Swift Solar Joins the Solar Energy Manufacturers for America (SEMA) Coalition


Washington, DC – The Solar Energy Manufacturers for America (SEMA) Coalition announced today its newest member, Swift Solar. The next-generation solar company joins the group of solar manufacturers as the coalition ramps up efforts to onshore solar manufacturing and grows awareness and adoption of policies that ensure a vibrant, competitive U.S. solar sector.

“Swift Solar is a leader in perovskite development, has been awarded a number of federal grants, and is a thought leader in tandem technology,” said SEMA Coalition Executive Director Michael Carr. “With Swift Solar’s expertise, we can better inform policymakers about the opportunities for next-generation solar manufacturing here in the U.S.”

As an innovator in next-generation solar technology, Swift Solar was recently named one of TIME’s Top GreenTech Companies in America. Swift has pioneered perovskite solar technology that unlocks a new level of solar cell performance. This cutting-edge technology presents a significant opportunity for solar production in the United States, generating new manufacturing jobs and bolstering efforts to strengthen US energy independence.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with the SEMA Coalition to advocate for onshoring the solar manufacturing supply chain,” said Joel Jean, Co-Founder & CEO of Swift Solar. “With continued support from the US government, we can build the future of solar right here in the U.S.”

A recent report by the SEMA Coalition, authored by Guidehouse Insights, highlights the opportunity to onshore this critical strategic industry for U.S. energy security and investigates the challenges posed by the interests that currently dominate the industry. The report provides an assessment of the current U.S. silicon solar manufacturing capacity and capabilities, the benefits of onshoring, and policy recommendations for how the Biden administration can respond to recent pressures to facilitate the necessary transition to a U.S.-based solar manufacturing supply chain.


About Swift Solar: Swift Solar is a leading U.S. solar technology company specializing in advanced perovskite solar technology. Founded in 2017 by a global team of leading solar technologists, the company is a joint spinout of MIT, Stanford, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The Swift Solar team believes that solar energy has vast untapped potential to reduce inequity, revitalize domestic manufacturing, and stop climate change. https://www.swiftsolar.com

About the SEMA Coalition: The SEMA Coalition is a group of solar manufacturers united to rebuild the solar supply chain in the United States. Following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the coalition looks to capitalize on this unique opportunity to implement a suite of policies to rebuild a competitive, environmentally friendly, and socially-responsible U.S. solar supply chain. Together, the manufacturers within this coalition represent more than 6,100 workers in the United States. SEMA members include 3SUN USA, Caelux, Corning, CubicPV, First Solar, Heliene, Hemlock Semiconductor, Meyer Burger, Qcells, REC, REC Silicon, Silfab Solar, Suniva, Swift Solar and Wacker. https://semacoalition.org/