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Michigan passes 100% clean energy mandate

The Clean Energy and Jobs Act includes several bills that include a mandate that utilities sell 100% of electricity generation from emissions-free sources, though environmentalists argue it has opened the door for non-clean sources to participate.

Utility-scale solar projects secure billions in financing

Developers secured $1.3 billion in financing for a project in Utah and over $300 million each for project portfolios in Arkansas and the Dominican Republic.

Los Angeles looks to expand community solar to lower-income customers

Expanding community solar is among the strategies that would help the Los Angeles municipal utility improve equity, found a study led by NREL and UCLA.

Mainstreaming grid flexibility to make room for renewables

A strategic and coordinated approach to integrate various clean energy solutions into the grid is vital to making space for the surge of renewables and electrification across the country, which is where “grid flexibility” enters the scene.

Sunrise brief: D.C. area targets 250,000 solar rooftops by 2030

Also on the rise: A western National Parks EV charging network, a residential heat pump turbine, lessons learned from battery energy storage systems, and more.

Renewables developer Longroad Energy secures $600 million in debt financing

The funding adds to a $500 million equity investment made in Longroad Energy in 2022.

Study frames out EV charging network for the western National Park system

Assuming there are nearly 40 million EVs on the road by 2030, researchers suggest the region needs between 2,350 and 4,610 direct current fast charging ports.

Infinite Turbine debuts heat pump turbine for homes, businesses

Infinite Turbine has developed a heat pump turbine for residential and commercial applications, using PV or alternative electricity sources for simultaneous cooling and hydraulic power. The tech can be retrofitted with existing CO2 heat pump systems for air conditioning, hot water, and process heat.

Solar module prices may reach $0.10/W by end 2024

Tim Buckley, director of Climate Energy Finance, speaks to pv magazine about the current steep trajectory of solar module prices. He estimates that PV panels prices will end up dropping by 40% this year and predicts the closure of old technology and sub-scale solar manufacturing facilities, both in China and globally.

Lessons learned: Battery energy storage systems

Taking a rigorous approach to inspection is crucial across the energy storage supply chain. Chi Zhang and George Touloupas, of Clean Energy Associates (CEA), explore common manufacturing defects in battery energy storage systems (BESS’) and how quality-assurance regimes can detect them.


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