Eleven renewable energy suitors for Rhode Island

National Grid has published the results of its 400 MW solicitation, collecting almost 2.5 GW of bids from eleven developers. 41 projects were submitted in total.

New England moves to open the market for battery storage

ISO New England has filed with federal regulators for a new market design to allow storage technologies to more fully participate in the wholesale market, as its interconnection queue fills up with battery projects.

Onsite of North Providence, Rhode Island’s solar powered landfill – with PHOTOS

Southern Sky Renewables has delivered a 2.6 MW-DC solar power plant atop a sealed landfill, as one of the first utility-scale solar projects in the smallest state in the union. Rhode Island public officials from Governor Gina Raimondo to the local police force showed up for a literal ribbon cutting.

Zero energy homes make cents – as Vivint builds in Rhode Island

RMI has released an economic analysis of Zero Energy homes, suggesting their economics meet industry standards and stay within homeowner appetites for larger investments, while Vivint Solar has built such a home in Rhode Island.


Devil in the details of Rhode Island’s 400 MW renewable energy RFP

The request for proposals issued last week by National Grid includes contract terms that are anything but favorable to renewable energy developers, and seeks projects so large that they will be difficult to site.


Rhode Island’s solar-powered move: Conti signs 35 MW EPC agreement with Southern Sky

Conti Solar has signed a five project, 35 MW EPC agreement with Southern Sky Solar in Rhode Island. These projects alone would represent about 30% growth in the state’s total solar capacity, however, the state’s development queue is huge as it aims for 1 GW of renewable energy in 2020.

RI judge rejects solar project, rules solar to be “manufacturing”

A judge in Rhode Island has overturned a proposed solar farm in Portsmouth, ruling that modules “manufacture” the electricity they generate.


Growing stronger in adversity: An interview with Sungrow’s Steven Chan

In this interview with pv magazine, Sungrow USA CEO Steven Chan gives his perspective on the U.S. market in the wake of anticipated global module oversupply, as well as talking about the market dynamics around string versus central inverters.

The duck curve comes to New England

In late April, daytime net demand fell below overnight power consumption for the first time on the New England grid, thanks to rooftop and other behind-the-meter solar.


US researchers get the lead out of perovskites

Scientists led by Brown University have developed perovskite solar cells, which replace the toxic lead common to many of these material structures with titanium. The researchers say that with further optimization, the material could eventually be ideal for use as a tandem cell layer.

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