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Maintaining quality, reliability and durability in the solar supply chain

At the pv magazine Roundtables US 2023, four experts weighed in on the importance of testing, inspection, standardized data and more, in the never-ending quest to build a reliable and resilient solar industry.

Solar O&M contract prices averaged $7.90/kW in 2022, says WoodMac

According to a report by Wood Mackenzie, O&M contract prices for US utility-scale project averaged $7.90/kW in 2022, underscoring the growing fragmentation of the solar O&M segment. However, the rankings of the top three vendors have remained unchanged from 2021.

Sunrise brief: Nexamp orders 1.5 GW of Heliene solar modules

Also on the rise: Highway-side solar in three California counties can power 270,000 homes. Summit Ridge Energy to develop six rooftop community solar projects in Maryland. And more.

FTC Solar unveils Sunops software to enhance solar plant performance

By leveraging tracker analytics, Sunops software is designed to identify and diagnose issues across a solar site, providing actionable insights to help quickly resolve problems. 

Top risks for solar assets: Operational risk

From $2.5 billion in losses from equipment underperformance, to clipping losses, to inverter derating and more, this third installment based on kWh Analytics reporting focuses on asset operation.

New performance guarantee for photovoltaic power plants from Raicoon

Based on an AI-supported platform, the Austrian company promises automated operation of photovoltaic systems in which all errors are detected and error alarms are excluded. Munich Re secures the guarantee.

Oberlin sheep grazing team to reduce solar mowing costs by more than 44%

Some 70 Katahdin breed sheep were dropped off on campus this week at Oberlin’s 10-acre fenced-in North Field. There they will graze through mid-June, stomping grass and weeding the solar field in a move aimed at reducing operations and maintenance costs.

“Drone in the box” for thousandths of a cent per kilowatt hour

Raptor Maps is developing a drone and software package for ongoing, on-site visual and thermal intelligence at utility-scale solar facilities.

Iberdrola using dogs, robots to monitor solar plants

Iberdrola is using a springer spaniel in a solar park to smell electrical problems that could lead to power cuts. It is also using a robotic dog to detect and analyze faults in substations.

Solar grazing methods a centerpiece of inaugural agrivoltaics conference 

The first U.S. agrivoltaics conference took place March 14 to 15, 2023 in Rosemont, Illinois, as sheep grazers sat amongst seed vendors and community solar project developers. On the first day of the conference, the Solar Farm Summit recorded 460 attendees, while speaking to pv magazine USA, executive producer Dan French said the number is likely above 500 strong.  

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