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Brookfield proposes takeover of TerraForm Power

The Canadian asset manager has proposed to either take over as the sponsor or buy the company outright.

Nevada takes first step to break NV Energy monopoly

On Tuesday, Nevadans passed a constitutional amendment that could shatter the state’s biggest monopoly’s stranglehold on electricity production in the state as soon as 2018

SunPower results improve during Q3

SunPower reported impressive operational results, but continued losses and warned of impacts over the next few quarters as it copes with intense module price pressures.

The dismantling of the DOE is already under way

Just hours after the election was called, members of the president-elect’s transition team were in the Department of Energy’s offices to be briefed — and are being led by a man whose lobbying firm is hopelessly addicted to fossil fuels

SolarCity again uneven in Q3

Representing 23% of gross residential megawatts booked in the third quarter, SolarCity loan and cash sales helped drive a 76% revenue increase year-over-year as company exceeds 300,000 solar customers.

Utility APS purchases another ACC

In a show of regulatory capture enabled by the ability of utilities to spend vast sums of money on the races for their regulators, all three candidates backed by the utility APS have been re-elected or won seats on the ACC.


Washington state’s carbon tax crushed

The nation’s first attempt to price carbon properly — to put it on a level playing field with renewable energy — died quickly as three-fifths of voters rejected Initiative Measure No. 732

President Trump and solar: An interview with Christopher Mansour, SEIA

Christopher Mansour is the vice president of federal affairs for Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). pv magazine discussed with him his predictions on energy policy under a Trump presidency, and what SEIA’s strategy is.

US election: solar, renewable and climate advocates cool on Trump win

While those within the U.S. are understandably nervy after Trump’s victory, global observers have taken a more sanguine view on the potential impact of his Presidency on solar markets.

Fronius Launches Smart Meter for Feed-In Management

Fronius is launching its Smart Meter to manage PV feed-in limits and monitor energy consumption.

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