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Deception wins in Indiana as governor signs anti-solar bill

SB 309, the bill designed to kill net-metering prematurely in the state, became law yesterday as Gov. Eric Holcomb affixed his signature to the bill despite strong solar industry opposition.


“Red state” utilities populate the top 10 lists for solar

SEPA’s annual utility list shows utilities in North Carolina, Iowa and Utah among the top 3 in its lists for solar installed on an absolute and per-customer basis. The organization also published new lists of the top utilities for storage deployment.

Indiana hurtles toward a “less solar” future

SB 309 – the controversial anti-solar bill proposed this year in the Indiana Legislature by Sen. Brandt Hershman – passed the House yesterday and could be on governor’s desk later this week.


Indiana’s anti-DG solar bill passes Senate with ease

In the face of ever-increasing public opposition and serious questions about the author’s motives, the Indiana Senate approved controversial Senate Bill (SB) 309, which critics say will eliminate net-metering and stop the burgeoning Indiana solar industry in its tracks.


Guest Column: Inovateus Solar opposes Senate Bill 309

Or why net metering is critical to a modernized electrical grid.

Lies provoke backlash on Indiana solar bill

Senators on Indiana Senate’s Committee on Utilities blasted colleague Brandt Hershman over the weekend, saying the falsehoods he perpetrated in his testimony in support of SB 309 might have swayed the vote in support of the solar-damaging bill.

Indiana solar industry blasts Senate committee on anti-net-metering bill

After the Indiana Senate passed SB 309 out of committee last Thursday, the Indiana Distributed Energy Alliance delivered a blistering letter to the Utilities Committee chair, saying the bill’s author misrepresented the intent of his bill to obscure his real goal – eliminating net-metering from the state.


SEIA seeks Midwest expansion

The national solar association is setting up a committee to focus on solar expansion in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin in a move designed to refocus the association on state-level policy battles, which are where most observers believe the future of solar will now be decided.

Indiana senate bill targets net-metering for elimination

State Senator Brandt Hershman has introduced SB 309 into the legislative docket, a bill that contains language that could scuttle net-metering long before its stated sunset of 2027.


Coal-plant closures bring opportunities for solar

A new report documents that most U.S. utilities remain firm on plans to eliminate coal plants on the already-announced schedule, offering the prospect of enormous business opportunities for the solar industry — as well as a glimmer of hope for displaced coal miners

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