Report: Residential, C&I solar permits surge in Florida, Nevada

South Carolina and Pennsylvania also saw significant increases in solar permits granted, but California and Colorado both dropped by nearly 30%, according to the latest OhmHome report.

You install 1600 megawatts and what do you get? Another 1600 MW!

Massachusetts has installed 1600 MW of solar three years ahead of schedule, but will the state’s next 1600 plan be as SMART? A plan has been filed and comments made, while the state’s existing solar program is getting capped out.

Massachusetts joins energy storage revolution with 200 MWh goal

On Friday, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker announced the state will reach its goal by New Year’s Day 2020, with the help of a prior $10 million commitment to support the state’s storage companies and develop policy options to encourage energy storage deployment.


Massachusetts incentive program for residential and commercial PV

This article has been pulled due to inaccuracies. An emergency regulation for the SMART program was filed by the DOER on June 5. Through the new program will come into force in 2018, but the final form of the program has not yet been released. In the interim the SREC-2 program is still active. We […]

Vivint moves into retail sales

The third party solar provider plans to set up kiosks in retail locations in five states by the end of June, with more to come by the end of the year.

Massachusetts should raise its net energy metering caps

SEIA’s Dave Gahl points out that Massachusetts’s significant solar market momentum is in danger from overly conservative net metering caps, an issue which has never been adequately addressed.

Utilities try new tactics to discourage solar, but still aren’t getting what they want

The latest NCCETC report on state solar policies finds some new twists as part of an ongoing attempt by utilities to weaken the economics of customer-owned solar, but regulators still mostly aren’t on board.


Report: Middle-income homeowners make up 70% of solar customers (with 3 critical charts)

In the four states that make up 65% of residential solar installations, most households have incomes between $45,000 and $150,000, new research from GTM Research and PowerScout reveals.

Massachusetts expected to add 400 MW in community solar

Over the next two years, a backlog of community solar projects, driven by a desire to be grandfathered under more generous net-metering rates, will allow more than six times the megawattage already installed in the state to be completed.

Massachusetts finalizes successful SREC 2 program extension

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has officially finalized the extension of its Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC-2), completing a process that started in September.

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