Massachusetts calls for ‘Clean Peak Standard’ to green dirtiest, most expensive power

The State specified that retail electricity suppliers must provide customers with clean electricity during defined ‘clean peak periods’, at less than $0.005/kWh averaged across annual usage.

Massachusetts bill to supercharge clean energy goals

A new version of a bill to set 2030 and 2040 greenhouse gas reduction targets will also increase the state’s renewable energy mandate, remove net metering caps and do a lot more.

Massachusetts reaches 2 GW of installed solar

The state has reached this milestone despite a residential market crash, a long waiting period for the new SMART regulations, and net metering caps being reached in some utility service areas.

Solar jobs fall 4% in 2017 (w/ chart)

The hangover from the ITC-driven 2016 boom is the biggest factor in the relative decline, but a rebound is expected this year.

Massachusetts lands first community solar+storage project

Sterling (Massachusetts) Municipal Light Department has paired a 1 MW-AC rooftop solar installation with a 1 MW/2 MWh energy storage system to provide clean energy to the town.

Section 201 solar tariffs to be felt across market segments (w/chart)

GTM Research has issued new details that show that distributed solar installations will also see a more than 10% decline from the base case through 2022.

Vote Solar to challenge Massachusetts’ demand charge ruling in court

Last week’s decision by the Massachusetts’ Department of Public Utilities to allow Eversource to charge its net metered customers demand charges sparked outrage in the industry – and one solar advocacy group is turning that outrage into action.

Massachusetts OKs residential demand charges for Eversource

In a move they acknowledge is “atypical” and outside of the usual ratemaking procedures of the state, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities has approved demand charges on residential rooftop solar customers.

Cypress Creek constructs 1 GW of solar in 18 months

The developer continues its nationwide expansion, building 800 MW of solar capacity in North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York and Vermont alone.

UMass scientists boost polymer-chain storage efficiency

A team from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (UMass) have developed a polymer based energy storage system, which releases energy on demand as heat. The scientists say that their system utilizes a polymer chain ‘organized like a string of Christmas lights’ and can achieve more than double the storage density of previous polymer based systems.

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