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Solar on canals to test potential to conserve land and water in West

Three large projects in California, Utah, and Oregon will cover water reclamation facilities with solar panels, offering co-benefits for both energy production and water conservation.

Oregon makes it easier to connect distributed solar and storage

Oregon has enabled more solar on each distribution circuit by setting smart inverter requirements, and has made it easier for export-limiting distributed storage projects to receive interconnection approval.

Sunrise brief: The fossil fuel retirement boom

Also on the rise: Secondary market for solar modules presents low-cost buying opportunities. A look at long-term solar degradation. And more.

Tribes to sponsor 1 to 3 GW of renewables to help retire dams and restore salmon

Four Native American tribes, two states and the U.S. Government have agreed to work together to replace the energy now produced by hydroelectric dams. The U.S. Congress could then vote to breach the dams to restore native fish populations.

Group interconnection studies: Beneficial but not a panacea

IREC’s latest analysis compares group studies with serial solar interconnection studies, concluding that while group studies can help manage queue challenges, they don’t significantly expedite necessary grid upgrades.

Sunrise brief: Clean energy jobs outpace the overall market 

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Beef cattle agrivoltaics on an Oregon family ranch

Bear Valley Solar will deploy 240 kW of the 1.5 MW cattle-sited solar field pasture this year, with the first phase of construction ramping up this summer, developer David McFeeters-Krone tells pv magazine USA.


New solar development company launches in Phoenix, Arizona

Hawthorne Renewables is slated to receive $250 million in investments over the next three to four years from European equity firm Omnes Capital.

Solar-plus-storage microgrids minimize power shutoffs during wildfires

A study conducted by researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that microgrids with solar-plus-storage systems can keep the average levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and annual public safety power shutoffs below 30 cents per kWh and 2 to 3% of annual energy demand, respectively.

Oregon 3.2 MW community solar project to test goat grazing for mowing

Developer and investor SolRiver Capital is helping an Oregon town offset its carbon emissions and save money on electricity through the Canyonville Solar project.

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