CSP startup Heliogen scores $39 million in DOE funding for supercritical CO2 project

Startup founded by serial entrepreneur Bill Gross seeks to revitalize CSP with sCO2 technology that lowers costs, water usage, equipment size and plant footprint — and supports industrial applications in which PV may not be able to compete.

Will clean energy SPACs survive current Wall Street bubble? 

The experts say yes. SPACs representing $53 billion in investments accounted for about half of all IPOs this year — providing a pathway to public markets for emerging clean tech companies developing disruptive, pre-revenue technologies.  

Bloomberg NEF’s Jenny Chase still has unpopular opinions about solar

Bloomberg NEF’s head solar analyst, Jenny Chase is decidedly unimpressed with perovskite, floating solar (solar onna boat) or — as of her latest #unpopularopinions on solar thread on Twitter — agrivoltaics (solar onna field).


Politicians talk a green game, but do they have solar on their home rooftops? 

The Solar Power Challenge website aims to identify the politicians who support solar and have the rooftop panels at home to prove it. The results will not surprise you.


Trump pulls tariff exemption for bifacial panels — again

Proclamation issued Oct. 10 cites impact of imported bifacial panels on U.S. solar manufacturing, while also raising the scheduled fourth-year tariff rate from 15% to 18%. 


Project Sunlight wants to scale low-income solar nationwide — without subsidies

The end goal of the three-year project is to use market-based financing to install 20 MW of low-income community solar at multifamily affording housing, while trimming 20% off subscribers’ electricity bills. 

US corporate solar market grew by 1.3 GW in 2019, reaching 8.3 GW total

SEIA’s Solar Means Business report finds that low prices and climate change commitments continue to drive strong corporate interest in solar and storage. Apple, Amazon and Walmart lead the list of top players.

Community solar under attack in Colorado

Solar advocates appeal to the courts as the state’s utilities and Public Utilities Commission move to cut bill credits to community solar subscribers — and potentially open the door to further reductions.


Women entrepreneurs are essential to last-mile distribution of renewable energy technologies

A new fund has been launched to provide microgrants of $3,000 to $10,000 to the women entrepreneurs and community organizations working to provide clean, reliable and primarily off-grid power to remote communities.

Is BlackRock just ‘tinkering at the edges’ of its commitment to sustainability? 

New report calls out BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, Vanguard and other investment managers for slow-walking on commitments to hold corporate boards accountable for real progress on climate goals and the transition to clean energy.