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BREAKING: tenKsolar undergoing restructuring

Details are sparse, but layoffs have already begun and a Chief Restructuring Officer is being appointed.

Solar, wind begin to help meet summer peak in Texas

The latest reports by ERCOT estimates that the state will add nearly 900 MW of utility-scale solar this year, as renewables continue to replace older fossil fuel plants.

Panasonic offers 25-year workmanship warranty on modules

The electronics giant now has the longest workmanship warranty in the industry for its HIT high-efficiency photovoltaic module, which should reassure investors that the panels are worthy of a long-term investment.


California grid operator gets ready for August eclipse (with graph)

With California getting a higher portion of its electricity from solar than any non-island nation, the stakes are high with this summer’s eclipse. Fortunately, Europe has already been down this road.


Residential storage boosted by PetersenDean, Sunverge

The national solar installer and U.S.-based storage solutions provider have teamed up to bring energy-storage systems to California homeowners.

Massachusetts should raise its net energy metering caps

SEIA’s Dave Gahl points out that Massachusetts’s significant solar market momentum is in danger from overly conservative net metering caps, an issue which has never been adequately addressed.

Minnesota’s solar market is growing fast (with chart)

Minnesota installed 203 MW-DC of solar during the first quarter, adding to 207 MW deployed in 2016. The state is expecting to reach more than 800 MW of installed capacity by the end of this year.

Study to utilities: Fudging the solar facts can get consumers on your side

A new study by E Source, a “market research” firm that has been telling utilities what they want to hear for 30 years, has outlined a strategy to help utilities win over consumers to utility-scale solar: Tell them half the story.


California transmission fee overhaul could set a new deal for distributed solar

SB 692 has passed the California Senate. Clean Coalition says the bill would assign transmission access charges more fairly for distributed solar.

Dominion moving further into solar with 79 MW project in North Carolina

The power giant’s plans to buy the project from Cypress Creek add to its utility arm’s ambition to sign contracts with 950 MW of solar projects in the state by 2021.

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