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Net Metering

New Mexico law seeks solar on every roof, and an EV charger in every garage

Senator William Soules has filed SB 77, which states that all new homes must have an EV plug, and requires one watt of solar per square foot of heated home space.


Sunrise brief: Best practices for playing the solar procurement game

Also on the rise: More hydrogen production coming to California. Wyoming laws seek to kill net metering and EVs. And more.

Wyoming laws seek to kill net metering and EVs

The coal and oil state says that the proposed laws aim to protect its fossil-fuel related revenues, seeking to end sales of electric vehicles by 2035 and net metering by the summer of 2024.

Three groups appeal to CPUC to reconsider NEM 3.0

The California Public Utilities Commission should redo its analysis because NEM 3.0 is based on flawed modeling, the groups said.


50 states of solar incentives: Michigan

Michigan’s Healthy Climate Plan put the state near the top in renewable expectations, but it is currently planted squarely in the middle as far as how much solar is installed.

Sunrise brief: Comparing customer value of solar-plus-storage under net energy metering versus net energy billing

Also on the rise: Is 2022 the year that launched the U.S. solar industrial revolution? California utility to deploy 20 MWh storage and 10 MW rooftop solar VPP system. And more.

Sunrise brief: California rulemaking to cut solar net metering payments by 75%

Also on the rise: Guidance for solar tax credit prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements. Battery manufacturer to install massive 3.8 MW rooftop solar system at Pennsylvania HQ. And more.

The day Indiana rooftop solar died

Since July, only two customers have installed solar in NIPSCO’s 1.2 million customer territory following a new net metering rulemaking. The case has been elevated to the Supreme Court.


50 states of solar incentives: Florida

Aptly nicknamed the Sunshine State, Florida is a leading market for PV deployment. However, it lags other states in terms of policy support.


Sunrise brief: Georgia Power proposes to apply $200 rooftop solar interconnection fee to its customers

Also on the rise: Distributed resources to earn compensation from Texas grid operator ERCOT. Vertical solar on high-rise building to produce 58 MWh annually. And more.

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