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Sunrise brief: Elon Musk wins SolarCity lawsuit, avoids over $2 billion judgement

Also on the rise: Power Electronic Grid Interface streamlines the transition to a more modern grid. RFP Alert: Dominion Energy Virginia seeks 1.2 GW of solar and wind, 125 MW storage. Convergent announces operation of Maryland solar and storage portfolio. Ultracapacitor sonar seeking a 100% solar and wind grid.

Elon Musk wins SolarCity lawsuit, avoids over $2 billion judgement

The business magnate avoided what would have been the largest judgement in history on an individual executive.


Elon Musk could lose billions in Tesla/SolarCity acquisition suit

Musk is headed to Delaware courts this month as the sole remaining defendant in a case brought by Tesla shareholders.

Catching up on the Elon Musk-Tesla-SolarCity acquisition case

Whether it be for a groundbreaking SpaceX launch or a contentious tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk finds himself in the news quite often. Yet, one story that has flown under the radar by the brash businessman’s standards has been going on for four years.


Ex-SolarCity employees allege discrimination, harassment and fake sales reports

The Tesla-owned company finds itself again in legal hot water as a suit brought by ex-employees describes a disturbing workplace culture.


Lawsuit over Elon Musk’s influence in SolarCity acquisition moves ahead

A Delaware judge has decided that the probability that Musk had significant influence and control over Tesla’s board means the lawsuit should move forward.

Sunrun surpasses Tesla/SolarCity in the third party solar market

According to numbers crunched by GTM Research, Sunrun supplied a larger volume of solar leases and PPAs than SolarCity, and if current trajectories continue will have a larger presence in the residential market in 2018 if not sooner.

Tesla/SolarCity plans $340 million securitization of distributed solar assets

The latest bundling of solar leases and PPAs by the company that pioneered the practice is not small one.

SolarCity drags down Tesla’s Q4 results

The EV, battery and now solar company fell into the red in Q4 concurrent with the acquisition of SolarCity, as it begins making batteries at its Gigafactory and prepares for Model 3 roll-out.

SolarCity brand to disappear

Along with changing its name from Tesla Motors to Tesla Inc. the electric vehicle and battery maker will eliminate the SolarCity brand.

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