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Suniva, SolarWorld offer revised proposals for trade action

The two companies are now asking for lower tariffs than in Suniva’s initial proposal. Suniva is still asking for a steep minimum price, while SolarWorld is requesting import quotas.


Four U.S. governors urge ITC to reject the Suniva/SolarWorld petition

Only a day before the decision, four governors from leading solar states expressed their opposition to the Section 201 trade case. But will political pressure be enough?

SEIA to the USITC: ‘What’s next?’ as Suniva/SolarWorld decision looms

In a letter to the U.S. International Trade Commission, the national solar association argues the two petitioners have no plan to be functional module manufacturers even if they’re provided “global safeguard relief.”


Steel industry throws support to SolarWorld, Suniva trade case

The group that filed the last successful Section 201 trade complaint in 2001 has thrown its support behind the current SolarWorld/Suniva petition pending before the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC).


Suniva, SolarWorld describe “manufacturing bloodbath”

The crash in PV module prices and resulting struggles of the U.S. solar cell and module manufacturing industry were displayed as Section 201 petitioners and their supporters made their case before the U.S. International Trade Commission today.

SEIA battles Suniva, SolarWorld for hearts and minds of the U.S. ITC

Trade case petitioners Suniva and SolarWorld brought the collapse of their businesses on themselves, the association said. The companies respond with equal fervor, saying SEIA’s claims are wrong on the law and contradicts its earlier statements.

Suniva, SolarWorld claim trade protections could generate 114,800 solar jobs

One week before the U.S. International Trade Commission hears testimony on the Section 201 trade case, the petitioners released a study that insists a decision in their favor could create 45,000 U.S. solar manufacturing jobs.

Conservatives for Energy Freedom Urge President Trump to reject the Suniva/SolarWorld bailout Rrequest

U.S. solar panel manufacturers Suniva and German owned Solar World have their hands out asking for a bailout because they can’t compete in the world market producing solar panels by selling them at the lowest costs.  When China’s government began to invest in solar panel manufacturing and solar panel installation, they soon became the world leader […]

Coalition coalesces around fighting Suniva’s Section 201 trade case

An extensive and diverse group of activists have banded together to form the Energy Trade Action Coalition and vow to lobby Congress, President Trump and the U.S. International Trade Commission to derail the petition.

Dispatches from Intersolar North America: The “Suniva effect” is real – and it’s already started

ANALYSIS: Discussions with at least one growing solar developer reveal panel shortages, asterisks and other potential clouds on solar’s horizon because of the Section 201 trade case.

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