A commitment to American manufacturing: An interview with SunPower CEO Tom Werner

In this interview with pv magazine SunPower CEO Tom Werner gets into the why and how of his company’s purchase of SolarWorld Americas, and what to expect from SolarWorld’s Oregon factory in the future.


Panasonic’s Oregon ingot and wafer facility goes up for auction

GA Global Partners is auctioning off the 130,000 square foot facility.

Cypress Creek constructs 1 GW of solar in 18 months

The developer continues its nationwide expansion, building 800 MW of solar capacity in North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York and Vermont alone.

Oregon’s U.S. Senate delegation split over Section 201 trade proposals

While Senator Wyden has strongly supported aggressive trade action, Merkley is calling for subsidies and not tariffs

Oregon governor says new homes must be solar ready by 2020

Commercial builders, don’t worry: Governor Kate Brown didn’t forget about you. All new-build commercial buildings will have to be solar ready by 2022.


Policies for energy storage continue to move forward during Q3

NCCETC’s latest report on grid modernization shows that policies supporting the deployment of energy storage are on the rise throughout the United States.

Portland General Electric plans to invest in 39 MW of energy storage

The utility’s investment may total between $50 million and $100 million, and will greatly exceed the state’s mandated amount.

Oregon adopts value of solar after two-year investigation

The state’s Public Utilities Commission approved the skeleton methodology to determine the resource value of solar based on a 25-year value for small-scale solar resources.


SolarWorld Americas to (re-)hire up to 200 workers

The Oregon-based cell and module maker says that last Friday’s injury finding has given it sufficient confidence to start hiring again, after devastating layoffs this summer.

Panasonic to close Oregon ingot factory and eliminate 92 jobs

In its announcement, the company cited “business conditions in [its] part of the solar industry” as the reason for the closure, making it the second Oregon solar company to announce a closure in the past month.

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