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Sunrise brief: Commerce pushes solar antidumping tariff decision to December 1, 2022

Also on the rise: Long Duration Energy Storage funding opportunity for up to $350 million. Longroad Energy begins construction on what will be the largest solar facility in Maine. And more.

U.S.-based battery manufacturer announces solid-state energy storage systems

Amptricity emerges from stealth mode with plans to manufacture solid-state batteries for residential and commercial installations.


Sunrise brief: Solar-plus-storage SEIA code proposals for risk designation receive preliminary ICC approval 

Also on the rise: Post-election, four states now poised to speed renewables deployment. Due to forced labor concerns, U.S. ports have blocked over 1,000 shipments of solar components. And more.

FREYR plans the Giga America lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Georgia

Leveraging SemiSolid battery technology from 24M Technologies, FREYR initially intends to produce 34 GWh with an investment of $1.7 billion.

Sunrise brief: California’s NEM 3.0 decision is in

Also on the rise: Are sheep eligible for the ITC? U.S.-made mobile lithium-ion batteries for utility-scale market. And more.

U.S.-made mobile lithium-ion batteries for utility-scale market

NOMAD Transportable Power Systems (NOMAD) has started offering plug-and-play, utility-scale mobile energy storage systems. There are three versions – 2 MWh, 1.3 MWh, and 660 kWh – with a patent-pending docking platform.

Sunrise brief: Major utilities seek dismissal of California community microgrid proposal

Also on the rise: American Battery Factory and Anovion form alliance for supply of synthetic graphite. Underground heat exchanger to cool down solar panels . And more.

American Battery Factory and Anovion form alliance for supply of synthetic graphite

ABF and Anovion were recent recipients of federal grant funding from the Department of Energy, which awarded $2.8 billion to advanced materials companies that have begun to source battery material components from new and recycled materials using lithium, graphite and other materials sourced in North America.

Sunrise brief: Erthos rackless, earth-mounted solar steps ahead with 107 MW MOU

Also on the rise: Ford adds 4 MW Convergent energy storage system to Ontario engine assembly operations. ESS sees flow battery demand curve turning upward. And more.

As China expands energy storage manufacturing, the U.S. can step up to compete

By investing in factories to build zinc-ion batteries for energy storage, the U.S. can rapidly establish a complete energy storage supply chain.


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