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Gallium arsenide solar cell achieves 23.1% efficiency via electrochemical porosification

An international research group has utilized a new porosification technique to build gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cells that allow the recovery of germanium films. The new cell achieved an efficiency that is reportedly in line with that of other GaAs PV devices, but can be produced at a lower cost thanks to the reuse of germanium.

Enphase stock slides on weakened demand, significantly lowered Q4 guidance

U.S. revenues dropped 16% from the previous quarter while European sales fell 34%.

3Sun to offer Oklahoma-built modules by 2025, perovskites possible by 2027

3Sun, once limited to Enel projects, has plans for up to 9 GW of global module manufacturing capacity split between the Old and New World locations – with the potential of perovskite modules being available in 2027.

Creating a new tech standard for solar panels

Increasing solar generation efficiency is paramount as land availability decreases and costs rise. 3SUN’s bifacial hetero-junction CORE-H solar cells elevate energy production beyond the limits of PERC, PERT or TOPCon to set new expectations for efficiency in the solar industry.


Solar-powered sensors for wildfire detection

An AI-powered sensor was developed by Dryad Networks to detect wildfires and alert first responders.

Multi-generation photovoltaic leaf to produce electricity, thermal energy, water

A UK research team has developed a photovoltaic leaf concept that can produce electricity, water and thermal energy in a single device. The system, inspired by a leaf, is based on a biomimetic transpiration (BT) layer that cools down the embedded PV unit and utilizes excess heat from the cell to produce water and heat energy.

First commercial gravity-based energy storage tower begins commissioning

Energy Vault has begun commissioning a 25 MW / 100 MWh energy storage tower adjacent to a wind power facility outside of Shanghai.

How big must hailstones be to damage PV systems?

The recent hail storms that occurred in northern Italy have drawn attention to the damage that these sudden and violent atmospheric events can cause to photovoltaic systems.

European warehouses store 40 GW of unsold solar panels

Rystad Energy says that about $7.8 billion of solar panels are now being stored in Europe, but European developers continued to buy solar modules from China throughout the first half of this year.

Desalinated ocean water for green hydrogen production

A California hydrogen developer and a Netherlands-based desalination company that uses waste heat as an input have formed a partnership.


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