Pacificorp looks to add 4.3 GW of renewables and storage by 2023

The utility giant is making this procurement in accordance with its 2019 integrated resource plan, under which Pacificorp intends to add 11 GW of wind and solar by 2038, with an additional 2.8 GW of battery storage.

Job Moves: Quinbrook, Sun Tribe Solar, Bloom Energy, Sunnova, Cypress Creek, Powin, CarbonQuest

Executive, career and boardroom moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities and energy VC.

Morning Brief: CEI acquires 353 MW Coronal Energy portfolio, Inovateus Solar wins equity investment

Also in the brief: Clean Energy Virginia and U.S. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette credits activists for a pair of high-profile pipeline setbacks.


Clean energy inequity can be addressed with data, coordination and policy change at the local level

Communities of color are benefiting less from new clean energy technologies, and as a result, they are paying more for their energy.

While climate change divides Democrats and Republicans, renewable policy unites

A new interactive map created by the Yale Program on Climate Communication shows the difference in responses and opinions between America’s two political parties across questions of climate change, renewable education and utility procurement.


North Carolina pursues faster interconnection for utility-scale solar

Under Duke Energy’s current review process, interconnection queues grew to 14 GW in North and South Carolina last year. A new process should speed interconnection reviews, and enable projects located near each other to share the costs of transmission upgrades.

More utilities bypassing natural gas bridge and going straight to renewables

Utilities that are transitioning away from coal are starting to view the creation of a natural gas “bridge” to renewable energy as an unnecessary step.


National Climate Bank amendment added to House’s pro-solar infrastructure bill

Congress has authorized more than $3 trillion in coronavirus relief, but none of this money has been for job creation. Supported by SEIA, a national climate bank can create millions of jobs, especially in low and medium-income communities.


Democrats’ ambitious climate action plan targets a clean US grid by 2040

With a timely focus on jobs and environmental justice, recommendations in the 538-page plan range from a solar ITC extension to a pushback on FERC’s ability to create wholesale market barriers to clean energy.

Real-time pricing that integrates more solar power is proven to work in California

Industry participants noted the significance of a real-time pricing project on a single distribution circuit in California. State officials are evaluating real-time pricing as a means to help integrate more solar and wind power on the grid.

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