Utah governor signs trio of solar power bills

Between consumer protection, an extension of the state solar tax credit and even giving utilities the ability to rate-base large projects, Governor Herbert and the Utah Legislature have been good to solar.

PetersenDean Roofing and Solar plans expansions in four states

The roofing and solar provider has identified California, Utah, Colorado and Florida as locations where it is “actively negotiating” to acquire companies.


Utah, Illinois rank among state-level solar stars, says IREC report

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council named its 2017 Clean Energy States Honor Roll yesterday, highlighting some its favorite solar success stories at the state level.

A vision of an infinite, clean energy economy

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Jamey Johnson puts forth his vision for a new political party based on sustainability principles.


Utah approves $200 fee for 15 minute-interval meters

New solar customers in the Beehive State not only lost full retail-rate net metering last week, but they will be paying Rocky Mountain Power $200 for the meter that will govern the program’s successor.

RMP deal will slow the growth of solar energy in Utah

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Alan Naumann argues that the recent agreement on net metering reached between solar advocates and Rocky Mountain Power was a bad deal that only benefits the utility.

Hannon Armstrong bets on solar, issues $164 million in green bonds

The investment group will use the bonds to refinance the land leases it holds under 57 solar projects totaling 1.2 GW in capacity.

Utah PSC: Full retail-rate net metering will end on Nov. 15

The deal, negotiated between solar advocates and Rocky Mountain Power, will grandfather all solar customers who sign up before that date – and recover those outlays by charging ALL customers an extra fee.


Utah utility wants non-solar owners to shoulder net metering costs

Rocky Mountain Power, in reaction to an agreement with solar advocates to extend net metering, is asking to recover those costs through fees on non-solar customers.

RMP, Utah solar advocates reach net metering agreement

Existing net metering customers are grandfathered into the current net metering arrangement for 18 years, while ending net metering for customers installing solar after Nov. 15. After that, a three-year transition to a program based on a value of solar methodology will commence.

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