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pvMB 1/18/19: Tesla cuts 7% of workforce, a win for interconnection in Arizona, 57 MW plant in South Carolina goes online and more!

In today’s issue of the pv magazine USA morning brief, we also cover the commissioning of Wisconsin’s largest solar roof, Bloomberg’s Climate Finance council members, Maryland EVs, and the untimely end of three community solar gardens in Illinois.

pvMB: The Clean Energy Access Act of 2019 in SC, sheep+solar in Arizona, power sector emissions are up and more!

In today’s pv magazine USA morning brief, Duke Energy’s 74.9MWac Hamilton Solar Power Plant has opened in Florida, gas spiked U.S. electricity-related emissions in 2018, and South Carolina is moving forward with its first piece of aggressive pro-solar legislation.

PURPA under attack in Arizona

After a public hearing, the ACC will soon decide on a proposal to shorten contracts under PURPA submitted by the three major investor-owned utilities.

Duel in the desert: matching RPS initiatives pass in Nevada and fail in Arizona

After the most expensive ballot initiative campaign in the state’s history, Arizona’s 50% by 2030 RPS initiative has been defeated, while in Nevada the bill’s identical twin found the support it needed to pass its first election cycle.


Arizona’s largest solar project for a school district goes online

The project consists of over 73,000 photovoltaic panels across 82 Tucson Unified School
District school campuses and support facilities, and will provide the district with 47% of its electricity needs.

Arizona Public Service selects Sunverge for residential energy storage program

New rewards program offers customers behind-the-meter battery storage for demand reduction and greater use of renewable energy.

Arizona utility pushes smarter energy use to maximize daytime solar power

Arizona Public Service has announced three new residential energy programs hoping to financially motivate customers to use cheaper daytime electricity via HVAC, energy storage and hot water heaters.

Solar groups endorse Arizona’s renewable energy Proposition 127

YES on 127 for local jobs, clean air.

Arizona regulators provide mixed ruling for solar in TEP, UNSE service areas

In the same meeting that they rejected a discriminatory grid access charge, Arizona regulators have moved PV system owners in TEP and UNS’ service areas to a value of solar methodology which creates long-term uncertainty for the market.

SRP approves $50k donation to fight Arizona RPS initiative

The board of the Arizona utility has approved a $50k donation to fight a ballot initiative to move the state to 50% renewable electricity by 2030, even though SRP would not be directly subject to the mandate.

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