U.S. renewable energy goals: Two steps forward, one back

Proposals for 100% renewable energy at the state level are struggling, as NRDC puts forward a blueprint for 70% wind and solar by 2050.

U.S. mayors plan funding for distributed energy, smart grids and more

The nation’s mayors are pushing for policies that will preserve existing federal programs and expand support for grid modernization and clean energy.

Solar installation quality can be illusive

Cadmus Group is working to standardize PV installation inspections and is building a database of common installation errors.

Demand charge decision looms in Massachusetts

In three days, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) will close the public comment period on utility Eversource’s plan to impose a demand charge on solar customers.


Massachusetts presents proposed final version of 1600 MW solar policy

The new version of the SMART program makes some tweaks to the regulation filed on June 5, including raising the ceiling price for the initial 100 MW procurement, which will set the prices for the resulting incentive levels.

Vivint moves towards short-term profit

The residential solar company’s Q2 results show a smaller Vivint that is emphasizing direct sales versus the third-party model.

Report shows grid modernization following renewable energy mandates, DG solar

NCCETC’s latest 50 States of Grid Modernization report shows that the states with the most aggressive renewable energy mandates are also leading on grid modernization – as are many of the states with the highest penetrations of distributed solar.

MIT researchers develop ‘any surface’ solar cell

A team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative has developed a flexible, transparent solar cell, using low-cost organic materials and graphene. The researchers say this cell could turn virtually any surface into a source of power generation.

Report: Residential, C&I solar permits surge in Florida, Nevada

South Carolina and Pennsylvania also saw significant increases in solar permits granted, but California and Colorado both dropped by nearly 30%, according to the latest OhmHome report.

You install 1600 megawatts and what do you get? Another 1600 MW!

Massachusetts has installed 1600 MW of solar three years ahead of schedule, but will the state’s next 1600 plan be as SMART? A plan has been filed and comments made, while the state’s existing solar program is getting capped out.

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