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Three-decker, solar and battery powered yacht hits the water in Italy

Silent Yachts launched the first Silent 62 3-Deck yacht, outfitted with 17 kWp of SunPower X400+ rigid glass solar modules and a newly enhanced 350 kWh LiFePO4 battery storage system, propelled by dual 340 kW electric motors.


3Sun to offer Oklahoma-built modules by 2025, perovskites possible by 2027

3Sun, once limited to Enel projects, has plans for up to 9 GW of global module manufacturing capacity split between the Old and New World locations – with the potential of perovskite modules being available in 2027.

Creating a new tech standard for solar panels

Increasing solar generation efficiency is paramount as land availability decreases and costs rise. 3SUN’s bifacial hetero-junction CORE-H solar cells elevate energy production beyond the limits of PERC, PERT or TOPCon to set new expectations for efficiency in the solar industry.


How big must hailstones be to damage PV systems?

The recent hail storms that occurred in northern Italy have drawn attention to the damage that these sudden and violent atmospheric events can cause to photovoltaic systems.

Enel North America to build 3 GW solar module manufacturing facility in U.S.

The proposed facility will be Enel’s second global PV manufacturing facility after Catania, Sicily, and once completed will be the largest U.S. PV module manufacturing facility.

Energy Dome wins BNEF Pioneers 2022 competition for CO2 battery long-duration energy storage technology

Energy Dome’s emission-free energy storage method uses carbon dioxide in a closed loop charge/discharge cycle that can store and dispatch renewable energy onto the grid over periods from four to 24 hours.


IHS Markit: Battery prices won’t fall until 2024

Business data analyst IHS Markit published a series of clean tech predictions for the year that also highlighted the rising proportion of sub-5MW solar projects in the global market, and cheaper clean energy financing costs even as panel prices continue to rise.

Long-duration thermal storage system based on silica sand

Developed by Italian dry bottom ash handling system provider Magaldi Power, the system produces green thermal energy — steam or hot air — which can be used directly in industrial plants or for the generation of electricity using steam turbines.

Solar beach umbrella design cools you… and your gelato

An origami-inspired umbrella that can power a refrigerator was designed by an MIT-spawned innovation firm along with architects and an Italian frozen-desserts brand.

SolarEdge boosted by record solar revenues in Europe and strong residential growth

Despite the pandemic, residential solar growth continues. Commercial solar, always the problem child, is having trouble coping with the virus.

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