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Austin, Texas approves (another) 150 MW solar contract

The new generation will allow the idiosyncratic city’s utility to get 51% of its power from renewable energy by 2020.

Texas slaps El Paso solar customers with $30 minimum bill

A settlement between the solar industry and the El Paso Electric Company grandfathers current solar customers for 20 years from having to pay the minimum bill – but new solar customers will feel the bite.


Utilities are increasingly planning for energy storage (w/ charts)

GTM Research reports that utilities in 15 states are incorporating energy storage into their long-term plans, as energy storage deployment reached a relatively even keel during Q3 2017.

California, Illinois and Texas lead grid modernization efforts

The report’s authors believe clean energy targets by states, cities, and corporations are driving utility efforts to accommodate rapid growth in distributed efforts like rooftop solar and wind, among others.

Rocky Mountain Institute issues guide for greener cities

The RMI handbook provides a template to reduce and eliminate cities’ carbon footprints, including solar implementation strategies and examples.

“The Suniva effect” stalls $100 million project in Texas

With the final recommendations to President Donald J. Trump four days away, investors in a massive solar project 90 minutes south of Odessa find it on hold until the tariff decision is handed down.

Policies for energy storage continue to move forward during Q3

NCCETC’s latest report on grid modernization shows that policies supporting the deployment of energy storage are on the rise throughout the United States.

The importance of grid resilience during severe storm conditions

In this op-ed, AES Energy Storage underscores the role that battery storage can play in making grids more secure and resilient during and after disasters.


Coal plant retirements create opportunity for solar in Texas

Coal is dying, and even the president of the United States can’t change that.


Oncor settlement ends byzantine solar rate request

Under the terms of a settlement approved unanimously by the Texas Public Utilities Commission, the Dallas-based utility withdrew its convoluted rate structure for distributed energy customers in return for a 3.4% increase in the base rates of all customers.

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