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Net Metering

50 states of solar incentives: Arizona

SEIA ranked the state fifth in the U.S. for solar deployments and the Grand Canyon State continues to shine with a robust growth pipeline of 7.27 GW of solar projects to be installed over the next five years.

Sunrise brief: NEM 3.0 sparks the growing potential of virtual power plants 

Also on the rise: Fold-out NASA satellite solar array undergoes successful test deployment. Solar-plus-storage microgrids to be deployed in four Bay Area cities. And more.

NEM 3.0 sparks the growing potential of virtual power plants

Exploring California’s energy transition with the help of alternative battery technologies.

Enphase posts lower Q1 23 earnings, comments on NEM 3.0 market adaptation

Management sees NEM 3.0 changes as a net positive for California and expects strong demand for solar-plus-storage in coming quarters, with installers likely taking another four months of training for integrated systems.


How NEM 3.0 could change California’s clean energy landscape  

NEM 3.0 takes effect on April 15. For customers who don’t qualify, or don’t get an application submitted in time, developers need to be ready to implement more solar and storage projects down the line.


Sunrise brief: Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America opens in Long Beach

Also on the rise: U.S. energy storage market set for take off. Solar turns brownfields into green wellsprings. And more.

California’s new net metering policy brings batteries into the forefront

While NEM 3.0 is expected is to slash the rate paid for solar energy sold back to the grid, batteries can help maintain the value of solar. The next wave of clean technology adoption, however, must seek non-lithium batteries and take advantage of new safe and affordable chemistries.


50 states of solar incentives: Indiana

The Hoosier State has a prohibitive residential PV market with net metering recently phased out, while its utility market enjoys 878.8 MW of new projects.

New Mexico law seeks solar on every roof, and an EV charger in every garage

Senator William Soules has filed SB 77, which states that all new homes must have an EV plug, and requires one watt of solar per square foot of heated home space.


Sunrise brief: Best practices for playing the solar procurement game

Also on the rise: More hydrogen production coming to California. Wyoming laws seek to kill net metering and EVs. And more.

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