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Sunrise Brief: US nears 50% emission-free electricity, wind and solar set records

Also on the rise: Just one solar panel offsets the carbon emissions equivalent of 10 trees. Diversifying the solar supply chain necessary to meet climate goals. And more.

50 States of Solar Incentives: Delaware

The second smallest state in the nation is not known for large-scale solar installations, but the tide is slowly turning.


Sunrise brief: Delaware launches free solar panel program for low-income households

Also on the rise: Aerial inspection of solar plants goes mainstream. Faster, lower-cost interconnection by combining ERCOT, MISO, PJM approaches. CleanCapital acquires BQ Energy. And more!


Delaware launches free solar panel program for low-income households

Qualified customers are offered a solar installation for free. The pilot also offers cost assistance for moderate-income households.

Elon Musk wins SolarCity lawsuit, avoids over $2 billion judgement

The business magnate avoided what would have been the largest judgement in history on an individual executive.


Policy leads the way: Impactful action at the state level in 2021

While federal policy action (or inaction) grabs all the headlines, let’s look back at some of the most impactful state and local developments from 2021.

Delaware Gov. signs bill easing community solar access

SB 2 removes a series of barriers that have prevented community solar growth in Delaware, while also making it easier for low-income residents to access community solar.

Delaware governor signs bill boosting renewable portfolio standard

S.B.33 raises Delaware’s renewable portfolio standard for regulated utilities to 40% by 2035, a level that environmental advocates say is still too low.

Delaware legislature approves boost to renewable portfolio standard

The bill’s sponsors say that Delaware is on track to meet its existing RPS goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025. Environmental advocates are pressing for more.

Texas retail choice design bests 13 other states in driving solar power

Retail choice is associated with lower retail prices for electricity, but only in Texas does it help drive more renewable power, says a Wind Solar Alliance report.


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