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Solar 101: How to pay for your rooftop solar investment

The out-of-pocket cost for a solar power system can be pretty high. We take a look at bank loans, on-the-spot finance, third-party ownership, and the benefits of using cold, hard cash.

Solar 101: Tips for keeping your rooftop solar system humming over the long term

Solar O&M comes down to mechanical rooftop connections, electrical solar panel connections, panel and connection temperatures, and inverters. Here are four possible plans of attack.


Solar 101: Accessorize your rooftop PV with batteries, panels, and EV chargers

Rooftop solar is just the start, as energy storage, smart electrical panels, and EV chargers enter the mainstream for solar owners. Here’s a guide to matching your solar array with some of the most popular accessories.


Solar 101: How to ‘Goldilocks’ your solar project to make it just the right size

Too big? Too small? Just right? Many factors need to be considered when deciding how large or small to make your rooftop solar array. Here are our pro tips.


Solar 101: The brains behind the beauty of your solar power system

Solar panels get all the attention due to their good looks, but it’s the inverters that hold all the brains behind your system. Here’s what you need to know.

Solar 101: It all comes down to curb appeal

The residential solar industry has taken notice of the demand for beautiful, hidden panels, and is now providing creative and attractive designs that you can incorporate into your rooftop solar project.


Solar 101: Grumpy neighbors and falling quahogs are just two perils to jolt your solar project

Homeowner associations and town councils can derail your solar project. So can dust from nearby factories and bivalve mollusks falling from the sky.


Solar 101: The obvious… and not so obvious… state solar incentives

Here are three tools to help you navigate the sometimes-complex array of state incentives for your rooftop solar project.

Solar 101: Three tips about those solar tax credits

We are by no means tax pros, but here are three insights to help you see how federal tax credits may benefit your solar project.


Solar 101: The basics of net metering for your solar project

The concept of net metering is important to understand as it affects how long your solar project takes to pay for itself, and how your contractor will design your project. Here’s what you need to know.

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