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PVEL teams up with drone inspection specialist to provide aerial inspection as a service

Using electroluminescent imaging the team can perform an inspection of an entire solar project much faster than ground-based imaging.

Newer and larger solar plants perform better, while older plants pick up steam with repowering

US government lab sees utility scale solar fleet degrading faster than projected at 1.2% a year, while newer and larger plants are degrading at only 0.7% a year. Older plants appear to be getting repowered in year seven, yielding lasting performance increases.

Sunrise brief: Earth’s total solar installed tops 1 terawatt

Also on the rise: 300MW Bighorn Solar Project is complete. To achieve DOE’s goal, we need 700% more community solar in the next four years. MIT scientists develop PV cleaning system based on electrostatic repulsion. Solar drone data assessment shows rise in PV anomalies. Kentucky utility adds more solar as Solar Shares Program gains customers.

Global solar drone data assessment shows rise in PV anomalies

Over 20GW of solar array aerial visual data was processed by RaptorMaps, and roughly 2.6% of capacity was found to have anomalies that affect power production.

Sunrise brief: The Sunshine State close to shutting the door on net-metered solar

Also on the rise: Greenbacker acquires a significant financial interest in the 150MW operating Aurora solar portfolio. Community choice solar programs save New Yorkers $7 million in seven months. LONGi pits its modules against others in snow load test. American Battery Factory announces giga-plans. UL and NREL released a report on cybersecurity certification recommendations. Vibrant Clean Energy study details approaches for Michigan to reach carbon neutrality. Wood Mac analysts help install solar in Puerto Rico.

Sunrise brief: Battery prices won’t fall until 2024 and other projections from IHS Markit

Also on the rise: Powin Energy signed a supply agreement with Borrego for 800MWh of Powin’s Stack750 storage solution. Rigid trackers may be best for large-format modules. Koch subsidiary DEPCOM expands portfolio to 650MWh. Over the next two years utility-scale solar and battery energy storage will combine for 60% of the capacity added to the grid. NASA’s 1.5 billion-mile Psyche asteroid mission will be solar-powered. IREC and partners announce on-line training courses for residential plan review and permitting.

Koch subsidiary DEPCOM Power expands energy storage portfolio to 650MWh

The company brings EPC, O&M, EMS, LTSA to utility-scale solar plus storage or standalone storage projects.


Autonomous laser system clears birds from solar installations

The Bird Control Group’s autonomous laser system reduces bird populations from inhabiting specific areas by more than 70%. In many cases, bird activity was reduced by more than 99%.

Strata Clean Energy Inland Empire Energy Storage project awarded PG&E agreement

California Public Utilities Commission approves 6,396MWh of new and incremental utility-scale battery energy storage systems.


Sunrise brief: Thanks to the proposal to reduce compensation for excess solar generation, most Florida solar shoppers lose interest

Also on the rise: Convalt Energy steers arounds obstacles on its way to solar manufacturing in New York. NABCEP and EnergySage release survey for solar installers. Recycled silicon used in PERC solar cells. Michigan DTE seeks 500MW of renewables. Grazing sheep under solar increases carbon sequestration. Robot dog monitors PV plant. Greenback acquires several installations in Massachusetts.


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