Startup Sunday: Solar shingle installer moves headquarters

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In this week’s installment of Startup Sunday, we have three companies making potentially disruptive innovations in solar PV, energy storage, and electric vehicles.

Solar roof startup moves HQ

SunTegra, installer of integrated solar roof systems, moved the production of its solar shingles to Binghamton, New York.

The company builds and installs both 110 W solar shingles and 70 W solar tiles for residential rooftops, offering what it called an aesthetically pleasing solar roofing alternative. The solution is a “2 in 1” offering, operating as a functional roof and a PV system, and is available for both reroofs and new construction.

The company has hired assembly and operations staff to restart the production of its product, with more hiring to come in the new year.

A Suntegra solar roof.
Image: Suntegra

Solarize shipping

Solar Intermodal Corp., which integrates PV in freight trains, trucks and their ports, is set to receive seed-round funding as it joins startup launch pad Newchip.

The company said it developed designs for PV systems that fit standardized intermodal systems, placing panels on the surface of freight boxes on trains. Most trains are driven by electric motors, and even ones that use diesel as the “prime mover” utilize an electric generator to drive the train. The company said the PV would charge battery banks along the rail for use by the train, or dispatch any excess energy back to the grid.

Launched this year, Solar Intermodal said it has applied for grant from America’s Seed Fund, and is currently qualified under Regulation A+ to receive a $5 million common equity offering.

Atlis motors to recycle batteries with Li-cycle

Arizona’s electric truck and drivetrain developer Atlis Motors entered a strategic partnership with lithium-ion battery recycler Li-Cycle.

Atlis said it is developing an EV platform, battery cells and packs, and charging infrastructure that supports a 500-mile range battery recharge in 15 minutes or less. A prototype for the XT pickup truck has been released, and the company expects production to begin in 2022.

The company uses a proprietary battery management system that heats the cells to a high temperature, preventing failure-causing lithium formations called dendrites from forming. It is then rapidly cooled to increase the life of the cell.

The cells will be recycled in partnership with Li-cycle, which said it can recover up to 95% of all critical materials needed for lithium-ion batteries.

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