Disney’s utility signs power contract for 50 MW-AC of solar

Origis Energy plans to install more than half a million solar panels to feed the power needs of Disney World and surrounding businesses.

Coronal Energy closes on $235 million in financing for Florida solar

Panasonic’s development subsidiary closed on a combination of tax equity and debt to provide financing for 120 MW-AC of solar plants that came online last August.

Blattner completes 298 MW-AC of solar for Florida Power & Light

The four plants nearly double the Florida utility’s large-scale solar capacity, and another four are scheduled to come online March 1.

Jackonsville, Florida, courts global solar manufacturer

An un-named PV maker is seeking $54 million in state and local incentives to build its U.S. headquarters in the state, along with investing $410 million to build two factories employing 800 workers.

Florida bill would launch solar+storage pilot program

State Representative Holly Raschein introduced House Bill 1133 on Tuesday, which would create a pilot program in the Florida Keys to see how solar+storage could stiffen grid resiliency during natural disasters like hurricanes.


Florida module manufacturer flourishes

SolarTech Universal plans to expand its employee base by 100 next year – including in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Florida utility to “rate base” 600 MW of solar

Tampa Electric is seeking cost recovery from its customers to pay for investments in large solar projects, which it says will be compensated by lower electric rates.

Renovate America launches online solar, home improvement marketplace

The financing provider is joining at least two other online solar marketplaces, in a new way to sell residential solar

More states use solar plants to protect bumble bee populations

Following dire reports of bee-colony collapses in recent years, at least three new solar sites in Florida and Maryland are trying to provide safe havens for these critical links in the food chain.

Changing tides: Utilities and solar

An increasing number of U.S. utilities are embracing the low and predictable costs of utility-scale solar. But conflicts remain over distributed generation, and the real question is who will own the solar that is being built.


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