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Midwest solar markets: An interview with Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher of SEIA comments on the burgeoning regional solar market at the Solar Midwest conference in Chicago.

IEA: Solar fastest growing energy source in 2016

The International Energy Agency’s Renewables 2017 report finds that solar PV capacity grew 50% last year, underpinning a 12% increase in this year’s renewables forecast and prompting the IEA to forecast 1,000 GW of clean energy by 2022.


Solar jobs: Progress and challenges in diversity

Two newly released reports explore diversity efforts for solar installation jobs in California and overall job growth in the Midwest.

Report: Energy storage is starting to become standard for utilities

The Smart Electric Power Alliance said the vast majority of the utilities they surveyed plan to offer behind-the-meter storage programs for their residential and commercial customers.


Indiana’s solar market is still alive, for now

Retail net metering will expire in three tiers, with the first one ending December 31. The bulk of Indiana’s solar market will be in feed-in tariffs, power purchase agreements and utility ownership.

Duke completes 17 MW solar farm in Indiana for Navy (with additional charts)

While rooftop solar companies struggle to find their footing after a recent law eviscerating net metering, utility-scale projects like the Navy’s new power source continue to thrive.

Study: Midwest houses significant solar potential (with a Top 10 list)

Data collected by a Department of Energy Sunshot Initiative funded startup joined forces with realty firm Redfin to identify the Top 10 Midwestern cities with the most untapped solar potential.

Deception wins in Indiana as governor signs anti-solar bill

SB 309, the bill designed to kill net-metering prematurely in the state, became law yesterday as Gov. Eric Holcomb affixed his signature to the bill despite strong solar industry opposition.


“Red state” utilities populate the top 10 lists for solar

SEPA’s annual utility list shows utilities in North Carolina, Iowa and Utah among the top 3 in its lists for solar installed on an absolute and per-customer basis. The organization also published new lists of the top utilities for storage deployment.

Indiana hurtles toward a “less solar” future

SB 309 – the controversial anti-solar bill proposed this year in the Indiana Legislature by Sen. Brandt Hershman – passed the House yesterday and could be on governor’s desk later this week.


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