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New York

Con Edison adds another battery energy storage system

The utility and its partner, GI Energy, choose customer locations where the utility’s analysis shows the electrical grid needs support.


New York real estate owner marks halfway point on solar deployment project

Solar panels have been installed on 26 of the 45 buildings Zara Realty owns and manages in Queens, producing 1.3 million kWh.


NYPA agrees to test a 1 MWh zinc-based energy storage system

The deployment will provide peak shaving capability and aim to validate the system’s performance reliability and help determine O&M and life cycle costs.

Huge potential for ‘low-impact’ solar on Long Island, N.Y., roadmap says

Conservation groups and solar advocates partnered to create a roadmap to develop solar projects…a lot of solar projects.

City breaks ground on 6.8 MW community solar portfolio

The City of White Plains, N.Y., stands to collect more than $20 million in rent for hosting the solar arrays, while local residents and businesses can take advantage of the renewable energy produced.

Developer plans 10 MW community solar project at N.Y. landfill

Source Renewables said the project represents an opportunity to repurpose the waste site and create local benefits through distributed solar.

New York State adopts rules to streamline large renewable energy project reviews

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “cutting red tape” will help the state meets its sustainability goals and recover economically from the Covid-19 pandemic.

NYC installing solar at nearly 50 public schools, other facilities

The 22 MW of solar projects are expected to include some energy storage systems and help New York City and the state meet sustainability goals.

New York towns launch a community solar program, but with a twist

The community solar program powers entire communities with renewable power and passes along guaranteed bill savings. But there’s a novel twist to it.


New York OKs major transmission build-out, community clean energy incentives

The approvals follow Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State address and will help New York meet its 70% by 2030 renewable portfolio standard and climate goals.

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