Morning Brief: Wyoming coal, Texas sun, Dems’ clean energy package, EV batteries made from deep-sea rocks

Even four years of the most pro-coal president in recent memory has done little to change coal’s misfortunes.

Texas solar will outshine California in 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cast a cloud on industries around the world, but the U.S. utility-scale solar segment is still growing. Around 3 GW of solar PV is set to be installed this year in Texas alone, but opportunities also abound across several other southern U.S. states.


Interconnection queues across the US are loaded with gigawatts of solar, wind and storage

Texas and California lead the green grid trend, with PJM not far behind. ERCOT has 75 GW of solar in its interconnection queue — but how fast clean energy can displace natural gas and coal remains a key issue. 

US solar growth in 2020 is driven by giant utility-scale projects

The number of large solar projects is surging in the U.S. — and pv magazine is keeping track. We’ve gathered up the recent news in big solar — with Indiana set to double its solar capacity, and Texas galloping along. Plus, the never-ending Spotsylvania saga.


Texas gusher of massive utility-scale solar development

Texas is perfect for big solar and is one of the fastest growing solar energy markets in the country. Although the state has no renewable portfolio standard, it has Texas sun, lots of land and a competitive energy-only marketplace. Here’s our evolving list of the big Texas solar projects.


Morning Brief: ERCOT market excitement and price jump, McCarthy completes world-record 250-MW storage project

Also in the brief: Small modular nuclear reactors reach regulatory milestone, Alabama regulates against solar, impacts of FERC Order 841


Eos announces 1.5 GWh of zinc battery storage projects across Texas and California

The summer of battery storage rolls on, with zinc hybrid cathode technology now announcing massive development news.

Massive 1.1-GW Misae solar complex in Texas moves to Phase II

The 1.1-GWdc Misae comes equipped with Texas brio in the person of Dr. Miguel Alejandro Oneto, a radiologist by training and solar developer by calling. He’s developing the massive project in the Texas panhandle along with LAE American Energy.

Morning Brief: SunPower and Maxeon are now independent companies, a battery can sell three types of products

Also in the brief: More financing news on Longroad’s 331-MW Prospero 2 solar project in Andrews County, Texas, Duke Energy storage projects abound, and solar on military housing.

Morning Brief: Longroad’s $320 million Texas PV project, Montana utility cannot discriminate against solar

Also in the brief: The U.S. Energy Storage Association aims to have 100 GW of new energy storage deployed in the U.S. by the end of this decade, also — thousands allowed to bypass environmental rules in pandemic.

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