18 incoming Members of Congress back call for Green New Deal

The radical call for a rapid energy transition and jobs program now has the stated support of more than 4% of the U.S. Representatives who will take seats in January.

Milwaukee eyes its own rooftop solar mandate with a California clone

The proposed legislation would require all new residential units in the city to include solar arrays, starting in 2019.


DC votes in favor of the nation’s most aggressive 100% renewable energy target

The nation’s capitol is close to mandating that PEPCO serve the district’s entire electric demand with renewables by 2032 – and that all vehicle fleets in the city go 100% low-or-zero emissions by 2045. But the bill isn’t done yet.

Senate committee advances pro-fossil ideologue to FERC

Over the protests of Democrats, a Republican majority in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has advanced Bernard McNamee to serve on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He must still be approved by the full Senate.

Massachusetts’ SMART to go live today

As of noon today Massachusetts’ SREC-II program will close, and the window to apply under the SMART program will begin, which is expected to result in a flood of applications.

Change the rules, add powerlines to let renewables plus storage aim for 90% of the grid

The Wind Solar Alliance has proposed a set of broad market rule refinements to better take advantage of the technical capabilities of solar, wind and energy storage. They argue that these rule changes, plus transmission, can allow for much higher levels of renewables.


New governors could mandate 34 GWac more solar, wind by 2030

A new analysis by Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables finds that the renewable energy and climate ambitions of governors elected on November 6 could increase the total market for solar in five states by 17.7 GWac, if all five pass 50% by 2030 mandates.

Video shows FERC nominee Bernard McNamee’s bias against renewables

This post by Energy and Policy Institute reveals new information about the deep anti-renewable energy and pro-fossil bias of Bernard McNamee, who President Trump has appointed to run the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).


IEA versus the reality of solar PV

In the recently released World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) foresees a steady decline in the global expansion of PV to 2035. In response, Dutch researcher Auke Hoekstra has updated his graphic, IEA versus reality in solar PV.

Pennsylvania makes plans to meet new RPS initiative

The initiative calls for 10% of electricity generation by 2030 to come from solar resources. For a state who’s entire installed capacity is smaller than singular projects in other states, it’s a tall order.

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