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Solar and home battery program will aggregate 35 MWh this year

ES Solar and sonnen are leading the expansion of Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Battery Program across Utah and Idaho.

World’s largest underground hydrogen storage project

Mitsubishi Power Americas and Magnum Development are set to begin construction on a 300 GWh underground storage facility in Utah. It will consist of two caverns with capacities of 150 GWh, to store hydrogen generated by an adjacent 840 MW hydrogen-capable gas turbine combined cycle power plant.


Clean hydrogen and energy storage project in Utah receives $504 million loan guarantee from DOE

The largest clean storage facility in the world will create jobs, deploy clean energy, and replace a retiring coal-fired power plant.


Lion Energy donates portable solar PV modules and generators to Ukraine

About $400,000 worth of off-grid power equipment and accessories were donated to support lights, communications, other key electrical services for Ukrainians suffering a Russian invasion.

Palmetto expands to Utah

Recognizing that 95% of residential rooftops across Utah are available for system assessment under its platform, Palmetto has entered the state’s residential market, making it the 24th state the company operates in.

80 MW solar project set to meet 80% of Salt Lake city’s municipal electric needs

The 80 MW Elektron Solar project is set to provide electricity to three municipal governments, one university, and two ski resorts when it reaches operation in 2023.

Pine Gate Renewables to install Utah’s first standalone storage system

The 0.125 MW/0.5 MWh solution will provide demand charge reduction, backup power to critical loads, and supply additional grid services to the city of Logan, Utah.

This utility is paying its solar customers to adopt energy storage

The incentive program requires that the batteries be charged by the on-site solar power system in order to fully qualify.


A solar array is headed to a New York landfill

New Energy Equity closed on a 7 MW solar array at a former landfill, the latest in a national trend.


‘Build here,’ BLM says of Utah land targeted for up to 600 MW of solar

Milford Flats is available due to the Energy Act of 2020, which aims to deploy 25 GW of solar, wind, and geothermal on public lands no later than 2025.