Agrovoltaics: a solar-powered safety net for Massachusetts farmers

The long-term, steady income of solar power complements the higher revenue, but harder work of traditional farming. The Massachusetts SMART program looks to increase this trend with “agrovoltaic” incentives for solar co-located with crops.


Solar now makes up more than 10% of electricity in five states

Massachusetts has joined California, Hawaii, Nevada and Vermont in the club of states where solar represents 10% or more of in-state generation. Solar made up 2.4% of total generation in the United States during the first half of 2018, with solar and wind together making up slightly less than 10%.


Mitsubishi buys controlling stake in Nexamp

The acquisition of a share in Nexamp follows on Mitsubishi’s acquisition of BETM, which the company says will serve as the foundation for nationwide clean energy push.

Distributed storage to yield $2-3 of grid savings for each dollar spent

According to a recent study, the benefits of distributed storage would well exceed its costs, making storage a cost-effective resource that utilities must employ under Massachusetts law. The benefit/cost findings may be applicable in other states, to the extent that the Massachusetts grid is representative of other grids nationwide.

SMART problems in Massachusetts

The state’s upcoming solar program looks as if it will very quickly move through allocated volume, stranding developers and installers and tens of millions of dollars worth of projects.

Massachusetts passes energy bill without lifting net metering caps

The bill will increased the state’s renewable portfolio standard to 40% by 2030 and mandated additional energy storage, but the failure to lift net metering caps is expected to hobble mid-sized solar installations.

Massachusetts committee produces weaker energy bill

The bill will increase Massachusetts’ RPS to 40% by 2030 and increase energy storage procurement, but does not lift caps on net metering. The Sierra Club called the bill “half measures and timidity.”


Massachusetts energy bills stall as deadline approaches (updated)

With only three working days left in the legislative session energy bills in the House and Senate are stuck in committee, as municipal leaders put pressure on the General Court.

Utility-funded Harvard group has given tens of thousands in airfare, luxury hotels and meals to Arizona commissioners

In this expose, Energy and Policy Institute looks at how the Harvard Electricity Policy Group has been lavishing gifts on members of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Goldman Sachs buys 204 MW of East Coast solar from SJI

Goldman Sachs Asset Management is paying $350 million in cash for a portfolio of C&I solar at 143 sites in New England, New Jersey and Maryland.

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