Con Edison’s big buy: 943 MW of solar from Sempra

The $1.54 billion transaction will make Con Edison the 2nd-largest owner of operational solar assets in the United States, and is expected to close by the end of the year.

Arizona utility pushes smarter energy use to maximize daytime solar power

Arizona Public Service has announced three new residential energy programs hoping to financially motivate customers to use cheaper daytime electricity via HVAC, energy storage and hot water heaters.

Arizona regulators provide mixed ruling for solar in TEP, UNSE service areas

In the same meeting that they rejected a discriminatory grid access charge, Arizona regulators have moved PV system owners in TEP and UNS’ service areas to a value of solar methodology which creates long-term uncertainty for the market.

SRP approves $50k donation to fight Arizona RPS initiative

The board of the Arizona utility has approved a $50k donation to fight a ballot initiative to move the state to 50% renewable electricity by 2030, even though SRP would not be directly subject to the mandate.

Kaiser signs power contracts for 131 MW of solar, 110 MW of batteries

NextEra will build a series of solar, wind and battery projects which will power 27 of the healthcare consortium’s 39 hospitals.

Koch Brothers-backed group, climate denier join APS’s anti-clean energy campaign

In this post Energy and Policy Institute’s Matt Kaspar reveals how the Koch Brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity and Heartland Institute Climate Denier James Taylor have joined the effort to fight a 50% renewable energy mandate for Arizona.

Arizona renewable energy referendum meets signature requirement

Now that a random 5% signature sample verification has been mathematically achieved, the only thing standing between the initiative and voters in November is the lawsuit it faces, which starts Monday.

Utility front group sues to stop Arizona renewable energy referendum

APS-funded Arizonans for Affordable Energy is alleging that 3/4 of the signatures gathered by Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona are invalid.


Utility-funded Harvard group has given tens of thousands in airfare, luxury hotels and meals to Arizona commissioners

In this expose, Energy and Policy Institute looks at how the Harvard Electricity Policy Group has been lavishing gifts on members of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

APS spends $11 million, can’t keep renewable initiative off the ballot

The utility has poured money into dirty tricks to keep a referendum on increasing Arizona’s renewable energy mandate to 50% by 2030 off the ballot. But with more than double the needed number of signatures needed, it looks like APS is losing this round.

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