 04, 2022
Today's proclamation upholds the exclusion for bifacial panels and increases…
ITC says that Section 201 tariffs should be extended
Nov 24, 2021
The issue now moves to President Joe Biden who will…
SEIA calls for an end to Section 201 tariffs on solar imports
Nov 01, 2021
The industry trade group submitted a brief in advance of…
Making sense of the trade triple-threat to solar
Opinion and analysis
Sep 09, 2021
Brian Lynch
A trio of trade-based issues will likely impact most solar…
Trade group rejects China’s claims in CSPV import dispute with the U.S.
Sep 03, 2021
A WTO dispute panel rejected all four claims against the…
Opening salvos are fired as the battle over solar safeguards heats up
Aug 26, 2021
The governments of Mexico, Malaysia, and Turkey, along with the…
port trade
Three more companies ask the ITC to extend solar tariffs for four more years
Aug 05, 2021
The SEIA opposes extending the Trump-era tariffs, saying they hurt…
Sunrise brief: TerraGen lines up $800m in financing for a multi-phase solar + storage project
Aug 03, 2021
Also on the rise: Two companies petition for Section 201…
Auxin and Suniva ask the ITC to extend Trump-era import tariffs
Aug 02, 2021
The two companies led the initial effort to impose tariffs…
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