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Powering drones with ultra-thin, flexible perovskite PV cells

An Austrian research team has demonstrated that lightweight, flexible and ultra-thin perovskite solar technology can power palm-sized autonomous drones.

Three-decker, solar and battery powered yacht hits the water in Italy

Silent Yachts launched the first Silent 62 3-Deck yacht, outfitted with 17 kWp of SunPower X400+ rigid glass solar modules and a newly enhanced 350 kWh LiFePO4 battery storage system, propelled by dual 340 kW electric motors.


Enphase posts lower Q1 23 earnings, comments on NEM 3.0 market adaptation

Management sees NEM 3.0 changes as a net positive for California and expects strong demand for solar-plus-storage in coming quarters, with installers likely taking another four months of training for integrated systems.


Sunrise brief: Secret solar stories revealed in new solar podcast

Also on the rise: Recent advances in fast EV charging. DC rooftop PV providing domestic hot water to residential building at 140 F.

DC rooftop PV providing domestic hot water to residential building at 140 F

Domestic hot water, with a heating system powered exclusively by DC solar power, has now covered the needs of an apartment building in Linz, Austria, for a period of a year. The 14 residential units are each connected to their own 1.36 KW solar arrays.

U.S.-based EV charger maker enters European market

Volta designs chargers with integrated advertising space and targets high-visibility commercial spaces.

Sunverge, Simply Energy, Nissan and Wallbox partner on vehicle-to-home and EV-to-grid services

By combining Sunverge’s advanced intelligent energy management platform, Wallbox’s bi-directional EV charging stations, and Nissan’s compact EV, the companies plan to enhance distributed energy resource control and load management.

Clipsal solar looks to deliver the world’s most customizable energy management platform

Developed to meet the needs of a rapidly-growing distributed energy market and backed by some of the biggest names in the Australian market, the team at Clipsal Solar has developed a platform they say can work with any combination of hardware and resources.

IEA explores paths to PV and wind integration

The International Energy Agency has released a manual for policy makers on the issues involved in the large scale integration of solar and wind power into power grids.

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