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Sunrise brief: Koch JV expands its move into battery energy storage

Also on the rise: SEG Solar expands its module production in Cambodia, Kentucky’s solar pipeline looks impressive, and Summit Ridge starts work on a community solar portfolio.

Koch forms JV to explore building a U.S. battery gigafactory

The 50:50 joint venture with Norway-based FREYR could result in factories with an initial production capacity of 50 GWh per year by 2030.

Iron flow battery tech shows promise for mid-duration energy storage

The ESS battery systems have a prescribed design life of 25 years, but the battery modules, electrolyte, plumbing, and other components may well last for decades longer with proper maintenance.


BrightVolt closes Series B fundraising for its lithium-ion battery development

Funds will be used to develop larger form factor products targeting industrial electrification and e-mobility markets.

Koch unit invests $100 million in li-ion battery recycler

Li-Cycle said its market estimate has “accelerated significantly” in recent months as mega-battery plants have exceeded original expectations.

Ford plans $11.4 billion investment to build EVs and batteries

The company will partner with South Korea-based SK Innovation to build facilities to produce and eventually recycle EV batteries.

KORE and ZEV to develop technology to electrify the transportation sector

The KORE and ZEV teams plan to focus on thermal management, safety, and module and pack configurability towards higher energy and power densities.

Urban Electric Power batteries achieve key fire safety certification

After heating a zinc manganese-dioxide cell from Urban Electric Power to over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, testing agents concluded that “thermal runaway was not achieved.”


Heritage and 6k partner on battery recycling technology

The venture will draw on Heritage’s network to collect, store, and process end-of-life batteries, with 6K’s plasma technology to manufacture cathode-grade battery materials.

Lithium-ion battery recycler plans Alabama facility

The company said the southeastern U.S. is emerging as a critical region for the lithium-ion battery supply chain.