Funding energy innovation should be a national priority — how about $25 billion a year?

Two new reports see federal R&D dollars for energy innovation as critical for driving the economy’s post-Covid recovery and keeping the U.S. competitive and on the leading edge of the global energy transition. 

Ensuring no barriers to renewables in wholesale markets — ‘We’re all learning by doing’

Another report from the virtual Solar Power International microconference: Industry jargon flies as SPI takes on the imperative of getting solar, wind and storage into wholesale markets, while stakeholders try to find the right balance between flexibility and reliability, and state and federal jurisdiction.


SPI roundup: Grid modernization will ‘define the replacement of net metering’ 

Can the solar industry’s biggest conference make the transition from mulitday marathon to six weeks of virtual “microconferences”? Opening sessions started strong, pragmatic and urgent — with a focus on collaboration and the opportunities ahead.

Interconnection queues across the US are loaded with gigawatts of solar, wind and storage

Texas and California lead the green grid trend, with PJM not far behind. ERCOT has 75 GW of solar in its interconnection queue — but how fast clean energy can displace natural gas and coal remains a key issue. 

Building a solar market and creating jobs in Southwest Virginia’s coalfield counties

The public-private partnership will put 10-12 MW of solar on commercial rooftops, multifamily housing and schools, but could face regulatory barriers to third-party ownership and net metering.

Can community microgrids fill the gap in California’s plans for 100% renewable energy?

A 10 MW, 40 MWh storage project on the Southern California coastline could provide the first link for a string of community microgrids that, according to the Clean Coalition’s Craig Lewis, could show that high penetrations of distribution-connected solar are entirely doable.

Avoiding blackouts all together with behind-the-meter storage

Commercial storage company Stem had 100 MW on tap during California’s rolling blackouts, but could only provide 50 MW due to limits on how much power its standalone installations can export.

Sunrun and GRID fight California blackouts with free batteries for low-income households

“Storage is critical for equity,” says Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich — and putting more standalone storage on the grid means less electricity going through wires in wildfire-prone areas.


Solar Power International goes all virtual

As Covid-19 cases surge across the country, SPI moves its October trade show from Las Vegas to virtual. 


Racial equity in clean energy should be a key differentiator for the industry

When only 8% of the solar workforce is African American, framing the problem in terms of access issues for low-income communities sidesteps the inextricable link between race and energy, advocates say.

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