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Verde Technologies advances solar perovskite thin film roll-to-roll coating

A spinoff of the University of Vermont, specializing in single junction and all thin-film tandem perovskite solar technologies, demonstrated that its coating processes are transferable to existing commercial roll-to-roll manufacturing lines.

Sunrise brief: Qcells inks its largest module and EPC agreement

Also on the rise: Auxin Solar files antidumping lawsuit against U.S. government, a Maine town bans commercial solar, and more.

Vertical agrivoltaic plant to be constructed in Vermont

Vertical solar plants with bifacial modules can absorb more energy than other tilted models and are finding agricultural application around the world.


Sunrise brief: FERC Commissioner Allison Clements describes the path forward for renewables 

Also on the rise: Solar PV LCOE expected to slide to $0.021/kWh by 2050, DNV says. Vermont utility announces emissions-free “zero outages” initiative. And more.

Vermont utility announces emissions-free “zero outages” initiative

Green Mountain Power targets zero power outages by 2030, backed by a strong contribution from solar, wind, and energy storage linked in microgrids.

Form Energy’s solution for a fossil-free New England: $100 billion in savings

Form Energy’s modeling tools suggest that adding 23.4 GW of their long-duration energy strorage would drastically enhance the efficiency of wind and solar, lowering the curtailment of renewables by up to 83%, and reducing the region’s capacity of needed solar power by over 100 GW.

Sunrise brief: Los Angeles, Austin and Vermont plan to exceed 90% carbon-free power by 2030

Also on the rise: Honeywell invests in ESS to advance adoption of iron flow battery energy storage. Panasonic introduces half-cut HJT residential solar module, and more.

Los Angeles, Austin and Vermont plan to exceed 90% carbon-free power by 2030

A dozen U.S. utilities have targeted at least 80% carbon-free generation by 2030. The Smart Electric Power Alliance hopes that their strategies to get there will influence other utilities to accelerate their own clean energy commitments.

Sunrise brief: Solar-plus-storage project at Dulles International Airport

Also on the rise: Aims Power introduces hybrid inverter for solar-battery systems. Scientists outline innovation pathways for PV technologies. And more.

Sunrise brief: Community solar to exceed 6 GW in 2023 

Also on the rise: Nextracker opens dedicated assembly line for tracker components, Vermont utility keeps the power on with portable long-duration energy storage, and Ambri liquid metal battery passes key safety certification.

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