Strategic Alliances

FPL announces sites for 298 MW-AC of solar plants

NextERA-owned Florida Power and Light has announced the location of its next four 74.5 MW-AC solar power installations, which it plans to put online in 2019. The company has continued its ‘Solar Sanctuary’ program with Audubon Society.

Tennessee coalition wants the Tennessee Valley Authority to get with the solar program

Diverse interests in the Volunteer State have formed an umbrella group to compel the TVA to adopt policies and programs to allow more solar installations

Solar Saves Lives: The solar industry launches major hurricane relief effort

The Solar Foundation and 20 solar companies and organizations have joined forces with the Clinton Foundation, Operation Blessing and others to help bring power and clean water to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


Sunrun to provide solar to Comcast customers

The exclusive deal with one of the nation’s largest cable and internet providers is part of an increasing innovation in customer acquisition among residential solar providers.

Can PV and EVs replace XL?

A campaign has launched in Nebraska to “blockade” proposed Keystone XL pipeline with solar installations. How realistic is substituting solar and electric vehicles for oil in the coming decade?

SEPA focuses on utilities’ changing role as electricity delivery evolves

The Smart Electric Power Alliance has launched a new phase of its 51st State Initiative, issuing a nationwide call for papers discussing what new role utilities can play in the ever-evolving energy-delivery market.

SMA and Cypress Creek enter into 10-year master service agreement

Two industry powerhouses join forces to combine their experience to maximize up-time for Cypress’ ever-expanding portfolio.


SEIA, Vote Solar aim to unify state-level solar advocates

The two groups have produced a free paper, Principles for the Evolution of Net Energy Metering and Rate Design, that they hope will provide a set of principles that can guide strategies for the fights ahead in the states.

Sisyphus had nothing on Boulder/Xcel solar deal

For nearly 10 years, the city of Boulder, Colorado, has been pushing to free itself from Xcel Energy and create a municipal utility, and Xcel has pushed back. But an end to the dispute may finally be in sight.

Port of Oakland signs sub-4 cent contract for solar power

Last week, port commissioners voted to buy $8.9 million of solar power from a Southern California solar plant, which it plans to re-sell to tenants of the port.

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