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West Virginia

Sunrise brief: California pivots to propose $24 average fixed fee to electric bills

Also on the rise: Solar module prices remain steady amid unchanged market fundamentals. U.S. solar industry week in review. And more.

Sunrise brief: West Virginia Governor vetoes bill that would double allowable solar project size

Also on the rise: Half of homeowners see solar as a good investment, but 75% said cost is a problem. Solar and storage to replace last coal plants in New England.

West Virginia Governor vetoes bill that would double allowable solar project size

House Bill 5528 would have lifted the limit on utility-scale solar project size from 50 MW to 100 MW.

Solar laggards: The five states with the least amount of solar installed

As solar power surges forward in states like California and Texas, a handful of states trail far behind, raising questions about the missed opportunities for energy independence and environmental benefits.


Clean energy employment on the rise

The Department of Energy’s 2023 U.S. Energy and Employment Report shows that 40% of new energy jobs are in clean, renewable energy, with solar leading the way.

Sunrise brief: Retaining value for solar customers under California NEM 3.0 rule change 

Also on the rise: Innovations in long-duration energy storage. Illinois utility to double its community solar capacity this year. And more.

Appalachian solar developer and non-profit to bring 100 jobs to West Virginia

Following a recently announced award to the ACT (Appalachian Climate Technology) Now Coalition, the two entities will collaborate on strategies to recruit, train and employ local workers in the growing renewable energy industry in West Virginia and around the Appalachian region.


Upswing in PJM interconnection costs amid energy transition, report says

Huge growth in interconnection requests along with lengthy reviews and high project withdrawal rates motivated PJM to create a “first-ready, first-served” approach in 2022, Berkeley Lab notes.

Form Energy to set up iron-air battery manufacturing facility in West Virginia

Form Energy’s aqueous air battery system uses low-cost iron, water and air–some of the safest, cheapest, and most abundant materials.


RFP alert: AEP unit seeks solar and wind projects in PJM and ERCOT territories

In PJM, AEP is seeking solar and wind PPA proposals from 10 to 15 years, while in Texas it’s seeking solar REP agreements of 12 years or less.

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