Permitting 2.0: A crucial step on the road to our clean energy future

In this op-ed Clean Coalition explains the need for a streamlined solar permitting process for commercial and industrial solar projects.

Expanding the definition of solar asset management

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Soltage VP Raj Soi discusses the hows and whys of having a dedicated asset management team for solar projects.

Drones are accelerating solar energy’s cost advantage

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Mike Winn, CEO and co-founder of DroneDeploy explains the value of drone deployment in solar project development and maintenance.

Coal, nuke bailout picks wrong winners and losers

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Standard Solar’s Scott Wiater explains how the attempts by the Trump Administration to bail out coal and nuclear power plants are a step in the wrong direction for both free markets and rational energy policy.

Koch Brothers-backed group, climate denier join APS’s anti-clean energy campaign

In this post Energy and Policy Institute’s Matt Kaspar reveals how the Koch Brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity and Heartland Institute Climate Denier James Taylor have joined the effort to fight a 50% renewable energy mandate for Arizona.

What is Elon Musk thinking?

In this post Rob Peters of Intelligize analyzes the possible securities law ramifications of Elon Musk’s Twitter announcement that he may take Tesla private.


Challenges for batteries in the California fire code

A supplement to the California fired code has added a number of new requirements for stationary lithium ion batteries.

Native American lands have 61 GW of economic solar potential; DOE loan guarantees available

Native American tribes have the opportunity to evaluate 61 gigawatts of “economic” solar potential on their lands. An online Tribal Energy Atlas developed by NREL can help, as can federal loan guarantees targeted for tribal energy projects.

Utility-funded Harvard group has given tens of thousands in airfare, luxury hotels and meals to Arizona commissioners

In this expose, Energy and Policy Institute looks at how the Harvard Electricity Policy Group has been lavishing gifts on members of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Philadelphia finds a new way to support low-income solar

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Bentham Paulos examines how Philadelphia is using Solarize to bring the benefits of solar to low-income residents.

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