New Republic & Gizmodo to hold presidential climate forum, solar co-op for Florida beach towns: pvMB 7/15/19

Welcome back from your weekend and into the pvMB. Today we’ll be looking at Solar Star’s negative Fitch rating, Athol, Massachusetts’ moratorium on solar, JinkoSolar winning a leadership award… and more!

Florida approves 194 MWac of solar power for $250 million

Duke Energy Florida has received regulatory approval to rate base three solar power plants located in the Tampa, Florida area. The facilities will come online at the end of 2019 and early in 2020.


Jekyll and Hyde utility seeks solar retribution

Florida’s largest electricity utility sought to exclude those who were politically active for consumer-owned solar from an upcoming community solar program. It’s not a good look for the state’s largest utility, or parent company NextEra, the nation’s largest wind and solar developer.


Duke Energy hits 1 GW owned solar, 74.5 MW coming to Escambia: pvMB 7/3/19

Hello and welcome to your July 3rd pvMB! Today we’ll be tackling Bloom Energy going hydrogen, a jet fuel burning plant shutdown in Oakland, RPCS’ safe harbor strategy for ITC stepdown and more. Enjoy your holiday!

Florida’s stunted customer owned solar grows 76% in 2018

The State of Florida deployed 113 MWac of net metered, customer owned solar power across 13,705 installations last year – 68% more installations and 76% more watts than the prior year.


Can Florida solar power cook a better duck?

The North Florida Resiliency Connection, a $400 million electricity transmission line that Gulf Power and Florida Power and Light hope to build between themselves, could also be used to take advantage of the state’s 40 minutes of extra daytime due to its size.


The biggest money is on wind, solar and storage at NextEra

NextEra’s 2019 Investor Presentation is 235 slides of deep information showing the forward-looking business plans of multiple business units (FPL, NextEra Partners, Gulf Power and NextEra). These include large volumes of solar, wind, storage and transmission – as well as ideas and projections on how these technologies will evolve over the next five-plus years.


The Sunshine State finally delivers on its name

WoodMac has upped its forecast for 2019 with Florida and Texas starting to deliver on their potential, as the U.S. solar market returns to its growth path.


Florida Supreme Court rules in favor of utility solar development

Judges have unanimously ruled that Florida Power and Light is allowed to rate base $863 million for eight solar projects built in 2017 and 2018, as in 2016 state regulators had already approved it.


Florida starts to shine in solar rankings

The latest report by SEPA shows the Sunshine State finally living up to its name, with Florida Power & Light, Tampa Electric and Disney’s utility all shooting up in 2018 rankings.


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